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  1. Greetings all! SpecialSundae is coming from Scotland and is going to be competing at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in Richmond BC on 12/2/15. If you are free please go cheer her on! http://www.commonwealthpowerlifting.com/ After she sets all the records she will be in Seattle to see our city and meet some of the wonderful NF community here on Tuesday December 8th. Seems like a good excuse for another overdue meetup! So I'm posting this early to see if we can herd some cats and make this thing happen Date: Tuesday December 8th Time: TBD (Probably 5-8PMish) Location: TBD (
  2. We are moving and getting rid of almost everything we own (anyone collect comics by chance, btw?) over the next few weeks, so really not sure we have time to squeeze this in, but I'm going to try to get ahead on things and at least make an appearance. Also I wouldn't worry too much about bringing games, they have quite the library there to borrow for free. Grecoair: I might toss some PM's to people who expressed interest in this thread but haven't responded. It should give an alert to their e-mail so there is a better chance of them seeing this event and making it. Like you said, its chea
  3. Good to see all of the new Nerds in the area! I'm the new father that was mentioned earlier in the thread. It'll be a while before we have a social life again, but I do look forward to meeting you all down the line =) Just wanted to throw out that based on past experience the best way to actually make a meetup happen, is for someone to take the initiative to pick a date/time, make a reservation for it, and get the word out. If you guys wanted to do cafe mox someone should probably call and find out the first Sunday they have an open room, make the reservation, and report back. Gasworks pa
  4. Stumbled across a browser based 4X game recently and thought it might be a fun game to play with some other nerds. Found a few people in chat interested in checking it out, and thought I'd link it here too. I like it because things span out over the course of weeks and it shouldn't require super frequent logins to keep up. 1-2 times a day for like 10 minutes seems to be more than sufficient. So unlike other 4X games that consume my life at the expense of everything else this one should be pretty manageable =) Will likely be starting a new game later this week, but you are allowed to do 2
  5. I was just curious if there were any Deadman's Cross (ios/androind game) players here, or anyone interested in the game. I would much rather trade with people here than randoms in game, and have handful of 4-star cards I could trade to anyone who is new/struggling for cheap. Also, word of advice for newer players: Save your better Boosts (+30/+100) for your first 5-star card or to trade to get 4/5 star cards. I wasted a ton on my first 4-star and am very close to not even having it in my deck anymore. And after a certain point in the game you kind of stop getting these at any decent pac
  6. For anyone making this that hasn't contacted me the room is reserved under my name (Brandon) and i'll be checking this periodically as the afternoon rolls on
  7. Wow how time flies! How is this already less than a week away? Anyways, this is still on, but it seems like we've had a reduction in number of people coming. Part of me wants to cancel the venue and just host this at my place, but going to keep it for now. If anyone has any updates on whether they are still coming or not that'd be helpful. No need to stay the whole time either. Would really love to meet some of the nerds in the area I've not met yet, even if its brief =) Also, not sure what weather will be like, extended forecast looks ok, who'd be up for frisbee in the park or somethin
  8. Hello and welcome Carlee! Congrats on what you've accomplished so far, even with a setback. Which you didn't let stop you or get you down, so that's pretty awesome. There are lots of exercises you can do with dumbbells. Bench press, overhead press (I recommend standing though), squats, goblet squats, lunges, split squats, & rows are all great exercises. There are plenty of others as well, if there was a barbell exercise you wanted to do I'm sure someone here could find a pretty effective variant that you can do. As far as machines, I'd stay away from the smith machine for much aside
  9. Ok, looks like Saturday, February 22nd is the day. It appears someone has both rooms reserved from 7pm on, so for now I'll reserve from 1pm-6: whatever time they kick us out for the next group. I will update the first post with this info as well. So far in attendance we will have: Photobrandon + wife Crazymags + husband MeaganMaria Clawed_Bear Jonesy With at least 3 other maybes that responded in this thread. I'll reserve the Red room for now (up to 12 people) but if we get much more interest I'll grab the other room as well. If anyone above is bringing any additional peoples let me kno
  10. Oh they have shelves of games free for any customer to use. We'll be all set on that front =) Also a good place to visit if you just wanted to check out a new game. Sit down, order a hard cider, and pick a game off the shelves to play!
  11. Figured I might spam this here, to ping the people in the current thread. Figure new year approaching so a new thread might be in order =) http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/41003-seattle-meetup-2014/#entry811501
  12. Alright, the next Seattle Meetup will be on Saturday, February 22 at Cafe Mox (http://www.cafemox.com/) from 1pm - 6pm(ish) for board games, drinks and nerdy fun! We will have the Red Room reserved (and possibly both rooms if we get more interest). Any and all are welcome, our list of confirmed people is as follows: Confirmed: Photobrandon Crazymags + husband MeaganMaria Maybe: Jonesy TheKingofLame Bear/Brometheus List will be updated as any other people confirm they are coming. After 4 more I'll reserve the second room, so we have space in case of any surprise attendees or last minute
  13. Didn't get the job =(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Photobrandon


      Well, I was in no way qualified for the job, so was a longshot anyways. I'll find something better than the current job eventually!

    3. FalseAesop


      Keep on keeping on man. Better luck next time.

    4. CrazyMags


      You'll find something awesome I know it! :)

  14. If you are open to dairy, a gallon of whole milk is 2400 calories. So half a gallon a day + dinner would make up your deficit. I had the same problem as you do, and that has really been the only way I've been able to consistently get my calories in on my bulk (up about 22lbs so far this year). Also, a tbsp of olive oil is 120 calories, pretty easy to add it to your veggies or just down a spoonful here and there. And as mentioned, nuts are a good high calorie snack. Lots of ways you can sneak in extra calories.
  15. Gotten some awesome workouts in lately, despite being sick. Shoulders are recovering well too!

    1. Ba'sini'on


      That's so cool! Continue to kickass my friend!

    2. Jonesy


      YAY! Glad your shoulder is doing better!

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