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  1. Looks like you have been MIA since October too, Hope to see you back around :]

  2. I'm signed up for the Toronto May 11 and Pennsylvania June 1 one. Lots of pain. Woohoo! Never done one so this should be, um, interesting. Sucks about the bottlenecks, though :\ The Merrell Down and Dirty was great about not having too much wait time.
  3. I'll be home for the Toronto Tough Mudder if any of you are interested in meeting up all the way in may!
  4. Thanks so much guys! <3 Made a really embarrassing mistake on the test (I'm getting a PhD in biology... I forgot the word 'transcription.' seriously. Two hour midterm, COMPLETE blank. Jeebus!). But, on to the next one! Yesterday: -No workout -Veggies good -bed made -cleaned quite a bit Today: -pushups and situps -veggies good -bed made -cleaned a little more now, more studying. agh i hate biochem. asldkfjsdhf.
  5. Okay, this last week was TERRIBLE. I didn't bite my nails, I made my bed every day but one, I ate my vegetables like a good girl. But I didn't work out ONCE because I got really sick on Wednesdays >< I usually don't do much exercise on M/T because those days are quite tough for me... sadly, that meant I couldn't do anything W-Sun. Because I got sick, not lazy, I'm going to let myself make up the three workouts and 10 miles in the next three weeks, and still give myself full credit. I'm still pissed though. With midterms coming up... this was not a good time to be ill! Wish me luck - my first test is today (Introduction to Genomic Information Science and Technology woot woot! \o/)
  6. Oops you're right! I figured that it would be consistent across all the challenges. My bad! Good job Piccolo!
  7. If you have any questions about programming, post them! Maybe we can figure them out together I spent a good few hours on my programming this week too - it's just wrapping your head around a completely new way of thinking. Good job on the 41/41 though!! (that's kind of a weird number to score out of though O_o)
  8. I'm pretty sure they divide the total number of miles by ALL the people in the rangers guild, not just the people doing the running... so the only way you bring the average down is by not participating.
  9. <3 Yayyy! Thank you!! And I didn't. I feel too guilty having naps. I'll sleep a bit extra on the plan back to NY tomorrow, though
  10. Week 2 Summary Work out 3x/week: STR+2, DEX+2, CON+2 - Done! Have been regularly doing situps and pushups (and some body-weight squats). It's not ideal - I'd prefer to be going to the gym - but I never get enough sleep, so the 20 minutes it takes to do this is a lot more doable. I'm working towards one of my other goals doing these, too, by following the 200 Situps and 100 Pushups 6-week programs Be able to do 40 pushups, 100 situps, and a 2-minute plank : STR+3 - It's going well - doing pushups and situps almost daily. Run >10 miles / week: STA+2 - 10/10 miles achieved! I ran all of them today >.> I really need to get better with the whole building a habit thing, but hopefully this is a start! Personal: WIS+2, CHA+2 -Stop biting my nails Working on it! But it's going terribly this week -Make my bed every day Done! -Have veggies with every lunch and dinner (if I miss one because of lab work or whatever, I can double up for the other meal) Mostly done. Done! -Unfrak my room (1 unfrak / day) Done! I've been back home for a couple of days, so I wasn't able to unfrak on F/Sat/Sun, but i made sure to clean up before leaving, so I'm still counting it as done
  11. Ran 7.75 miles this morning, so ran 2.25 miles of intervals just now to meet my weekly running quota. huzzah!
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