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  1. Out of town weeks are indeed the worst at keeping up with or forming new habits. Keep it up man!
  2. When it comes to the list of priorities, the internet should usually be a pretty low one so there is no problem with not posting much. A 1/2 inch loss around the waist is a great thing indeed! Seems like you are making the right kind of changes so far, just keep plugging away and before you know it you'll be be doing push ups.
  3. I've made this before (and is going to be on my meal plan next week) http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=969966 Came out pretty good overall I thought.
  4. I wish a sleep mask would work for me, which means I'd be sleeping while it was daylight. I haven't slept past the break of dawn since I got my dog. He digs his stinking nails into my back as soon as daylight hits, telling me, "Daddy, it is time to pee me even though I could probably hold it for 4 more hours, what I really want is a treat". grumble...
  5. There are a few games this happens to me, Minecraft, Civilization games, any TES game, most RPGs, to name a few . I now set an alarm on my phone when I play games for 11 p.m. so I won't lose track of time.
  6. I also have an aversion to Dr's. I don't have any horror stories per say but I just have a general dislike of them and their offices so I can understand why blood pressure would go up. I know anytime I'm there I'm uncomfortable, agitated / testy which probably doesn't help things like my resting heart rate, blood pressure or things of that nature.
  7. Squats 1 x 155 2 x 155 3 x 155 4 x 155 5 x 155 6 x 155 7 x 155 8 x 155 9 x 155 10 x 155 9 x 155 8 x 155 7 x 155 6 x 155 5 x 155 4 x 155 3 x 155 2 x 155 1 x 155 They weren't that difficult going up, but going down was rather iffy at spots. Dinner got re-arranged to Turkey burgers for me (cooking now) the wife had some work dinner thing to go to and I had to go to a meeting for our Masonic charity dice run that is scheduled for Sunday.
  8. Not defending creatine (it isn't for everyone) or saying that "primal blueprinters" don't have more creatine than someone who eats a diet from the food pyramid but to get 5 g of creatine a day you would need to eat around 2.5 lbs of (rare / raw) steak, every day. (That does sound tempting...) Do you have any scientific articles that show creatine supplementation is linked to dehydration in athletes? I've never read more than anecdotal evidence to the claim. This article seems to say there is no link http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1421496/
  9. Hah, they were a huge hit, I was requested to make them for more parties, I bet they could be made healthier too with some chicken sausage. Not that bad actually, I probably could have done a little more weight but it was my first ladder ever. I was worried of crushing my throat. My legs probably won't respond as well tonight, I have weird genetics. Thanks!
  10. Glad the pictures went well, I think we ended up with something around 300 different ones before the Mrs. decided on one. The cake tasting actually was only like 3 different small pieces because she already had her mind made up before then. The food tasting was nice. Limo took like 20 minutes (once again she knew what she wanted). Invitations on the other hand... I still have nightmares about that... Nice lifts btw!
  11. 20 lb PR in 4 weeks is nothing to shake a stick at good sir and you've passed me in 1 x RM.
  12. Fabulous job with the body changes! I always found it the opposite, if I wanted to hit all of my lifts I needed to run after otherwise I'd feel gassed when i was done with my warm-ups and have nothing left in the tank to actually hit my numbers. Good luck on your test!
  13. Chin up, you are still here and moving forward and that is positive progress in my book! On days you feel like you need something physical, maybe try some mobility work, soft tissue work, light stretching or yoga? Good job so far!
  14. Yeah, I'm a goober for not opening up this thread today even though I saw new posts.
  15. Yeah, I put it on the floor and roll my foot over it usually a couple times a day, it does wonders. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymXvjYb4Aes Also for my back, I present the double lacross ball http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CF7liiyzto Also, for more info on soft tissue work -> http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/soft_tissue_work_for_tough_guys
  16. I should have visited this thread before lifting today oof, going to have to be much later in the week.
  17. I'm not even close to a DL expert but there are many who are, but I took a quick look at your form check. Looked pretty good, maybe a slight rounding of your back maybe a smidge too far away from the bar?. Have you tried using mixed grip?
  18. That's some great stuff to take away from your challenges. 60 lbs is freaking amazing progress, way to go bud!
  19. So, nothing says a light week like a volume ladder, right? Today was bench, tomorrow is squats Bench Press 1 x 1352 x 1353 x 1354 x 1355 x 1356 x 1357 x 1358 x 1359 x 13510 x 1359 x 1358 x 1357 x 1356 x 1355 x 1354 x 1353 x 1352 x 1351 x 135
  20. Next time you do a long mall day, you should bring a pedometer (or install a phone app one) lots of mall walking def. counts for workouts.
  21. I haven't had one of those recently. I keep getting distracted...
  22. I didn't count the cost of the jalapeno's in my grocery lists because I did a separate shopping trip. The cost of the ingredients to make 32 of them was around $15. 16 jalapenos, 2 lbs of hot Italian sausage and a package of Mexican blend cheese. Finished shopping and planning meals for the week. Total cost $87.26 Tonight - Nothing planned, (see the jalapenos above) going to a lodge picnic at 3 p.m. If I go home hungry, it is my own fault Monday - BBQ pulled chicken w/ Son of Grok's BBQ sauce Tuesday - "Metatouille" (From Rooks' page) Wednesday - Turkey Burgers Thursday - Paleo Pad Thai (modified ofc) Friday - Cauliflower crust pizza with peppers, mushrooms and onions Saturday - Lemon chicken with mixed vegetables and mashed sweet potatoes.
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