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  1. You can also experiment with either skipping breakfast, or doing butter & coconut oil in coffee.
  2. Paleo isn't necessarily low carb, and IF isn't necessarily low calorie, so don't think if your lifts stall you need to add back in carbs and/or dairy --- you just need to add back in calories. Starting Strength isn't meant to be run on a deficit anyway, so you should be eating at least TDEE for now. If you want to calorie/macro cycle a la LeanGains while running SS, then I'd probably do recomp ratios, something like -10/+10.
  3. Why would you want to eat more if you've got weight to lose?
  4. Looks good. I'm an IF/LeanGains fan myself.
  5. Oof, single serving w guac is $10 -- what's it run with double meat?
  6. Adze, what'd you settle on?
  7. re: IF, Martin Berkhan recommends a 10-hr feeding window for women (as opposed to only 8 for men) due to hormone differences and other reasons, so 10a-7p is spot on. When you transition to weighted strength training from bodyweight you might find BCAAs useful for fasted training, but they are not essential.
  8. Yep, that's the caloric cycling of LeanGains --- while cutting you eat at a deficit on rest days and at maintenance on work days (or potentially below maintenance if you've got a lot of fat to lose).
  9. Haven't seen your earlier posts, but wondering if you were male or female?
  10. Well you could always call it a CKD to reconcile your weekend deviations from true keto.
  11. Paleo is a diet man, not a religion --- cavemen didn't have refrigerators or stoves either. Eat some salt if you really want to.
  12. What precipitated the backslide?
  13. Kirkor


    Or skip breakfast and make your 11a meal your first.
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