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  1. Quickly updating to page. Official breakdancing classes start again on Monday. Hurray! Stuff I Did Today P90x Arms and Shoulders Workout P90x Ab Ripper X On the side, I've been doing different bodyweight poses as practice to get into freezes faster because my balance is pretty terrible at this point. Dinner: Casserole (veggies, ground beef, and noodles), Mac and Cheese, and a V8 because that probs wasn't enough vegetables.
  2. This is awesome! It's great that you're seriously progressing. I'm inspired! ^^
  3. Did these a while ago. Time to post finally! All of these walks were 30 minutes to the bay side and back. Walk #1 Observations - the wind was blowing Eastward - Some of the palm trees on the path had been cut down - I listened to a bird call and identified it correctly as a woodpecker. Walk #2 Observations - The air was still - There is a large population of small snails by the seawall - Realized that squirrels have white bellies. They scurry around so fast, I never noticed before. Walk #3 Observations - On the opposite side of the bay, I noticed a bright orange unnatural glow. Fire? I didn
  4. Hey, Happie. Things are going okay. I'd be happy to share some of the videos I like. As far as tutorials go, I'm fond of Bboy Joonie. His tutorials can be found here. Once you've mastered basic moves, it's always helpful to look at master dancers to see how they incorporate style or flare. I really like Ken Swift because his uprocking is legendary. A lot of people tend to focus on power moves but there's still nothing like fancy footwork!
  5. Hey, everyone! Long time no update! The past three weeks have been crazy for me. After my last post on August 7th the internet in my dorm stopped working. It took maintenance a while to get it up and running again. From August 7th-17th I spent all of my days being trained as a residential adviser. I'd wake up before the fitness center was open and by the time I came back home I was too tired to go. It was rough! After training was done, it was time for freshmen orientation which took up another week. I got in a few workouts here and there but it definitely wasn't consistent. Even though I cou
  6. Looking good so far! Keep it up! I'd show you the Pokemon dance but it's kinda embarrassing. Whatever you're imagining in your head is probably correct.
  7. Even though I wanted to get started on Monday I was busy driving to school and moving in to my new dorm. But that's okay because I got started nice and early on Tuesday morning. Stuff I Did Today - 15 minute warm-up and stretch - 45 Minutes of b-girl practice I completed what my dance teacher likes to call The Gauntlet. It's an intense slew of downrocking moves The Gauntlet 10 Coffee Grinders 10 2-Steps 10 3-Steps 10 5-Steps 10 6-Steps - After that was 10 minutes of handstand practice with a focus on training to maintain proper back form I also practiced some basic uprocks and put in some
  8. Hey, Malcom! Your goals look solid. I especially like the posture one. I tend to be slouchy as well but I've been improving. I'm on my first challenge too. If you need any support I'll be around the guild. Good luck to you!
  9. Thanks! Sometimes I worry no one will get my thinly veiled references. Cosplaying as Lin sounds awesome! Halloween is a long way down the road but when you finish, I'd love to see the costume. Also, I'm glad I'll have a balance/handstand buddy! Out of all the things I do, handstands is what I'm the most lazy on. Having someone to hold me accountable will help. NF dancers unite! My professor is a fairly young, tall lanky dude. He's great! But it's fun to imagine some of my more rotund professors breakdancing. Tee hee.
  10. *high fives* Nice to see a fellow dancer! Jazz dance is so classy. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at it. I had to learn some jazz moves for a Pokemon themed dance I did last semester and it was rough! Good luck to you during the challenge!
  11. Hey, Denny. I like your goals! Consistency has always been a challenge for me. I have a tendency to forget to take my vitamins. I'll be keeping up with your challenge to help me remember. Good luck!
  12. Hey Dillpedo, breaking down your point award by percentages is an awesome idea. I also like extra points for momentum (I might incorporate that into my next challenge). Good luck to you!
  13. Soiyer

    Tutorial Level~

    Happy belated birthday, Echo! I agree with imadork in regards to kudos. Fitness and health were no where near my mind when I was 15 years old. Haha. Go you and good luck with your challenge!
  14. Hey caithnard, this sounds like a great challenge. I wish I could run 3 miles (or even one...or a half). I especially like your foresight goal. I'm finally at a point where I can cook all of my meals too and stay away from terrible cafeteria food. Is there a particular dish you plan on making for lunch?
  15. Hey, SirEarl! I'm trying to get better at gymnastics stuff too. From my limited understanding, its important to have good core strength. For body weight exercises, I really like the . During my ab workout, I try to get in 50 of those with no added weight. I've also been practicing handstands. I have a really difficult time handstanding against a wall while facing towards it. So I face away and slowly inch my feet up until I'm in a vertical position. I then stay there for as long as I can (not very) while occasionally trying to bring my feet off the wall to practice getting the balance right
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