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  1. You guys are the best. Thanks for encouraging me and keeping me sane! NERD ALERT: Should I go to Gen-Con this weekend? I really want to go to Gen-Con this weekend.... but it's 3 hours away and I'd be driving alone..... BUT I WANT TO GOOOOOOO! If I wear my running watch I bet I'd log tons of miles walking around the convention center...hmmmm....
  2. 8/14: Calories: 1260 (4455/9300) Training: 35 minute bike ride! Comments: I have to remember that the brief moment of happiness, relaxation, and abandon that comes with binge-drinking is not worth the week of guilt and worry felt afterwards. I feel like even if I make my caloric goal and do all of my training, my body will still somehow be messed up from my night of drinking. I should loss another 2 pounds this week, if the trend continues, but I have this feeling that somehow the scale is going to show zero loss or a gain. Could one big mess up ruin the success of my week?
  3. 8/13: Calories: 1570 (3195/9300) Training: 2.5 mile run (7/18) Comments: Ok. Even with my best-laid plans, the drinking pushed me over my calories last night. So now I'm in the position that I'll have to eat 1221 cal/day for the rest of the week. We'll see how that goes. I mean, that's how I lost 65 lbs in the first place: eating 1200 cal/day. I just don't want it to stress me out.
  4. Good job with week 2! You should get a little plastic kiddie bowling set and set it up to practice with.
  5. What I find most interesting about the way you track your progress are the pictures! That being said, I can see a difference this week, for sure. Great job, even with a lack of motivation!
  6. 8/12: Calories: 1625 (1625/9300) Training: Body Weight Circuit (5/12) Comments: Well this was a bad way to start week 3. All I can say is... alcohol. And there will be more of it tonight! That's what happens when teachers near the end of the summer; they drink. However, I've definitely planned my day out better today so I can still come in at under 1300 cal, hopefully. I have to eat around 1269 for the rest of the week, including the weekend, to make up for yesterday. Damn you, shots! In happier news, I went clothes shopping today and it didn't suck! I went for new jeans and the new jeans fit me perfectly. It was a good feeling.
  7. Week Two Recap: (1.) & (2.) Follow 10k training program & do 2 body weight training days per week: Did 2 body weight days, 3 runs, and 2 cross training days - 100% successful! (3.) Eat 9300 calories, or less, each week: Ate 9264 calories - 100% successful! (4.) Save $100 per week: $100 in the bank - 100% successful! Measurement Update: Week 2 - Lost 2.3 lbs! (4.4 lbs overall) - According to measurements taken this morning, I have lost 4.25 inches from the 13 places I measure!
  8. 8/11: Calories: 1150 (9264/9300) Training: 3.5 mile run (6/18) My fastest 5k ever recorded on my Nike+ watch! Comments: I DID IT! Another Sunday of eating light, but I did it! And I even set a new running record, so I am feeling great about the week! I'll post my Week 2 summary with weight and measurements tomorrow. I LOVE this "diet" and exercise plan that I'm on. I feel like I'm rocking it! I feel like I could live like this permanently.
  9. 8/10: Calories: 1410 (8114/9300) WARNING! Must eat 1186 calories or less on Sunday to obtain goal of 9300 cal/week! Training: Moving furniture (up 2 flights of stairs in no air conditioning) and setting up furniture in my classroom! Comments: Well... it's been a fun week for me, but now I find myself in the same position I was in last Sunday. Today isn't going to be fun, since I have so little calories left. Today is also my long run (3.5mi). We'll see how it goes. Oh, and my husband surprised me with DUNKIN DONUTS this morning! This is going to be hard.
  10. 8/9: Calories: 1433 (6704/9300) Training: Rest Day!
  11. 8/8: Calories: 1173 (5271/9300) Training: 2 mile run (5/18) + Body Weight Circuit (4/12) + AN EXTRA .64 miles! Life Goal: $100 saved! (2/6)
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.usThis is my husband's shirt. I love it! It says "Eat more meat" (I look crazy. Awesome.)
  13. Is it normal to not feel hungry? I just haven't felt hungry all day. Nothing sounds good to me. My stomach doesn't hurt. I'm just... not hungry. I feel weird FORCING myself to eat, like I'd be wasting the calories when I don't really need/want them. I don't know. Thoughts?
  14. 8/7: Calories: 1490 (4098/9300) Training: 2 mile walk + 2 mile walk Comments: Well that was definitely a big eating day. I was so down yesterday (Doctor Who woes) and I found myself stress-eating. I did the math and I NEED to be right at 1300 cal or less for these remaining 4 days, which is definitely doable. You know, I've come to find that I really like counting calories on a weekly basis, instead of a daily goal. If I have a really awful day, I know that all is not lost. I'm not a failure. I can still be on track and successful at the end of the week. Its a good feeling, really.
  15. I am a teacher! And it's so sad; I only have 19 days of summer left. When I was out walking earlier today, I got honked at and then 10 minutes later I got whistled at. Should I be flattered, insulted, or indifferent?! I don't understand why people do that. (I was going to say that I don't understand why MEN do that, but I'm sure there have been female cat-callers, too. Mine were men, though.)
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