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  1. Haha it totally does! The rebellion would be sad if I ate this Kit Kat... Lol! I've been gone for a few, but we're gonna knock this one out of the park, haha
  2. Haha that does kind of sound like cheating! Being sick sucks, especially trying to go to the gym... Glad to see you're going strong tho! I've missed a ton of challenges, it's awesome to see old faces still kicking ass *hugs*
  3. Oh my glob, that would be extremely awkward! That's quite the list you have, haha! Office Jenny and Arthur are definitely my favs on that list
  4. Awesome! Did you do the color run by any chance?
  5. Great goals, like always! How'd the first day go?
  6. Good luck quitting smoking! You got this
  7. I think the floss goal is really cute, haha. I watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black last night, it's pretty good! Add it to the list of things I don't have time to watch Great goals! What are your cosplay plans with your dream bod? Hehe
  8. You should probably be in warriors, you're already quite thin Good luck though!
  9. Great goals! I second the recipe sharing, I hate cooking but I sure love eating
  10. Wait, not trying to be rude here, but what do you honestly gain from 30 days of cold showers?
  11. Food diaries are the best. If you lie to the diary you already know that you actually ate whatever crap it was, and not adding it doesn't mean you didn't eat it. Has really helped me so far. Good luck!
  12. I think I should name this quest "Attempts Accountability", because I'm awful at sticking with things (apparently). So, I'm going to do my best. Monday was a really rough day, my boss got let go and he was really the only reason I haven't been looking for other jobs, so I'm in a place I don't like and I don't understand. Please add me on MFP: LaneyLuck! MAIN QUEST Love myself. I know how cheesy this sounds, but it's completely true. I hate my body, I don't love my job anymore, I don't want to stay in Minnesota... I need to sort myself out and get to a place I can be happy. Goals: Diet & Fitness Hit my protein macro (120g a day) +2 STA, +2 STR ​ It will probably help to note that I do not do Paleo, it just doesn't stick with me.2 hours of cardio a week +2 CHA, +2 DEX ​ I generally lift Tu/Th and Saturday or Sunday, but I really hate cardio, so this should be a challenge.NO CANDY AT WORK +2 CON, +2 WIS ​ Will power, come hither.Goals: Life Save money! I've been awful about this recently (because it's convention season and I've been sewing like a mad woman). Save $350 by the end of this challenge. +2 WIS, +1 DEX Player Stats LEVEL 3 TIMELORD STR - 4 + 2 CON - 5 + 2 DEX - 2 + 3 WIS - 7 + 4 STA - 5 + 2 CHA - 6 + 2 Completed Quests & Mini Quests Week 1 Mini Quest +1 WISChallenge notes Weekly Review: Week 1: -- Week 2: -- Week 3 -- Week 4: -- Week 5: -- Week 6: --
  13. >>Sorry guys, please disregard. I'll be back around soon
  14. Great job! You'll kick even more butt next challenge
  15. Thanks I'm definitely gonna do next challenge... Maybe try to learn some time management! Thank you Talia I've actually been working on it for months, I just didn't realize how much I actually had left to do and it piled up really fast Thank you though~ Haha thanks! *hugs* I gotta kick it into gear next challenge, I'm obviously horrible at time management
  16. Urgh, I'm not dead I swear. Unfortunately I've basically dropped out of this challenge, sometimes life gets the best of me, I suppose. Honestly, I seriously underestimated how much time I would need to finish my cosplay by April 18th (the con starts on the 19th). I've been up well past midnight every night for almost 2 weeks. I hardly eat or sleep but thank god I'm done with the costumes and I can start taking care of myself again. I've been keeping an album if anyone is interested, I also have my blog and Deviantart (if anyone uses them). Thanks everyone for the support! <3
  17. Finally! After sitting on my butt Friday and Saturday XD
  18. Haha it was awesome! Tons of PCs there. We actually host really large LAN parties like 4x a year, I'm sure there are events around you, just need to find them!
  19. Monday 3/25/2013 Food: lunch- chicken & veggies, dinner- meatball sub (sans bread, heh), snacks- candy, booze ~1,400 calories Exercise: None Daily Quest: Stretched PM Life: helped run a LAN party no time to work out but I *love* events like that! Week 5: food- 0/6 days, exercise- 0/5 days, life- 0/8 hours Tuesday 3/26/2013 Food: lunch- bacon cheese burger (no bun), dinner- small omelette, snacks- junk ~1,400 calories Exercise: Shoulder day, short HIIT run Daily Quest: Stretched PM Life: Got home from the gym and worked on my costumes. Yeay productive Tuesday! Week 5: food- 1/6 days, exercise- 1/5 days, life- 2/8 hours
  20. Yeesh, having dreams like that is pretty awful
  21. Thanks! We're both gonna have to kick ass this week :3 Honestly it was just one of those weeks/weekends that I just didn't want to go to the gym. My workout buddies were out of town and I'm not very self motivated. Back in it today though!! I'm so bad about progress pictures! I promise I will when I take some lol I know! 135lbs man, I'd totally get stuck at the bottom and have to crawl out from under the bar. Again.
  22. Yeesh, can't even imagine. Good job powering through!
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