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  1. Time to bump this back from the grave. How's beer making going for all of you? Myself, homebrewing has largely been put on hold lately due to my brewing partner moving and building a new (far better than before) brewing room, hopefully we can start sometime in the next two or three weeks again. I have though done a pecan robust porter for a friend who is visiting this week, started with Denny's Favourite 50 from wyeast and finished out the fermentation with the newcastle dark ale yeast from Mangrove Jack. Just bottled it on Saturday and it is super exciting, a lovely roast and choc
  2. Hej! Där är några svenskar här, jag are kanadensare men bor i Sverige.
  3. This is assuming that Luke would know the old rules though, and it is never brought up in the original trilogy at any point so unless it came up off screen there is no reason that Luke would even be aware of those rules, and no doubt Obi Wan and Yoda had more important things to teach him like how to fight with the force.
  4. Alas I'm actually in Sweden now, which is very very far from Toronto. Otherwise I'd totally be down.
  5. We do about 25 litres (6.6 gallons) every batch which gives us usually around 30 bottles each (I brew with my father-in-law). I don't go through that much beer and am constantly running out of shelf space. I share liberally with friends and have hosted about three tasting events so far which gets rid of a bunch too. I'm due to host another tasting in the not so distant future, got a bunch of space now because I've got several unlabelled batches sitting in a closet waiting to go to the cellar once they have labels, but when that is done I'll once again have no space. Re-organizing my cellar to
  6. Aha I misunderstood you, sorry. Updates on my own brewing adventures - I finally got around to doing the CBS test tonight and aced that, also I now work at a local small brewery as the assistant brewer. Still home brewing approximately once every two weeks, for our one year anniversary we made an extreme coffee stout with coffees from a local coffee shop run by a guy who is one of the best baristas in the world. We update on Facebook somewhat regularly: facebook.com/dukeofhomebrew
  7. RJ actually wrote the majority of the ending himself, Brandon mostly had to flesh it out a bit and wrap up things like Padan Fain (whom apparently RJ had no notes on regarding his ending). Most of Brandon's writing was getting us to the ending.
  8. That sounds like it is going to be a big an exciting beer, the mango will be a neat thing to try. Might do it sometime next year myself. The primary fermentation by itself will last about a week or so, possibly a bit longer since it is such a big beer. The crazy activity should slow down after just a few days. As for yeast starters - I read in Jamil and Chris White's Yeast book that you should just rehydrate dry yeast and pitch, don't do a starter with it. Save the starters for wet yeasts. I don't have the book with me (borrowed it and have since given it back) so I can't say why exactly sin
  9. I'll be getting 10 about six months after it is out. Give them some time to find the biggest problems and get them fixed.
  10. Androl was one of them, I thought he was convenient more than mary sue since that was the only thing he could do. The other I was thinking of was the old Aiel lady that visited Aviendha at the end of Towers of Midnight.
  11. I don't know the collectable beers enough myself to say, but I was speaking to a couple of people who definitely did not think the collection was worth 25k. While they appreciated some of the bottles, others they did not think were worth it at all.
  12. Whoa crazy. That would be so cool to have.
  13. Two potential characters I'm thinking of that you're referring to. One I wouldn't call a mary sue, they were definitely not all powerful, just convenient. The other was actually written in by RJ and Brandon basically wrote them in in advance to give them an introduction.
  14. While the middle books are slower paced I disagree with them being tedious, I really enjoyed them all, even book 10, everyone's favourite book to hate.
  15. Probably a good idea to start with Gathering Storm, give you just enough refresh on the series to know what is going on in the last two books.
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