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  1. Summary: Went from 18+ minutes to under 16, that's 1/3 of the way there. Got in all the training (with week one mini-challenge extra running added in) though. D, + 1 STA, + 0.67 DEX Skipped some workouts. Absolutely did not cheat, which means I had to reset it a few times and didn't get past week 3. Went from 16 to 30. D, + 1.5 STR Did it, except small amounts about 3 times. B, +1.5 CON Signed up for about 12 societies and I know which 3 I'm staying in. A, +2CHA, +1WIS This looks bad from the grades, but that's more because of bad goal setting than failure to put the work into it. I'm
  2. Moved to university, missed a lot of workouts. Week 5: 3 km, 3km, 5km. New best time 15:49. 170 pushups. Week 6: 3 km, 3 km. 82 pushups.
  3. Week 4: 229 Where did everyone on this thread go? Anyway good luck to anyone who's still doing it!
  4. Perfect, I've already rearranged my runs around moving out. And finding new routes in advance would help.
  5. Didn't do it, had some stomach flu type thing instead. On to the next one then.
  6. Week 4, done. Got sick and had to sit out for a few days, dropped the mini-challenge and catching up. Still mostly on track with the basics. Tuesday: 3km, sadly not timed because it was supposed to be extra, but it felt much faster. Saturday: easy canoeing trip, no run. Sunday: 5km. Pushups: improving very slowly but still doing all the workouts.
  7. I'm in, and I'll interpret this to mean I have to decide for catching up on those two runs I missed in the last weeks instead of being lazy and letting it slide.
  8. Halfway done! Everything according to plan except: -1 can of fanta when I wasn't thinking -two missed runs, both Saturdays, from being at airports -2 runs where I couldn't measure the distance so I ran 20 minutes and 50 minutes instead, ought to be about 3km and 5km or more
  9. All for keeping this thread alive, I'm still in. Now that I have my Internet connection back I can report 208 last week (week 2) and 240 this week (week 3).
  10. Started falling behind on my goals today and yesterday, caught to soon enough to fix it. Sunday: 5km Monday: pushups Tuesday: Skipped running, let's just say I switched Tuesday/Thursday being rest day/run this week. Wednesday: pushups, but with very long breaks between sets. On the other hand some of the sets where more than I could do in one go on the initial test, that's pretty cool results from just 5 small "workouts".
  11. Added another 5km today and I'm finished with this week, tomorrow is definitely a rest day. Results: 20.7 km of running.
  12. Thursday: 3.5km Friday: 3.5km, 57 pushups Saturday: 3km, timed, 17:30 minutes.
  13. Week one of 100 pushups, done. 45+50+57 = 152.
  14. That's Monday noon in my time zone. Which would make sense, then I can run Monday morning and get 7 days in. 9.2 km for me on the first three days btw, at the end I'll have run twenty km in a week. Not nearly as much as some people on here but more than I would have guessed I can do, this mini-challenge is awesome.
  15. Totally can't do 3km in 12 minutes right now, just going to make it my challenge goal every time until I can. I can definitely make lightweight though. Yes, large uni with a large rowing club, tons of other beginners I hope.
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