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  1. Ok, Tuesday 9/24 in Plant City, FLorida Total: 38,325# Bench 20*45,135,4*20*155,5*205,225,3*245,265,275 Leg extensions 20*80,90,2*20*100 Leg curl 12*80,3*20*70 Rev flyes 10*75,90,105,120,135
  2. I was quite frankly surprised at some of the totals. I had not really calculated them for 6 months. Very happy to see I'm still in the grove. How are you? where are you? (links to posts to answer questions are of course fine). I was in Dallas a couple months ago and saw our friend/host Mr Meek.
  3. From Friday 9/20 Total: 27,200# Hack squat 10*45,135,225,315,405,5*495 bench 20*45,135,10*225,245c,4*5*245c,1*275 The "c" is with chains.
  4. Rushing right along. I got a workout in on Friday, then my workout over the weekend was mixing up over 2000# of cement mix by hand, pouring and finishing it. Back on the workout trail tonight.
  5. Good luck. Are you in the military or a civilian auxiliary or whatever the correct term is?
  6. Be a long wait as I have no plans to go international at the moment...though I do want to visit England while I still can.
  7. Somewhere in the middle of Florida, then a second workout in Fort Myers Total: 52,645# Over head press 10*135,3*5*135 Pin squats 5*45,135,225,2*275 Row 10*45,3*10*135 Reverse grip pushdown 20*70,90,110 Leg extensions 20*70,100,130 Leg curl 20*70,100,130 Tricep pushdown 10*110,150,5*170,200 Seated cable row 10*150,5*210,1*5*250 Squat 10*45,135,5*225,4*2*315 Cable row 20*40,90,10*140,4*10*200 Bit excessive again, but why not? Dental appointment, a bunch of phone calls and about 200 miles of driving. Sounds like a good excuse to workout twice to me...
  8. Took a little break. The Lupron shot usually knocks me back for a day or two. It's a fairly large shot (22.5 ml) and I've always gotten in my butt. Did the arm this time...big mistake. I couldn't even do a pushup for about a day. Ice and ibuprofen and now I can move my arm again (it's still swollen and sore, but less so)
  9. Just tagging the thread (and congratulations on the nuptials and house and commiseration on the dad situation)
  10. welcome back from a fellow wanderer...
  11. Ok, the second half of today's workout was a bit excessive....but that's what happens when I have hours to kill before a late Friday flight home. I was in Florida today specifically for a followup with my urologist about the prostate cancer. My markers are not where we want them (something appears to be still roaming around my body but we can't find it). Markers are not high enough to justify another round of scans, etc. (PSA is at 1, it should have gone to 0). I got my next 3 months of testosterone suppression which he says I'm handling very well. He attributes that to my conditioning. I attribute it to my conditioning, prayer/faith and medical marijuana (and he knows that). I'm thinking about trying another alternative treatment.
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