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  1. My eyes are wobbling. And you gotta have this..
  2. Well, I'm registered for the USAPL Raw Nationals in October. The good news is that I only have 1 competitor. The bad news is he is a beast. Richard Wilcox 1967 50 NC M-120 MR-M2 Good 770 Raw Nationals 2016 10/13/2016 James Wildman 1959 57 FL M-120 MR-M2 Good 602.5 35th Annual Florida State Championships 3/26/2017
  3. Congrats for sure. The Anytime Fitness closest to my house has started adding more strongmanish things. A fake tire (really a doughnut..only 135#..I can flip it with one hand), chains, trap bar and this week...a prowler sled thing....will try that soon.
  4. Well that lady sure messed up plans. More details later. Ok, time to update this thing. Since we are in the center of the state and on the highest ridge in the pennisula and in a new build designed for 150MPH sustained winds. We stayed put. Got some water in through one of the east facing roof vents, which will lead to some new ceilings, but other than that we did fine. about 2 1/2 days on generator power. Things I need: my own generator and at least 1 portable AC unit and some more gas cans (looks at map for Maria). Winds in the area topped out about 95 MPH. I lost over a week of training what with prepping, etc. Roster for the nationals were released, and it looks like I'm going to be either 1st in my division (if he doesn't show) or 2nd (if he does). Hard to believe there are only 2 of us in the entire country. (see the comment below for details). My right shoulder is still sore, but getting better. Haven't gone over 225# on the bench in 6 weeks. MRI Monday morning to see if I really hurt it or not. Cancer we're still in a holding pattern on (PET scan tomorrow). My PSA has crept up, but we can't anything anywhere...oh well. I'm ramping up my weights this month. Looks like I'm really going to be concentrating on squat and deadlift this cycle because of the shoulder thing. Travel continues to be crazy with a trip to Ohio and a long trip to south Florida (maybe) already on the books. should keep me busy. Oh yeah, videos from Sunday night/Monday morning Our front door/porch faces west and the wind was from the east. I stepped out of onto the front porch for this one. Winds probably around 70MPH. The stop sign ended up twisted about 90 degrees https://photos.app.goo.gl/6gtVnEKgGgx678v53 This is looking due west from the porch. To my amazement, none of the 75' tall pine trees on the top of the hill went down. Couple of big limbs fell of course. Older areas (10+ years old) were hit much harder with limbs down and shingles off. A couple sections of that white fence disappeared. Wood and vinyl fences in general did not fair well. Surprisingly to me, the screen "bird cages" over the pools held up very well. The only ones I saw badly damaged had limbs on them. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4g1WR9Rpqv3kukFT2
  5. Been busily traveling, working and lifting. Had an MRI on my prostate this week. Everything is still clear, despite the rising PSA. PET scan for looking at soft tissue is next. Totals this week Monday 8/28 21,335# Wednesday 8/30 17,588# Thursday 8/31 21,560 Friday 9/1 28,600 Hitting the legs and accessories hard because my right should still has a catch in it. Should be getting an MRI on that soon as well.
  6. And the humor. Guy has a pretty dry sense of the funnies (watch Commando). For all his accolades, doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.
  7. she's down 30+#...not all of that Keto related.
  8. Tuesday evening workout in Coventry, RI Total: 23,870# Deadlift 10x135,225,2x6x315 Squat 10x45,135,225,315,7x315,2x2x365 Deficit deadlift 2x10x135 Front squat 10x45,135,5x225
  9. All the time... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. This week is Portsmouth, NH (Boston) tonight and tomorrow, Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, Orlando and Tampa on Thursday and home on Friday....
  11. Monday morning Total: 26,880# Kroc row 20x70,80,90,3x20x100 Overhead extension 10x70,80,90,3x10x100 Goblet squat 10x70,80,90,3x10x100 Front squat 10x20kg,60,5x80 Overhead press 10x20kg,60 Wife has gotten on the keto bandwagon, so I'm starting to track much more closely as well.
  12. Week workout on Saturday...life. Total: 14,784# Over head press 10x20kg,60,6x80,3x6x90 Deadlift 10x70kg,120,2x5x160,2x160
  13. House ownership...is a growth experience.
  14. I thought I'd have trouble walking today, but it hasn't really effected me. The insides of my thighs are a bit sore. Thursday in Atlanta Total: 24,650# Arnold press 20x30,40,55,3x20x60 Bulgarian split squat 20x50 Lunge 2x10,3x10x50 Halo 20x25,2x20x45 Front raise 10x25,2x10x45 Bench press 20x45,135,4x10x225
  15. Because i can? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  16. Ok...back at it again. I worked out a bit on Monday and Tuesday, but not enough to write down. Wednesday night while wife was at choir practice... Total: 33,215# This was at the hotel in Jacksonville, FL in the morning. Curl press 20x15,20,25 Arnold press 10x15,20,25,30,35 Seated flies 20x15,20,25,30 At gym in Orlando at night Squat 10x45,135,225,2x10x315,5x315,3x365,1x385,405,415,415 Row 10x45,115,5x5x165 Landmine row 10x35, 70 Overhead press 10x45,135,155,2x5x175 Farmer hold 3x200x40 steps I've only squatted 315 10x once in my life. I did it twice last night. Was pretty pumped about that. It's been a huge mental block for me.
  17. 4, 40 step walks with 100# DB in each hand..I think I'm shorter now. When I was growing up on the farm, this was actually one of our "man tests". Grab a 100+# tractor suitcase weight in each hand and carry them across the barn lot. I started doing it when I was 15 or 16.
  18. No, cause I never do the total in the gym. It's always at home/at the computer. It usually hits me the next day....
  19. Kids are great motivators for all kinds of stuff. It's one of their main functions....force us to grow up.
  20. When I stop and look at it...it shocks me. And sometimes I say "Jim, this is why you are sore".
  21. Sometime in the 70's we bought a jigsaw of the earth rise over the moon. 1500 pieces I think, over 3/4 of which were...jet black. We eventually gave it to a neighbor who actually got it done. Something like this
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