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  1. Been swimming twice this week so far. Also got an hour of reading done in the hospital waiting room during my week 34 ultrasound. Managed to get Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with more than 8 hours sleep. Wednesday night was horrible. Had this drunk woman at 1.30am screaming her lungs out at her BF right outside our balcony window. Nothing violent just emotional and LOUD. So poor Jez did not get much sleep that night
  2. JEZARAEN - FINAL COUNTDOWN Hello again! I actually made it through my first challenge as a Ranger. I'm SO excited!! Clearly Rangers is where I was always suppose to be ha ha. This will be my last challenge for a few months as in early March I will bringing my baby girl into the world. And pretty much for at least the first 6 months my NF challenge will be KEEP THE BABY ALIVE - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD This Feb challenge will all be based around getting myself ready for giving birth and being as fit and healthy as possible to give my little girl the best start in life. I will be taking things very slowly but want to remain as active as possible during these next 4 weeks. My goals will be pretty similar to last challenge as they worked quite well and helped me through the pregnancy. LET'S DO THIS! MY MAIN QUEST I want to be a role-model for my future kids. I want to be fit, happy and healthy. For me the way to get there is by getting down to a healthy weight (between 68kgs-72kgs approx based on my height) and being generally fit for all sorts of situations that may crop up in life. Running, strength training and mobility will be my main focus. I want to have a base level of fitness that sets me up for any challenge. FEBRUARY 1ST-26TH CHALLENGE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Do-do do do....do-do do do do) GOAL 1 - Swimming Last challenge swimming was an absolute Godsend so I want to keep it going. I am going to scale it back to 3 days a week though only because I am finding that I get tired very easily and I don't want to put my body through too much stress. Rating at completion of challenge: A] 12+ classes (25XP) B] >10 (20XP) C] >8 (15XP) D] <5 (10XP) E] <3 (5XP) F] 2-0 (0xp) GOAL 2 - Mobility Purchasing NF Yoga has been such a great decision. I never know when I will need a nap or when I will have energy so being able to do classes at my own time and pace has been AMAZING. I want to keep up the momentum. Rating at completion of challenge: A] 12+ classes (25XP) B] >10 (20XP) C] >8 (15XP) D] <5 (10XP) E] <3 (5XP) F] 2-0 (0xp) GOAL 3 - Knowledge I have been a bit slack with my reading. I have all these great pregnancy resources so now that I am on maternity leave I want to make sure I actually read the stuff! I am thinking if I can do at least an hour of reading a week that will definitely get me through most of it (I am an extremely fast reader, just lazy) Rating at completion of challenge: A] 4 hours of reading (25XP) B] >3 (20XP) C] >2 (15XP) D] <1.5 (10XP) E] <1 (5XP) F] 0 (0xp) GOAL 4 - Sleep zzzzz I have been finding that my energy levels are slowly getting less and less. Having a giant watermelon squishing your organs might have something to do with it ha ha. So I really want to make sure I'm resting as much as possible. Sleep is crucial at this time. I want to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night as regularly as possible. Rating at completion of challenge: A] 20+ days of over 8 hours sleep (25XP) B] >17 (20XP) C] >15 (15XP) D] <12 (10XP) E] <8 (5XP) F] 7-0 (0xp) GOAL SUMMARY ​I will be trying to post as regularly as possible in my thread. Can't promise it will be every day but I will definitely try to make it at least every second or third day. I am excited about setting myself up for a strong & healthy birth! FINAL COUNTDOWN!!
