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  1. Makes sense. What about something like Whole Foods rotisserie chicken? Judging by the description (no added hormones, no antibiotics, and no animal by-products in the feed) it should be fine, skin and all, right?
  2. Thanks, great read, but leads me to a follow-up question. In the article, Mark says to eat one big piece of fatty meat every day. I was under the impression that on Paleo the meats should mostly be lean cuts? Also, if I'm doing weight loss/strength training, is it okay to have good carbs in the form of sweet potato or should I limit those to a couple of times a week?
  3. Thanks everyone, this is helpful. I'm struggling with how combine Paleo with strength training in a way that allows BF loss while maintaining or improving muscle. Even though Paleo doesn't make you count calories, in the end you still need a caloric deficit to achieve fat loss. So I'm trying to figure out how to eat 200+ grams of protein a day (and some low amount of carbs for glycogen build-up) without going over what my daily calorie burn and while only eating when I'm hungry. I've been using some whey protein isolate powder with good results and it'd be hard to give that up as a way to reach the required protein intake. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Decided to join the community after reading a few articles on NF here, especially the introduction to the Paleo diet one. It did lead me to some questions. I re-joined the gym back in April and have been doing strength and endurance training 3 times a week since then. I've lost 4% of BF, but need to lose quite a bit more while gaining some muscle strength at the same time. Hence the first question: 1. Steve says with this diet you "eat when you're hungry". How does that reconcile with the need to have adequate amount of protein in the system for strength training (1 gram per lb of weight, ideally)? Does it mean that you're always hungry? 2. Have people done something like a Paleo diet for 6 days and then eat more general (but not completely crappy) stuff on Sunday, for example? What are the effects/repercussions? 3. Is there a decent resource for Paleo meals that can be cooked for the whole week ahead? The resources linked from the article were mostly for individual servings. Thanks!
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