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  1. I would submit that he already is and is in the process of discovery of that little piece of information
  2. You have NO IDEA how thrilling it was to read this. Whether you know it or not, you've worked wonders to help me approach fitness endeavors/body image from that perspective...and what do you know? I can now, for the first time since free weights began to interest me in 1992, actually use them properly without injury or fear of being shamed, and I'm getting stronger and stronger each time I do it. SO happy that you're getting there emotionally, too
  3. Flex! He DOES exist! (Typical that I'm slow on the uptick to discover your thread. *grumble* *mutter* ) As someone who was in and out of therapy most of the time from ages 9 (yup, 9...) to 23, all I can say is that I wish now that I'd been more 'in' and less 'out'. It does my heart good to know that it's helping you already so early on. Please also always remember that there are a LOT of people here who love you, who want you to truly KNOW that you deserve good things out of your life and who are always ready to talk with you whenever you'd like.
  4. <.< Wait; what????? >.> Flex, I know you've wanted to do something like this for a long time, and I'm overjoyed that it's happening Some of you reading this thread already know this, but for the benefit of those of you who don't, Flex has done quite a bit of work guiding me through the novice stages of weight training (which I am definitely still in), and he's done a tremendous job! He knows he's helped me, but he's helped me a great deal more than he knows. Quite obviously, attracting clients is the big challenge for him whether putting an ACE cert to work is an intended career change or a sideline hobby, but he will be outstanding with any clients he chooses to take on. Repeat business won't be a problem for him at all.
  5. Damn it, man. Don't leave us in suspense.
  6. >_> Flex, are you SURE the puking wasn't queasiness at the notion that there are other movements than bench? I mean, it can take a while for these notions to sink in. hehe.
  7. My, am I late to the party. Such happens when you have a million things swirling around you (and you have to spend most of your time gradually getting them to stop spinning). Completely missed this thread until way too recently. I have spoken with Flex Luthor at some length, as have several other people who've posted in or read this thread. He was certainly a beast for strength when he first arrived here and had added a very good amount of muscle mass to his body from his starting point. However, since he joined NF, he has added quite a bit more without blimping up with body fat, either...no mean feat for anyone with the experience level in training that he had when he joined. As someone in the very early stages of doing what he continues to do, he's a tremendous inspiration to me. It has also occurred to me that even if NF has 4:1 fat loss:muscle gain transformation stories profiled, it would still be a very valuable nod to the notion that not everyone's goals are the same. (...though I have had to lose more than 50 pounds of body fat to reach this point, with more still remaining, so some of us have a great desire to do both!)
  8. I didn't forget about this thread...but between a vacation, a job interview 850 miles away and going to Arlington National Cemetery for a funeral, I have been very, very busy for the last two weeks. Incorporated a rest break in there which I badly needed, but I got back into it this morning. Pool: 200 warmup 12x40 sprints; :30 rests I ran totally out of gas somewhere around #10. It'll take a little time to get back to where I was, but probably not long.
  9. *hugs!* After the Patriots won the Super Bowl in unlikely fashion, I couldn't go to sleep until about 3:30 in the morning. No caffeine, no booze -- just excited. Pool: 200 warmup 20x40 sprints; :30 rests
  10. Saturday: Foam rolling & core stuff Pushups: 13/13/11 Dr. Flex Luthor has scribbled another scrip for me on his note pad, and I'm glad to have it. I was shooting for 3x13 while watching technique much more carefully than I have been. Some of my reps recently haven't been the best. Anyway, I thought at first that I may have wussed out because I wasn't killed dead, but I think I needed to stop right where I did. My wrists are sore this morning. 13/13/12 is the target next time, which is Tuesday, and I think I'll get it. Squats -- 45 -- 5x5 They were still tough, but since I didn't drain myself as thoroughly with the pushups as I usually would, they didn't kill me dead. Neutral-grip chinups w/:10 top hold -- 1/Nose to hands/Stall partway up Leg press -- 285 -- 3x10 That's better. 295 next time.
  11. Foam rolling & core stuff Pushups -- 15/15/12 I think I'm either stalling now or am just about to stall. Felt great physically entering the gym this time...plenty of rest, food, water, etc. ...and almost failed in set 2 and couldn't get off the mat for a 13th rep in set 3. Squats -- 45 -- 5x5 Holy hell, is it HARD to keep the lumbar in any semblance of bracing. Depth was definitely limited, and I don't know how effective a job I did of keeping the lumbar area braced, but these certainly felt different from any other occasion that I've done the movement. My heart was racing after these and didn't really calm back down until I hit the shower. Neutral-grip chins w/:10 top hold -- 1/Halfway up/Quarter of the way up I knew these would be trouble after what had just gone on. Just kind of sucking it up for now. Leg press -- 285 -- 3x10 I once again almost failed a rep or two in set three, but at least I didn't have any trouble with uneven use of both legs. Still not quite smooth enough for me to bump up the weight again. One more day of 285 should do it.
  12. Oh, most definitely re: coaching. I know I could really use it. Unfortunately, I've been beset for the last several months by automotive issues that culminated in junking my old car two weeks ago and buying another one several days ago. The car issues have placed a severe drain on my cash flow to the point where I cannot pay for coaching for the time being. Interesting that you mentioned the d***-between-knees cue. I have encountered that before, but frankly, I didn't really understand what it meant. Your explanation of that is the most detailed one I've heard. Also, it was actually deadlifting poorly (with less than my bodyweight, alas) that screwed up my lower back to begin with. Squatting poorly made the injuries worse. I kind of placed deadlifts on the back burner until I'm more satisfied with where my squat is...but you're making me reconsider that notion. I have a lot to think about. Thanks again.
  13. This morning, I felt sluggish and weak. It showed in the gym. Foam rolling & core stuff Pushups: 15/14/12 This GREATLY disappointed me. Even though this is a notch below what I did Saturday, it was a total grind just to do this. I failed on rep 15 of set two and just barely ground out rep 12 of the last set. Squats a la jdanger -- 45 -- 5x5 They drained most of my remaining energy reserves. Just barely got through them without failing a rep. :10 descents are HARD. Neutral-grip chinups w/:10 top hold -- Chin to hands level/Stall halfway up/Stall 1/4 of the way up Well, I kinda expected this based on how things were going leading up to it. Leg press -- 285 -- 3x10 I wasn't sure I'd be able to rep these out based on everything else, but I did. Most of the reps went up pretty smoothly, too...not easily by any means, but smoothly. I didn't detect any favoring of my right leg. I'll see if I can do better Thursday with these before advancing.
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