  3. CHALLENGE SUMMARY Been away in Bundanoon so finally got a chance to update my challenge! GOAL 1: Smashed it! So proud of myself that I maintained my swimming even whi,e being pregnant My body definitely has noticed the difference. 25 EXP GOAL 2 NF yoga has been one of the best purchases I could have made for myself. Has been a lifesaver. I love Bikram yoga but having the freedom to do classes whenever I want with NF really made the difference. The best part is that my husband joined in as well and ge got a lot out of it too 25 EXP GOAL 3 Keep track of my food has been really eye opening. It highlighted to me so clearly why I end up binge eating. I don't think I could do it long term though. So stressful. But its good to check in and make sure I'm eating enough/ too much. 25EXP GOAL 4 Making myself sleep more has been a Godsend during pregnancy. It forced me to take more care and prioritise rest. I'm reallg bad knowing when to slow down. 5 weeks to go in the pregnancy so sleep will become more and more vital! 25EXP OVERALL SUMMARY I'm really happy with the goals I made and the fact that I followed through. I think having 4 weeks instead of 6 really makes it more manageable. Happy to say I am now a level 1 ranger! Wooooooooo!! Now off to organise next challenge. Feb will prob be my last for the next few months. Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  4. THURSDAY SUMMARY GOAL 1: Went swimming today by myself. Had bad cramps though so took it very slowly. I found it helped though felt better afterwards. GOAL 2: Same as above did yoga after swimming and that helped with the cramps as well. GOAL 3: Lost my food diary notebook so I'll just track it here for past couple of days. â—Yoghurt & muesli â—Apple and bbq shapes â—Chicken breast, cous cous and mediterranean veggies â—Caramel mud cake â—Plain kettle chips â—Greek chicken & salad wrap (The Helenic) Bit of a mix today was REALLY hungry. My blood sugar levels were pretty low until after lunch so I'm thinking that must have been it. GOAL 4 Got 7 hours 45 min sleep so yay! Feeling good. Tomorrow is my last day at work and I reckon after that I'll aim for over 8 hours. Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  5. SUMMARY SO FAR: GOAL 1 14/16 Swimming has been going really well! Been so great for my body and mind during pregnancy. And it's been a good bonding experience for my husband and I as well which has been a great added bonus. GOAL 2 9/12 NF Yoga and Bikram have helped me stay flexible. It has also helped with blood flow which has been amazing. Not really struggling with too much water retention or swelling yet which is nice. I'm almost 34 weeks so give it time I'm sure last month will change that lol. GOAL 3 16/20 Tracking food has been really eye opening to make sure I'm eating enough. I didn't realise that the reason I was probably binge eating before was that I would starve myself for days and then my body would go into FEED ME mode. It's also been a useful tool to show my endocrinologist so that they can see that I've been following their meal plan. Because they're always asking me about following their plan. GOAL 4 17/20 I think I will need to up my sleep to over 8 hours. 7.5 hours was working for a while but I'm finding I am getting more and more tired. Think if I increase my sleep that will definitely help. Maybe next challenge that can be my next focus.
  6. Went to the dr's for my appointment with the Endocrinologist (Diabetes specialist) and they've got me on insulin now. During the day my sugar levels are awesome. Always between 5.0 and 5.8 but overnight my fasting doesn't seem to want to behave. I showed them my food diary and they can clearly see I'm eating well and doing all the right things. I'm 33 weeks now and when I got weighed in from last appointment (Mid December) it turns out I've lost almost 2kgs! In third trimester apparently that's very uncommon. But they checked the baby and she is perfect size, she's not over or under for her age. The dr's think it must be all the healthy eating that my body is getting rid of weight it doesn't need. I don't feel like I'm over doing it. And I'm definitely not restricting calories. But yeah still weird. Maybe stress? Positive though is everyone is saying how healthy and great I look. Apparently pregnancy "suits me" whatever that means ha ha. Haven't had unwanted hands on the belly which is a def plus as well
  7. THURSDAY 21ST Goal 1 Went swimming with the hubby after work. It was really cool because we had a huge thunderstorm and the pool is indoors but surrounded by glass windows so we got to watch the storm roll through while swimming. Goal 2 NF yoga was straight after swimming as a cool down which worked really well. Planning on doing NF yoga again on sat and sun this week to get me up to date. Goal 3 Food diary us going A-Ok. Been really great especially when I got to my diabetes appointments. I can show them exactly what I've been eating and my corresponding blood sugar levels. Goal 4 Met my sleep goal last night yay! Might need to up it after the challenge though I'm finding as I get further along in the pregnancy I'm needing more and more sleep.
  8. You can do it! Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  9. Tomorrow is always a fresh start! Though you're still getting a lot in which is great:) Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  10. I like being forced indoors too from time to time. Find its helps me keep organised Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  11. MONDAY 18TH + TUESDAY 19TH + WEDNESDAY 20TH GOAL 1 Went swimming both Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was at beach which was nice. The salty air did me good. GOAL 2 Did NF Yoga on Tuesday. Plan is to do it tonight, tomorrow and on Sunday as well to make up for last week. GOAL 3 Monday I didn't track my food. Too sick to care. But I tracked it both Tuesday and Wednesday. GOAL 4 Monday and Tuesday I got over 7.5 hours sleep. Wednesday night was bad. It's been really hot in Sydney and I got feasted on by mosquitoes. Got barely 6 hours. Not a good day for Jess.
  12. Thanks for all the love guys! Feeling better thank goodness
  13. Oh wow Machu picchu would be awesome! Great motivation to keep on your goals Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  14. You look awesome in the dress! Good work being so prepared Whole30 wise parties can be so so hard Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
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