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  1. Good luck with your goals Jakdethe! I'm aiming for real-life ranger class, as well. Archery is a lot of fun and'll build up your upper body strength like awesome.
  2. Agree with this. I got into weights a ways at 18, and I \wasn't afraid to lift as much as I could play with. Body com/position-wise, my thick legs became a little slimmer but thick with muscle, my short n curvy waist.. unfortunately stayed short but looked longer and maintained a firmer hourglass indent. So, you're waist may get thicker, but that's because it's filling out to potential. Personally, I say never be afraid of \what your body \will change into when you're getting it to its full potential. Change is scary, but the results are awesome.
  3. Clicked for the Firefly references. Welcome to Level One of Level 1, fellow Rebel!
  4. *Slides a good cold ale over to Meta* Enjoy! I've got a library of edible forage and related books to crack open. First up is Yarrow!
  5. Hallo Adventurers, have a Dwarven Ale on me. It's the good stuff. Me? I've hung around the hall days past, but never got quite out of the woods, heh. Well, all right, Poppa Greenbeard kicked my callow arse out of Ranger Camp. I thought I made a smashing baby Ranger, but apparently I need to get "set up" 'fore I'm allowed back in my own woodlands! With that cheerful thought on my mind, I've drawn up just the recipe to fix this stop I'm in. Want to see? In a few months, I will be fit to become a ranger. edit: Ranger = 1. 2 pullups 2. 6 non-stop driveway runs 3. 6 proper pushups . Exercise 6/7,
  6. Update: I've Been Bad, Bad, Bad. ------------------------------------------ After doing the Angry Birds workout this week, I've decided to go back to completing Jillina's 30 Day Shred. AB is great for basic muscle toning, and I've done more pushups this week, even on my knees, than ever before, but I've been here already. I need a circuit to get me doing cardio, because I friggin hate doing cardio, and I really love the motivation of a not really there coach. So, I'm going back to J30. Since I really, really liked getting better at pushups, and hope to sometime next year actually do pull-ups
  7. Alright, let's get some information down here: Current Stats: I'm 5'2, good at building muscle, but very short on stamina. Last time I weighed myself was five years ago; I was around 150 lbs. I'd say I'm hovering around there now, but I've never had a scale at home. The Schedule The Embarrassing Part: Measurements! Neck: 13" Shoulders: 22" Chest: 34" L. Bicep: 12 6/8" Waist: 39 1/2" Hips: 41 2/8" L. Thigh: 25"
  8. The young hopeful has arrived later than most, but eager to begin, after a weekend waylay of archery and merriment! Hi everyone! I'm Florei, this is my first challenge, and I officially begin my workouts and life goal tomorrow (but as I've spent this weekend doing over seven hours of archery and running about, I hope I can be excused.) My ultimate goal is to be a kick-ass Ranger, and this is step one towards that goal. For the next six weeks, I will be doing these: 1. Angry Birds Circuits 2. Learning to Run a Mile (I know.) 3. Learning how to Fall, Tumble, And Crawl. 4. Completing the entire M
  9. I was genetically gifted with what I call "scales", which is that skin keratosis thing that a lot of people actually have...but I have the pink goosebumps on pale skin variation that is not at all pretty. I shave my legs anyway to be passably acceptable in society when I wear skirts or shorts, but there are some things you just can't fix..I say scr*w 'em all. It really is your body in the end, so do what feels right. I'm also just for trimming nether-hair and plucking or shaving strays. That's a lot less blistering/rashes to deal with, and having done the total package before, I personally f
  10. Hey, guys! Ok: I'm 20, female, about or just at 5"3 and ....I think.... about 160 or 170 lbs. right now. We haven't owned a scale since I was fourteen. Anyhow, I clearly need to lose weight, and I seriously love having muscles, as I discovered during a month-long flirtation with the P90 system. Unfortunately, I've been inactive and kind of depressed for ..um.. too long a time, so I was really excited to find NF. This is the only place where I can say, without too much shame, that I finally decided to get off my butt after watching my Oblivion dark elf-self (who looks exactly like me...isn't Ob
  11. Hi, hailto_thechimp! I'm also new. I just wanted to say that when I saw your career aspiration and height (I'm "around" 5'3), I thought, "awesome". Wish you the best
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