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  1. A great day indeed! Although, I somehow feel slightly guilty when I do that, even if it is planned.
  2. Football season is upon us!!!!! I are excite.
  3. It was a great time! We had a 9 course tasting menu, saw the huge aquariums at Atlantis, drank Coronas on the beach (yes I failed the no drinking part of my challenge). If it weren't for my flight home, the trip would have been the best trip I've ever been on. So, I didn't get a chance to test my lifts last week and I won't be able to this week either, busy week. Catching up on chores like laundry, lawn care, etc... Car broke down on Tuesday, bad crankshaft position sensor. which ever Nissan engineer designed the location of that sensor, f you buddy. Took me 4 hours to do what I thought would be a 30 minute job and my hands/arms are bruised and cut up. Maybe the 400 dollars the dealer wants for that fix would have been worth it. Ate left overs Tues, Wed and Thursday so haven't gone shopping yet. Tomorrow is the shopping trip. My wife is gone for the weekend to school so my Father-in-Law is coming in to go to the Bills home opener on Sunday with me. I'll wrap up this challenge on Monday most likely. Edit: Some Pictures will be up when I get the chance.
  4. I love Stone. we're having a cigar, food and Stone pairing coming up soon. The menu and beer pairing is from stone, and the cigar guys are going to pair a cigar with each course. I'm really looking forward to that.
  5. Shrimp can be pretty expensive for sure. My go to protein source is of course chicken, but dang do I get tired of it sometimes.
  6. Push-ups are one of those things that you get better at them by doing them more (greasing the groove). Last year sometime I did the 100 push up challenge. When I started 25 or so was my max. After a few weeks 25 was very easy, just do them every other day and you'll be surprised how easy they become.
  7. Nice deal on those weights! You're rocking it as usual. Also, captain hammer
  8. A few cookies here or there doesn't hurt, especially when it helps satisfy cravings so you don't binge cheat (I do this all the time :-/). Great job on the weight loss, have fun on your camping trip.
  9. It's just basically lima beans, corn, bell pepper and other stuff. I like this recipe (it has bacon) http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/fast-succotash-recipe/index.html?ic1=obinsite I had to reverse image search that, Yamaha VMAX., looks pretty sweet, and has one monster engine almost double mine.
  10. 2013 Harley Davidson 883 Superlow Yeah, it was disappointing for sure, super bummed out. My better half knows how to cheer this guy up, a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings We're heading out for a short 3 day cruise in the Bahamas. Pics will happen. I switch it up a lot depending on the season. Right now it is Corn on the cob, because I love it so much. Often times I'll do a starch like salt potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes or baked sweet potato bites with some cheyenne pepper and a side romaine salad. Other veggies I pair with it are green beans w/ bacon, succotash, coleslaw, candied carrots things of that nature. Oh I also sometimes pair it with home made cinnamon apple sauce.
  11. Has a cheat day, still under weekly calorie goal, like a boss You're making great improvements on your lifts, I suspect you still have a lot more newbie gains you can benefit from, If you have shoulder pain while benching, try a close grip bench press, keep your elbows tucked into your sides, it'll take some load off your shoulder and put more on your triceps
  12. Thanks, I've been lifting for a little over 2 years now. I started with Starting Strength then moved to 5/3/1. I toss in a random program here and there but usually just go back to 5/3/1. Weekend sucked. I spent Saturday help setting up the lodge for the charity dice run on Sunday. Sunday I got up cleaned up the bike and rode it to the place where I was meeting the guys. After everyone got there and we started to get ready to ride, my bike refused to start. The guys pushed started me, figuring it was just a dead spot on the starter, rode around the block, stopped and the bike wouldn't start again. Push started again and rode home, wouldn't you figure the bike worked fine after that. Must have been my guardian angel telling me not to ride yesterday. Went grocery shopping instead I only needed dinner for 3 days instead of 7, the wife decided to take me out to dinner last night because I was so bummed out, and we leave for vacation on Thursday. Weekly grocery cost: 48 dollars Monday: Pulled pork Tuesday: chicken skewers and sweet potato home fries Wednesday: chicken stirfry
  13. Must be the light, I'm not sure what almondy looks like tbh. It was a pretty big hit with the Mrs. though
  14. Please don't have a boyfriend I would guess. /shrug
  15. lol, thanks! I use hook grip, chalk (and a dash of pain near the end). My DL numbers aren't high enough where my grip has failed me yet. I'm sure it will happen one day though, then I'll think of straps. I just don't like mixed grip much.
  16. Yeah, I was thinking the chicken wouldn't hold up as well, ground turkey w/sausage seasoning could work. So tonight's dinner, Paleo Pad Thai
  17. Not terribly, difficult near the end I took some 2 minute breaks. Thanks! To be honest that is the first game I really ever played in. I dabbled in Minecraft for maybe a total of 10-12 hours before joining the NF one. Today's lifts, figured I'd do conditioning tomorrow instead Deadlift 3 x 1352 x 2252 x 2653 x 3153 x 3153 x 3153 x 3153 x 315Next weekend is our cruise. so I'm going to rest easy until probably Tuesday next week to test out my 1RM for the lifting comp. I'm setting a near end of challenge goal that is more for the next challenge. For the competition I want to get to BW 170 (~8 lbs down), Squat 265, Bench 245 and DL 385, but we'll see next week how much I have to make up to get there.
  18. Caution


    I just like plain old black coffee. It started when I was pretty young (10-12 maybe?), my uncle is a pretty big muscly guy and being a kid who thought adults never lie or fibbed told me it would make me a big man. Probably in jest of course but I took it to heart and have been drinking it like that ever since. I've tried it with sugar and/or cream but it is way to sweet for me. I just like the taste.
  19. It kinda was a spur of the moment thing, I was going to wrap them in bacon, but I kinda wanted to try something else. I'm going to try chicken sausage one of these times, probably not as awesome but will be healthier I suppose. Today's lifts OHP Ladder 1 x 952 x 953 x 954 x 955 x 956 x 957 x 958 x 959 x 9510 x 959 x 958 x 957 x 956 x 955 x 954 x 953 x 952 x 951 x 95I doubt I'll do deadlifts with these ladders, I think I'll just do a light DL workout on Friday with some conditioning stuff tomorrow.
  20. Nice job! 33 miles is about 33 more miles than I've run this month, hehe. How's the sleep coming along?
  21. I dunno, Captain America loved to bench press
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