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  1. Thanks Red! Yeah, I'm pretty good about the healthy choices and such. :] I haven't quite figured out how this website works, but hopefully will soon...
  2. Heyy, Anyone in the east bay in California? I'm specifically around San Ramon, but it's all close enough to San Fran / Concord / Dublin, etcetc. I'm into hiking and it'd be awesome if people in the area wanted to go on a couple adventures in some parks or something.
  3. Hello, My name is Karla & I'm 20. I'm currently a student going onto my senior year in college. I started my weight loss journey back in December at 213 and am currently at 162 (51 pounds thus far). My goal is to lose another 30 pounds. How have I done it? Counting calories & working out. I run a lot - about 5-7miles a day. I also do different workouts for core and such. Although counting calories sounds painful, it's actually not too bad and it's been a good experience overall. My eating habits are so boring, it's unreal. In terms of my nerdy-ness.... So I've always been into way too
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