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  1. 9/30/15 Hola amigos. Been a long time since I rapped at ya. Took a couple weeks off from lifting due to a busy schedule, then took a couple weeks off from posting on here. In any event, still plugging away. Squats -- 5x5 180 lbs Bench -- 5x5 155 lbs Rows -- 5x5 120 lbs
  2. 8/11/15 I was finally able to break through and finish 185 lbs in the squat. It felt significantly harder than 180 lbs, but I think I'd put a lot of mental emphasis on a plate and 25 lbs per side as a goal, so I was anxious about succeeding. After taking two weeks off for vacation and general laziness, I'm hopeful that I'm back on track and gaining again. Squat -- 5x5 185 lbs Bench -- 5x5 160 lbs Rows -- 5x5 130 lbs Tunes--I tried to listen to Baroness, one of my favorite bands, today but something about them makes them unsuitable for lifting for me. Too sludgy, I guess. I'm not real
  3. 8/6/15 Squat--5x5 180 Press--5x5 95 Deadlift--1x5 175
  4. Thankfully everyone at my gym is pretty friendly about working in if you don't mind returning the favor. There are only 3 squat racks so it can get crowded. I've heard of Madcow but I'm not very familiar. Do you like it so far?
  5. 8.3.15 Hola, Amigos. Good day today. My gym has been getting crowded with people doing big lifts--squats, deadlifts, cleans, etc. In the past, it was always the bench and the machines that got crowded. I worked in with 3 other guys who are in various stages of Stronglifts/Starting Strength and it was a lot of fun. Squat - 5x5 175 Bench - 5x5 155 Row - 5x5 125 Tunes--Black Flag Lunch--2 cans of albacore tuna with whole grain bread. I need to step up my lunch game. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  6. 7/30/15 Hello, friends. I've continued to lift but forgotten to post over the last two weeks. Squat 5x5 170 lbs OHP 5x5 90 lbs Deadlift 3x5 165 lbs Music--shuffled today, but a funny story. I'm an Amazon Prime member so I utilize Prime Music to listen to new stuff while I'm working out. I downloaded Cattle Decapitation's MONOLITH OF INHUMANITY for today. The only thing I knew about Cattle Decapitation was that they're a death metal band whose lyrics focus on environmental/vegetarian themes. During my last squat set, their song [REDACTED BECAUSE IT IS DISGUSTING] came on. It was the
  7. 7/15/15 Hola, amigos. I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya, but I was on vacation for awhile, then forgot to record a few workouts. I de-loaded after missing about a week and a half. Squat--5x5 155 lbs OHP--5x5 80 lbs Deadlift--2x5 145 lbs Tunes--Skeletonwitch
  8. 6/18/15 First day back in about a week. During that time, I did yoga twice. May try and keep that up if I can strike a good balance between that and lifting. Squats - 5x5 170lbs Bench - 5x5 140lbs Row - 5x5 125 lbs Dips - 3x8 Tunes--Girl Talk, ALL DAY
  9. 6/8/15 Squats - 5x5 160 Bench - 5x5 140 Rows - 5x5 120 Tunes--shuffle, including Amon Amarth, Dead Kennedys, Jay Reatard, and Black Flag
  10. 6/3/15 Squats -- 5x5 155 OHP -- 5x5 90 Deadlifts -- 5x5 155 (felt my form was really lacking so I backed off the weight a bit). Tunes--shuffle!
  11. 6/1/15 Squats -- 5x5 150 Bench -- 5x5 135 Row -- 5x5 115 Dips -- 3x6 Weight -- 211 Tunes -- shuffle! Included some Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Mac Demarco, Molly Hatchett, and the Stooges
  12. 5/26/15 Overhead press went by with no problems today. When I was setting up and calculating the weight I needed, I realized that two weeks ago I added 5 lbs extra and was really doing 90 instead of 85 when I missed my last rep. Squatting 175 must have wiped out my brain along with my quads. I'm considering de-loading on deadlifts, too. Like with squats, I'm afraid my form is getting spotty. Can't have that as the weight continues to increase. Squats - 5x5 145 lbs OHP - 5x5 85 lbs Deadlift - 5x5 185 lbs Pullups - 3x3 Tunes -- Girl Talk, ALL DAY Weight -- 212 lbs
  13. You and I are in relatively similar places--young families, formerly fit but now struggling. I started StrongLifts in March and I've really enjoyed it. I think you will, too! The best thing I did when starting was be extremely conservative and realistic with my starting weight. I'd lifted in the past and had benched and squatted 225 before, but I realized my pride would have to let those old numbers go given the way this workout works (plus, that was 10 years ago and probably with terrible form). So I was very realistic in my starting weight and erred on the side of going too low. Goo
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