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  1. I want to be as jacked as possible, but I would't care if I added a lot of fat to my frame, as I would be able to cut easily
  2. Any suggestions for how I can gain weight while trying to remain as Paleo as possible would be appreciated. I'm thinking of introducing whole milk and trying to have around a liter per day. I'm about 15 lbs under what I want to be, and I'm working out 5 times a week, so I'm definitely looking to add 1000 extra calories per day.
  3. I get this, but it doesn't mean all gym rats are bad! Plus he's trying to win her over so you wouldn't want her not giving you a second look!
  4. Hey Cameron! Welcome aboard! I don't like running either, unless it's because I'm playing a sport. I like where your heads at with not caring about your weight, its pretty much irrelevant.
  5. If you really want to do it, 38 days is enough. Be smart about it, and commit to it! If you wanna try paleo, and lift really heavy at the gym, (I'm talking 20-30 minute workouts) then you definitely can achieve the body you desire!!
  6. Good to hear someone else feels the same! How long have you been paleo-ing? Also, how far up north do you live haha?!
  7. Focus on nutrition first, as this will be the key to losing those 12 lbs. Welcome aboard rebel!
  8. Welcome Leonidas! Couple of things from my end here. I am a true believer in Paleo after reading Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution, and I've been on it for approximately 2 weeks now. Loving it, more than I thought possible. I would suggest reading The Paleo Solution after Sisson's book (or before). There is also a Paleo section of the forums, so feel free to post questions you may have there!
  9. Exercising is a GREAT way to improve your mood. I never feel more proud and confident than after a good workout. Good luck on your journey, and ask lots of questions!
  10. My best decision was to come out of hiding and join the forums, hope you have the same experience!
  11. For my cheat day this week, I had a burger from McDonalds (my old flame), and I didn't even finish it. It was like my body was giving me a guilt trip or something. I also ended up with a decent stomach ache no more than half an hour later. I was a little saddened, but WAY more ecstatic because I feel like my body has raised it standards for what I feed it. It takes a little more work to make sure I'm not eating processed sh*t, but it is definitely worth all the effort. Anyone else experience this? TL;DR No more cheat days for me!
  12. Great idea, I have a similar approach, except I try to cheat just one day a week. It will definitely turn into no cheating, but for now I can eat my Doritos on Sunday and not feel bad about it.
  13. The best part about Paleo is that you don't have to ever say no to a snack. You have to watch and make sure you're not eating a pound of nuts but besides that, it's pretty easy to snack. My suggestion would be to have stuff prepared and ready for snacking. Maybe some veggies and dip? Always a favorite, easy, filling, delicious.
  14. I love the idea. I try and get out into the sunshine at least once a day for that vitamin D! And there really is something calming about nature. I love the solitude, so peaceful.
  15. I have also been easing into Paleo for about 2 weeks, and just went full Paleo for the last week. I take pride in the fact that I am giving my body the healthiest things it could possibly have. Read Steve's post about becoming a robot for some inspiration! It helps you detach emotionally from the food you crave. Instead of saying "Ohhhh I wish I had _______ right now" you won't even see it as an option. Really helped me. Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.
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