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  1. I basically fell off the radar and now have 475 unread alerts. I am somewhat daunted.

  2. So wait, you're actually not going to tell us what's up with those pictures? Also, I'm mega behind on posting AND reading posts, and it's way passed my bed time, but I am super pumped for you that you get to have these experiences and I feel like it's only going to get more awesome for you. Will be travelling back to Shanghai soon, so I'll have an actual schedule again and thus, time to schedule my reading of posts into my day. Miss Canada already.
  3. Lift yourself! Do some BWW stuff (pushups, squats, side planks, etc) see if you can find a playground to do some upward rows? I think as long as you do SOMETHING that counts as a win. Because you're making time to make sure you get at least most of your goal achieved. Have fun!
  4. How cool! I'll totally check it out. Thanks for the link.
  5. I am so getting into weight lifting! Seriously feel you on that one.
  6. Muffin!!! What a cute dog. There are a lot of us around here who are going to 'get it' when you have an off parenting day. I mean, dang, that shit is hard. Kids are hard. Some days are good and some are bad. Vent all you want and if I can come up with anything even vaguely useful, I will share. No judgement, no offence! Liberator seems like she has her shit together on that front, so I would listen to her! Do you listen to podcasts? Nerd Parents is a favorite right now, might make you feel a bit more normal. It's helpful for me to hear about other people having similar challenges and know that at the very least we share the 'nerd' part. I commend anyone who ventures into doing math on purpose, so...you have me beat on that one. If I had a challenge to do one page of math a day I would burn out right quick. Or organize for that matter. I did some very useful online quiz about my 'organizational style' and it was like 'you need hooks because otherwise you'll throw everything on the floor'. Which is shockingly correct for an online quiz. I suck. I can tidy, I can deep clean, but I have an organizational deficiency. Also, I like your rug.
  7. My dad just saw it and he said he didn't like it. He also said the last Batman movie 'lacked depth of character.' I'm going with your pov on it. How many push ups are you supposed to do? p.s. If that was your van, I would have walked home.
  8. Today I was told that I have to increase my weights that I'm using. This is like...I don't even know. What? What??? I'm absurdly excited by this. When I started I just figured it would be a fun thing to do for a month, but I might be truly addicted? Is that OK? Right now (just for the record) Dead lift squats with 25 lbs DB/50 bar > next time will up to 30 kettle bell swings 16 kilos/35 lbs (up from 30lbs) chest presses 15 lbs (that was hard, did not care for that) um...? I forget what else I did today. I think I just have to add a little more and see what happens. And my shoulder is working itself out with some help from physio, yay! Handstands will come next, I mean...eventually. Man arrives in an hour...nerves, nerves.
  9. Thanks, I'm pretty nervous. It seems dumb to be nervous about seeing someone I generally live with, and have for over four year, and have a child with...but there it is. Kettle bells...if only they rang as some kind of positive affirmation as you use them.
  10. Dude, it's fully amazing how fast you can up the weight when you first start. I've only done a few weeks of actual weight training (normally I'm a yoga kind of person) but once you start with the weights and BWW it's pretty awesome. I'm super proud of you for your progress! That's amazing, seriously. Does soda water count? I love me some soda water with a splash of lemon/lime. The fun of fizz without the guilt. Also, welcome!
  11. Blendspace is less of a presentation in the same way Prezi is, and more of a way of organizing material into a logical sequence for students to follow. Also, they can link it to Edmodo and then you can assign tests/quizzes on material covered in Blendspace lessons on Edmodo and do all the grading there. This is one I did for grade 10 history. It's pretty basic, but you can see how it functions: https://www.blendspace.com/lessons/dt-w5KXi-suEcg/edit I trialled it a bit last year with some classes and it seemed to work really well. The students love always being able to access the material without needing textbooks, and it's easy for me to modify/add material. If your Prezis are public you can just pm me your username and I can search. No poo? None? And Anthony Morroco is a hair shaman? I am really trying to keep an open mind on this one! Tell me how it turns out. OK, wait. I just watched a video. I might be a convert. Setting without heat? Shut. up.
  12. Look at me, checking back twice in the same hour. http://jumpmath.org/cms/
  13. Liberator has the BEST links! How interesting! I'm totally doing this inventory now. I did the M/B personality test a while ago and I'm ESTP. I've never heard of Potatoes not Prozac, but it sounds interesting. I've known prozac to be very helpful for some people, but also pretty damaging for others. So I guess it just depends on how you react to it. Maaaaath. Good for you. There is a lot of really really interesting work done by these people who run the JUMP program. It's for kids, but I think that it's such an amazing program. Anywho, Um...according to the love chart above, for ESTP the statement is "You know you love me". I sincerely have no idea how to respond to that.
  14. Hey! I'm behiiiind in reading threads... Can I see your Prezi's when you're done? I've find making them to be mind numbing, but my students loooove doing it. I guess if they can spend a zillion hours in Minecraft then 3 or 4 hours on Prezi works. Have you ever used Blendspace? I'm really getting into it this year. We're going 1 to 1 on ipads in several grades, so I think I am going to try getting more and more students used to it. We don't have enough resources in English (all texbooks are French) so I'm constantly chopping down forests of photocopies. How's the workouts? Hows the hair? Steely Dan! Fun!!!
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