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  1. Friday - 7 hours Saturday - 9 hours 6.3 mile walk... in boots... go figure. Push-Ups and Sit-Ups... going for broke... and by that... i mean pushing the floor and flinging my body towards my toes until i cannot feel my arms... or my hips...
  2. Wed maybe 6 hours... not restful Thur 8.5 hours... and woke up wanting to go running... so i did 2 miles before breakfast... I decided i need more long term fitness goals... i met one of my milestones... the 100+ squats... still working on those 50 push-ups. My mileage is slowly increasing... By the end of the year... i want to be able to knock out 10 Pull-ups (dead hang, perfect form) and 10 Hand Stand push-ups (wall assist is ok). To that end... i added 20 minutes of Core work this morning... Beast skills has quite a few tutorials... and i am looking at gymnastics core drills...
  3. No worries... no apologies needed. Since science follows the money most of the current research articles i can find are focused on using drugs to trigger Brown Fat activation. I am more holistic than that... as AJ pointed out, currently they can turn it on... but not turn it off effectively. Im not interested in turning into the guy from Thinner. I suspect that since the human body (at least those semi-adapted to northern climates) has a seasonal weight gain / weight loss component... that brown fat probably plays a key role in winter survival (burning off the excess store of fat gained i
  4. LOL Ok... for one. You are factually inaccurate. Adderal was and is still prescribed for weight loss. In fact there are a wide range of amphetamines prescribed for weight loss... and other assorted imbalances, including Meth. The pharmaceutical industry writes blank checks to our government in order to write our laws. I do not endorse or support them in any way. I am passive aggressive.
  5. Monday 1130 - 630 = 7 hours Tuesday 1100 - 600 = 7.5 hours I have successfully adjusted my schedule a bit. I am focused in pretty well on eating healthy as well. AND... i managed to do 101 Body Weight Squats... woot! one challenge goal, that I have been struggling with for now three challenges, achieved.
  6. @Starstuff Indeed. my (ex)wife is perscribed adderal. I am not even sure how the focus was turned to that. If i was not being clear... i am more interested in techniques that naturally induce increasing brown fat. Like lowering the core temperature of the body by 2 degrees... it has to be warmer than the temperatures that induce shivering... but the body gradually adapts. I find it slightly amusing that people automatically jump to chemical conclusions.
  7. Interesting... the UCSF article mentions norepinephrine as a key to initiating the electrochemical process to burn fat as heat energy... so would a norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor, like say Adderal... increase this in the body?
  8. @notanartmajor I think you are missing my point. im not interested in this as a method of weight loss... i am simply fascinated by the concept of heat generation. There are extreme examples of humans who can generate intense body heat when plunged into icy conditions... or even stories of monks who can meditate to generate very high temperatures. Beyond that... i am interested in how humans are currently being shaped by our environment. I just like research and information. @mandy75... thanks.
  9. an extra 3k is nothing to sneeze at... yes... it can definitely make you feel sick.
  10. gloves... then wear mittens that slip on and off? i love the cold... just nothing THAT cold...
  11. Not sure where to post this... but here seems relevant. I am recently fascinated by the idea that humans are increasingly fat because of modern comforts, specifically hot water and heavily insulated, warm homes. I have always been a "space heater." Trying to understand this exothermic tendency... has led me to the idea that adult humans have a variable amount of brown adipose tissue. I have always had a preference for the cold (working in the cold box when i was at a grocery store, never wearing a jacket, melting my igloo when i tried snow camping, etc). The stumbling block for me has b
  12. @alienjenn... thanks... she isnt crazy. *sigh* just... emotionally challenged. I had the most awesome run through the woods ever. 6.41 miles... up and down some pretty gnarly hills... through mud... over and around big redwood logs... pushing through ferns. The ocean is great and all... but I have to say, that as a Capricorn... i am really loving the feel of my feet in the dirt and the cold coastal air. I love the look of running past aging hippies, up hill, in 40 degree weather wearing VFF, shorts, and a tee shirt. Awesome! I met my 10 mile goal for the week... that makes me happy
  13. Saturday, bad day for sleeping. Maybe 4 hours of actual sleep. The rest of the night was spent tossing and turning. Observation: Potentially blame the coffee i had about 12 pm. I havent had coffee in about a week. Sunday: 11pm (late) - 830 (wow) = 9.5 hours. Pork carnitas for dinner.
  14. Here is a shout out to any NF peeps in Humboldt county. You must be out there... lets get motivated.
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