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  1. Hey! I'm back, even though I'm late to the party and cut out early last go round... Even when I don't have the time/mental capacity to post, I have been trying to stick to my goals. I'm going to work on being around here to participate, but know that I am thinking about y'all! So, challenge 2 for me. The goals are pretty much the same, but I am going to get more serious. Two goals, which isn't much, but if I can keep up with them it will be HUGE. 1. Keep up a reasonable C25k schedule. I'm going to run my first 5k at the end of April, and I just did week 4 of the program for the first ti
  2. It *does* sound delish! Hope everything is still going well!
  3. Wow, that really is impressive! Week four is my monster-under-the-bed. I've never actually seen him, but I know he's there, and I'm scared to death of him. Good job getting through it! I'll be Week 5 will be a breeze now!
  4. Today, I'm feeling like I'm failing ateverything. I'm unable to keep myself focused at work, so I'm WAAAAAAYYYYY behind where I need to be on this project (and more keep popping up). I haven't run since last Friday -- we brought all of our gear with us on our long weekend trip, but didn't get it out at all. This morning, we got up to run, but we started late, and by the time we realized the c25k app hadn't been running correctly, there wasn't time for any running. So I walked for 15 minutes today, that's it. I had Monday off, and Monday night we were exhausted, so I didn't bother putting
  5. C25k this morning. Holyhell, it's COLD out there!! It's supposed to warm up this weekend, so hopefully we can get out on Sunday and run wherever we are. Have a great weekend, all!
  6. Boo sickness... hope you feel better soon!
  7. I feel like this is a good time to mention that I'm an attorney (my lawyer-sense was tingling-- it's the same feeling we get when ambulances pass by...). Seriously, though, have fun at the Melting Pot! I'm totally jealous!
  8. So still here. C25k is just not happening this week, mostly because of the extreme cold, but also a little because I'm lazy. Boo to both. In fairness to me, my cold weather running gear is really only appropriate down to about 10 or 15 degrees, and it's been well below that in the mornings. When the windchill is more than 10 degrees below zero, I'm not going out to run. The fact that I wouldn't have gotten up anyway is all that bothers me. Otherwise, it's been a good week, goals-wise. I brought my third lunch today (I only missed yesterday because I left my delicious lunch on the count
  9. If you're eating dairy, cottage cheese and greek yogurt are also good sources of protein. Quinoa is another possibility (if you eat grains) -- not as high protein as the sources you've mentioned, but a good additional source.
  10. It was delicious! I had never eaten beets before the first time I made this soup, but I really love the flavor, and it's super easy to make. You cut four beets into six wedges each (trim and scrub/peel them first) and microwave them with two cups of water or stock until they are tender, about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cook one onion and one stalk of celery in a dash of olive oil covered until they are translucent, about 12 minutes. Add the beets and water to the onion and celery, and add another cup of water or stock. Simmer for about 5 minutes, then add ginger (peeled and minced- I use a g
  11. I've used a similar strategy with c25k. I usually run each week until I feel comfortable enough with it that I no longer wonder mid-way through if I'm going to be able to finish. This often took much longer than a week, though, largely because I let more than a week (or even two) go by between runs. However, since we are signing up for a 5k in April, I'm going to really try to stick to the schedule. Fortunately, starting to do it now means there's some wiggle room for snow, cold, scheduling, and repetition of a week if necessary. I remember reading on the CoolRunning c25k forum that the
  12. Yeah, I was going to suggest a shoe check as well. Was it the impact that was bothering you? Or did it feel like it took more effort? We've been assuming the first, but it occurred to me that the second is a possibility, too. We did our run yesterday on packed snow, but I'm used to pavement/cement (my marathon-running friend tells me that cement/concrete sidewalks are about the worst thing to run on for impact- blacktop is preferable). I know I went slower on the snow that I do on dry sidewalk, because the ground was more uneven and more slippery. Is it possible you were exerting yourself
  13. :blush: Thanks! Friday's lunch was delicious leftover salmon and bulgur...yum! So A for lunch for the week (I personally cooked my own lunch 4/5 days, although only 2/3 days I was in the office). C for running, thanks to the snow, although I'm tempted to bump it to a C+ since we went out this afternoon and knocked out a run on top of four inches of uncleared snow that fell yesterday (Dear Snow: Nobody likes a showoff. You've made your point.). Since we started on a Monday, Sunday is still part of last week, right? Oh well. The good news is that we ran today, and I'm making enough Super Bo
  14. I've been mulling this over, but my FAVORITE veggie dish right now is a roasted broccoli that's almost exactly like your recipe! Btw, if you like spice, I'd suggest adding just a little crushed red pepper...
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