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  1. I may have try try some of that bread. We should totally start a Supernatural group! That's be brilliant
  2. Eh I know, I'm awful. I hate grocery shopping u.u Thank you, I'm trying my best! *hugs*
  3. Tuesday was pretty meh, had a bad day at work and I forgot my gym bag, so by the time I got home I decided the best way to spend my day was to lay in bed and read. Around 9:30 I finally dragged my ass out of bed and went for a run (hated every minute of it, should have went to the gym). I need to go grocery shopping, I'm out of eggs so I've been snacking on the junk we have at work 7/30/2013 Breakfast- doughnut holes, lunch - fajitas, dinner- kielbasa ~1,500 calories Exercise-ran 30 minutes Progress Hit my protein macro: Not even close 2 Hours of Cardio: 30/120 No candy at work: check Save $350 by the end of this challenge: 0/350
  4. Haha I'm a huge Supernatural fan as well. Artemis is only like $60 for 6 licenses if you have people to play with, haha. I wish I had a group to work out in, but that's why I'm on Nerd Fitness
  5. Not bad. Your life goal is really intense, you have a lot on your plate!
  6. Knew you were a Supernatural fan when I saw your username ;D Great challenge though, working out in a group is an awesome motivator! Totally off topic, but have you ever played Artemis? It's a Star Trek simulation game, and it's friggin awesome. We have this company over here in MN that has a full immersion setup with a captain's chair and lights that go with the game, it's fantastic
  7. The information can be a bit overwhelming when you're new, but it gets easier! Sounds like you had an awesome first day, keep it up!
  8. Great goals! The sugar one may be a bit tough, but you can definitely do it if you set your mind to it! Welcome to the rebellion and good luck
  9. u.u you monster, I would have eaten it. I have no will power when it comes to candy... I need a reward system. Possibly with shoes. Mmmmh, shoes
  10. Welcome to the rebellion! Great goals, I can't believe you actually get up at 5am D:
  11. Great goals! You must be English, I had to process the word "crisps", haha! Replace them with carrots ;D
  12. I suffer from migraines, so I TOTALLY understand not working out when those happen. Honestly, I'd rather punch myself in the face than try to run with a migraine. Lifting isn't so bad, seems to take my mind off of it. Your dinner sounds fantastic, I basically eat turkey burgers (which offends everyone). Welcome to the rebellion and good luck on your challenge!
  13. Haha nice! Do you have a trainer at all or do you just workout alone?
  14. Welcome to the rebellion! Hawaii, sounds nice! Great motivation Good luck!
  15. Haha nice, you have plenty of time to train! Have you looked into Tough Mudder as well?
  16. Thank you! Here's hoping I can stick to it And no problem, here to help
  17. Haha I know, I'm tots a quitter >.> Maybe us Minnesotans just aren't very rebellious? It's just a pipe dream for now, but who knows. I'll be traveling a ton next year and maybe I'll fall in love with a new city. I'm totally part of the candy problem, I keep buying it which means I keep eating it D:
  18. Welcome to the rebellion! Very realistic goals, when is the Spartan Race?
  19. Great job, you have an awesome squat weight! What is your goal for that?
  20. I'll click on anything tagged with "cosplay", haha <3 Welcome to the rebellion! You have great goals, but I think you set your exercise goal a bit high, and you don't have a food goal. Weight loss is 80% diet, and you should absolutely be monitoring calories. Use this website to find your TDEE http://iifym.com/tdee-calculator/. Under Exercise Level, select Basal Metabolic Rate. That's the amount of calories your body burns to keep you alive, and the lowest you should go calorie wise is 30% below your TDEE. Yours is right around 2k, so a healthy calorie goal would be 1,400-2,000 per day. Good luck
  21. I know! We spend a ton of money on candy. My co-worker and I trade off buying it, and I'm an emotional eater so when it's a bad day I'm like :| *stuffs face with chocolate*
  22. Haha thank you! I live with my boyfriend (who is from Wisconsin, the jerk). I like my living situation and I like being so close to my friends, I just want to be somewhere else... Somewhere West coast I probably just have too much free time if I had to make my thread all pretty
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