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  1. wildross

    Bigm is still here

    You still work for the big chip making company?
  2. wildross

    Wildross: lets see if I can do this again

    Thanks! Doesn't feel like nothing.
  3. wildross

    Wildross: lets see if I can do this again

    A snowy Monday morning in northern Ohio. After I narrowly missed falling on my butt outside the door...I made it to the gym Total: 22,000# Bench 20*45,135,15*185,10*225,3*5*275 Kroc row 20*80,90,2*20*100 Goblet squat 5*80,90,2*5*100
  4. wildross

    Bigm is still here

    Unclear. Depends which part of the barn we use Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. wildross

    Wildross: lets see if I can do this again

    And a video from last week https://www.instagram.com/p/BtYm2QIgwf8/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. wildross

    Wildross: lets see if I can do this again

    Today's workout 2/16/2019 - South Orlando, FL Overhead press 20*45,10*135,5*155,165,3*5*175 Front squat 10*45,135,5*205,225,2*275,1*325 Landmine row 10*10,55,100,3*5*145 Face pull 10*40,60,3*5*100 Total: 19,850#
  7. wildross

    Wildross: lets see if I can do this again

    So today was my 5th hormone killing shot. I celebrated by going to the gym and over head pressing 185# and front squatting 325#. Had to go to 2 gyms, since the first one did not have a squat rack. For newbies, I travel almost 100% of the time. I use whatever Anytime Fitness I'm near, or a hotel gym for my workouts. I've been doing this for over 6 years now. This has the effect of making my workouts very nonlinear (ie, I often don't know what equipment I'll have and I dont know the patterns of usage..ie when it's busy). I often have to adapt my workouts on the fly because I either don't have the equipment I want or someone is using it (and I refuse to do nothing while waiting).
  8. wildross

    JustCallMeAmber's unnamed challenge

    Do you see the photo of the cuneiform Egyptian tablet with a paw print in it? And one from Greece too I think. Cats have been messing with us as long as dogs have been helping us.
  9. so it's been a couple years since I was around much. My interest in the forum just drifted away. I'll see if it has come back. For those who don't know me... I'm wildross, one of the "oldies". I'm a farm boy from central Ohio who married young, had 5 kids, discovered technology and now works for Red Hat as an sales engineer. We've lived in central Florida since 2012, but moved back to Youngstown, OH to be near the kids last April. I still work in Florida (right now I'm on a plane from Orlando to Youngstown). I'm a cancer survivor (it's taken me 4 years to be able to write that). I'm currently on hormone suppression therapy for prostate cancer, so my testosterone is in the tank. Wife and I currently have 6 grand kids (5b1g) all of whom live in Ohio. We live next door to 3 of them. My goals for this challenge are to lift and log regularly. If we succeed at that, I'll do more next time. Edited to add: a bit of the back story
  10. wildross

    Bigm is still here

    the daughter we live next to has a large barn....we bought a play set for the kids around thanksgiving and put it inside to avoid the mud. Come spring, that goes outside and I think we start building a real gym...