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  1. Somewhere in the middle of Florida, then a second workout in Fort Myers

    Total: 52,645#

    Over head press 10*135,3*5*135
    Pin squats 5*45,135,225,2*275
    Row 10*45,3*10*135
    Reverse grip pushdown 20*70,90,110
    Leg extensions 20*70,100,130
    Leg curl 20*70,100,130
    Tricep pushdown 10*110,150,5*170,200
    Seated cable row 10*150,5*210,1*5*250
    Squat 10*45,135,5*225,4*2*315
    Cable row 20*40,90,10*140,4*10*200


    Bit excessive again, but why not?  Dental appointment, a bunch of phone calls and about 200 miles of driving.  Sounds like a good excuse to workout twice to me...

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  2. Ok, the second half of today's workout was a bit excessive....but that's what happens when I have hours to kill before a late Friday flight home.


    I was in Florida today specifically for a followup with my urologist about the prostate cancer.  My markers are not where we want them (something appears to be still roaming around my body but we can't find it).  Markers are not high enough to justify another round of scans, etc.  (PSA is at 1, it should have gone to 0).  I got my next 3 months of testosterone suppression which he says I'm handling very well.  He attributes that to my conditioning.  I attribute it to my conditioning, prayer/faith and medical marijuana (and he knows that).   I'm thinking about trying another alternative treatment.



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  3. 2 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Following and confirming thou art indeed an OG NF Member. From my admin CP I see 2857 pages of all the users who have ever registered for Nerd Fitness, with the oldest members on the last page. Your username is on page 2825 of 2857.

    Wow.  I have a Slashdot member number below 10,000 too.  I actually remember "the Slashdot effect".

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  4. 1 hour ago, Grumble said:

    Man, I need to sit next to you on my next international flight. Sooth me right to sleep.

    Yeah, I'm with you on that one....never had a seat mate like that.  Not even my wife!!


    Anyway, I deadlifted once then got on a 5 hour flight...my legs cramped after about an hour and I couldn't get up to move...3+ hours of agony.

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  5. Workout in Ocoee, FL, Thursday night

    9/12/19 r
    Squat 10*45,135,5*225,3*7*225,1*10*225,3*275
    Walk outs 15 sec 365,415,455
    Renegade row 10*35,40,45,3*6*50

    Total: 22,796#


    Workout in Kissimmee, FL, Friday morning

    9/13/2019 f
    Bench 20*45,135,3*10*225
    Goblet squat 10*50,70,5*90
    Kroc row 20*50,70,10*90,10*110




    Sumo deadlift 10*45,135,5*225,1*315
    Pendlay row 3*5*135
    Landmine presses 20*70,3*20*95
    2 minutes 470m rower
    Fly machine 10*80,20*110,150,10*200,1*10*240
    Total for the day...47,156#


    I'll do another workout this afternoon before I get on the plane.  Probably break my "don't deadlift before you get on a plane" rule.


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  6. Just now, wildross said:

    You could also have someone else load the bar progressively with small weights and not tell you what is on it.  But you need someone you trust.

    I Watched spezzi go through this with 100kg squat I think.  Took her a good while to get past the “weight that hurt me”. @spezzi might have ideas as well.


  7. On 9/6/2019 at 4:30 PM, Harriet said:

    The walkouts sound good and I might try them, too. The only thing I would add is that sometimes failing a few times can actually make you more relaxed. I was having regular psych-outs with my deadlifts and was afraid of the weight being too heavy, and some of the nerds asked "why, what happens when you fail the weight?" and I realised I'd never failed a deadlift. So I lifted to true failure a few times and--surprise--nothing bad happens. You put it back down. It goes "clink". For squat, maybe just test a couple of times what it feels like to descend, start your ascent, then change your mind and lower the barbell back onto the safeties. Hopefully you will then have a more physically grounded knowledge/feeling that you are safe to attempt a heavy weight.

    You could also have someone else load the bar progressively with small weights and not tell you what is on it.  But you need someone you trust.

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  8. So what have I been up to?

    1) Still work for Red Hat, still travel a lot

    2) April of 2018 we moved from Florida back to Ohio to be closer to family (we live right next door to one of our kids..and 3 soon to be 4 grandsons)

    3) Helping my wife go through kidney cancer surgery last year (all good now)

    4) Continuing to be treated for prostate cancer (yucky hormone suppressors)

    5) This summer, I won a trip to Mexico with Red Hat.  On the last day, my wife fell and shattered her shoulder.  Emergency  Surgery in Mexico and a medical evacuation home (ie a Lear Jet), then 2 months of attempted recovery before a shoulder replacement surgery in late August.  

    6) Built a home gym...get to it less than the gym that is 30 minutes away....because of number 5.


    I’ve traveled and worked out less this summer than I have in 7 years.


    i’ve managed to lose about 20 lbs..I’m headed for the 240’s from the 270’s.


    more on plans in next post.

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