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  1. Hej! Där är några svenskar här, jag are kanadensare men bor i Sverige.
  2. Alas I'm actually in Sweden now, which is very very far from Toronto. Otherwise I'd totally be down.
  3. I am here as well, based out of the north of Sweden.
  4. Explosive movements would be good to train. Doing short sprints or box jumps.
  5. For pure strength I'd go with lower reps higher difficulty. Also what exercises are you doing? If we know that we can probably suggest other exercises that are more difficult and will achieve your goal.
  6. That can be fixed by how you hold onto the bar. I used to struggle with it but this video helped me correct my grip:
  7. That site looks awesome Bacon, thanks for sharing it.
  8. TRX is fine, I did inverted rows on them when I was at a gym that had them, I found they were good for letting me go lower and making the rows more difficult.
  9. https://www.systembolaget.se/ Though in Swedish the search function is really good and english names and brands will still be in English. Once you are on an individual beer page you should see this in the top right corner of the beer view: Lager i butik Välj butik Click on Välj Butik and you'll get the locations, in the list at the top click Västerbottens län, if that isn't there I can't get it. Once you click on it you'll get a selection of stores, I can get to three. Umeå Wasagallerian, Umeå Ersboda and Umeå Strompilsplatsen. Chances are just about anything you can get from Sweden except for Swedish brews will be cheaper to get within the USA, but if you find some stuff you want, we can see if it is affordable to work something out. Oh also you can use chrome to translate the site, it does pretty well.
  10. Where are you based out of? I'm in Sweden so shipping across the ocean will get very expensive very fast.
  11. Yeah, Even More Jesus is his too (Evil Twin is a guy named Jeppe, not a whole company). Unfortunately I only really discovered the depth of the craft brew scene this year and haven't tried any of the good stuff that I haven't seen this year. The 4 beers thing is a great idea for me, I love beer for the flavour and rarely drink more than one or two a day, but this forces me to not do it every single day. It also limits my over-indulgence on weekends when I'll go and buy a few extra beers "because it is the weekend".
  12. So for the month of November I'm limiting myself to 4 beers a week. 1 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday. My Friday beer was a glorious thing and totally qualifies as beer porn.
  13. Pumpkin beers are not a thing over in Europe, the only one I've seen (and had - completely delicious) this year is Fat Jack by Boston Brewing Company. I've got a friend who is going to send me some Warlock, but I heard it was better last year.
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