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  1. Here's my weekly report. 1) Been stressed out because I've been so busy still! Clutter is piling up, taxes are due to be filed, and next month a big new scary thing is happening for me, and I'm getting nervous. And to add injury to insult (hehe) my husband came home from work with broken ribs the other day, so he's been grumpy and doped up. He's often my workout buddy... so you can imagine how that's helped me get in shape. Not. Friend of mine is making me go to my first Zumba class tomorrow...help? lol 2) I'm down about another inch in the fat loss goal. I'm liking the way my clothes lo
  2. *crickets* I hope everyone here is so intent on meeting their goals that they're too busy to post!! Haha. I just forget most of the time. I know it was almost 2 Have you looked at daily burn? I have used that in the past, and I don't know if it's different than MyFitnessPal, but they have tons of charts and graphs based on the info you put in (weight, water intake, macro nutrients/calories, and I think the recently added sleep). I like that you can create and save your own "recipes" (or meals for that matter), so if you make the same thing you can easily input that without having to
  3. Week 2 Progress Report! Another busy week for me. But to be honest, this challenge is keeping me going WAY more than I expected it to. I suppose all it really takes is seeing some results to keep moving forward. Goal 1: Not a lot of improvement in the lifting category. Didn't have a ton of motivation this week. Lifted what I regularly do, and practiced my form quite a bit. Hubby is really helpful here. He makes me "do one more!" haha Goal 2: I am now down a total of 5.5 inches!! My muffin top is melting!! :D Honestly, even if I don't drop all the % I want, I'd be totally happy with a
  4. Welcome to our fellowship Doctor_ice!
  5. OMG I thought I was the only girl in the world that enjoyed watching let's plays! Never seen a Civ V one(though I'm sure they're great), but DANG are they addicting. Why isn't playing the game yourself ever that fun? haha Great job so far!!!
  6. Weekly Progress Report! I think the worst thing that happened to me this week was a medium order of french fries, and my birthday. I baked some Primal-friendly(ish) donuts I'd been dying to try, and they were awesome. They weren't too sweet though, weighing in at about 23g sugar each from the local raw honey I used. Goal 1: I managed only to lift twice this week. My boss is out of town, and I've been really busy at work lately. I did manage however, to successfully DL 185lbs for 2 reps. That's my max so far. I know I can keep pushing to that 200lb mark! Goal 2: Like I mentioned, I've be
  7. I already eat very few carbs. I've been Primal for almost 4 years, and I love it!! My only problem is not exercising enough. I plateau at around 170lbs (I'm 5'10") without exercise. I was active duty Navy a year ago, and I was in the best shape of my life! The only thing I did differently was exercise more often. I ate so much food back then! My fitocracy pic was from close to the end of that period of my life. I miss it. I ALWAYS win those "Guess your weight" games. But yeah it's just embarrassing to get taped even if I'm not overweight.
  8. You've missed mine OKLibrarian! Don't leave me out! lol I've subbed to everyone as well. Lets do this!
  9. Welcome to the team DirtyLittleSecrets and Tenaciousglee!!
  10. I wonder how many NFers mentioned that holiday weight in their challenge goals... I didn't but it was certainly implied! I felt like such pig when I went home for Christmas. Oh well. Here's to new beginnings! Good luck and see you in guild chat! haha
  11. Yay! Nice to have a smaller circle. SO MANY RANGERS!!! haha I totally dig the Numenorean thing. I saw this team on the list and I was like umm yes please! Adds yet another layer to this giant role play tat we have going on.
  12. Ok. So I've noticed you're quite active on NF, and EVERY time I see your name/pic pop up, I can't resist thinking of this really awesome PRIMAL Irish Soda Bread recipe. Seriously this stuff is awesome, and you should try it if you haven't already. I don't recommend trying to consume a lot of "primal" baked goods however, as they do tend to have a lot of sweet to them (although from more acceptable sources like maple or honey). Here's a link: http://www.elanaspantry.com/irish-soda-bread/
  13. I sometimes make salads with dried cranberries(best if unsweetened obviously), some feta cheese(I still do some dairy), and any kind of nuts I had lying around. Top it with a home-made vinaigrette and voila! Yummy! Easy too. Of course you could easily add some chicken or fish to that as well. Might not be ideal for taking to work, but what about a paleo taco salad? Some seasoned ground beef, salsa, guacamole? If you do dairy then cheese and sour cream. I make this for dinner at LEAST twice per week. It's a huge hit and SO easy to do.
  14. I hadn't visited NF in months. I started a challenge long ago, and it just totally fell by the wayside. I just logged on yesterday and saw the challenge dates. With no time to lose I... decided to just revamp my first challenge submission. Not much has changed, just a few numbers and my life goal. Enjoy my Zelda Style Challenge! Goals 1. Deadlift 200Lbs 5 reps +4STR Before my adventure to save Hyrule begins, I must obtain the Master Sword! Unfortunately, it's wedged in the Pedestal of Time, and I don't have the strength to pull it out. - This is roughly 120% of my body weight. Seems re
  15. Daisy88

    Save Hyrule!

    I almost mixed it all up, but went with strictly OoT instead. I've been playing it recently, and I had forgotten how AWESOME it was! I figured t would be the most recognizable to the soft-core Zelda fans out there. Haha! Ah, to be a kid again. Methinks a Pokemon theme may be in the future.
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