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  1. Okay, so without getting shouted at for being too self conscious. How do you guys usually train Parkour, just set off and go? I can't imagine everybody taking kindly to having their walls climbed. I really wanna give it ago but at a bit of a loss as to where (Literally where) to start. Thanks, Sam
  2. Great to have you, any thoughts on Goals and a Guild?
  3. Hey XSanguinus!! Congrats on the progress so far sounds good. Its nice to hear that the work is showing results. Have you considered a guild? This would help you refine your training into something more tailored to your goals
  4. Welcome Great to have you. A few tries at rock climbing might not go amiss, it would compliment the Parkour suggested by theLittleWhiteMage.... Then again, if its the Zombie Apocalypse, why not give some martial arts a try? Have you considered a Class/Guild type
  5. Hey! *Listen* So i've been playing around on Photoshop, and to complement my Achievements Poster I've created a guild specific poster/picture/wallpaper/WhatEverYouNeedItFor file. Use it to track your IRL RPG character points acquisition and current goals. I find that having something like this on my desktop helps keep me motivated!! Take it. Distribute it. Edit it. If you like it thanks If you don't, why? Maybe I can change it. Those that want to make changes, I can provide the .PSD file. If you want better quality, I have an 11mb PNG file. Thanks, Sam.
  6. Both Brah and Waldo are spot on. The only thing I can add is that you could start by doing wall pushups - http://www.womenshealthmag.com/files/images/0812-wm-wall-push-up.jpg Sam
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