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  1. From what I noticed personally, you will generally see very good results in the early stages if you haven't had a proper fitness regime in place before. This will naturally plateau off once you get used to it and some may find it discouraging that they don't see phenomenal results anymore. The trick is to constantly up the game so that you will still feel challenged (and don't worry, NS will challenge you)((yes, I am Singaporean))(((and yes, I did do a triple bracketing here))).
  2. I've been working out for about 2 weeks or so now and I realize my left arm is bigger than my right. Being a right-hander, my guess is that the left arm is exerting more effort (and thus growing faster). It may also be due to technique, I'm not sure. My routine is as follows: 20 x Squats 10 x Push-ups 20 x Lunges 10 x Bench Press 30s Plank 10 x Lat Pulldown How do I correct this? (and correct my routine too, if that's also faulty)
  3. Ok, so I went for the MRI.. and my anterior cruciate ligament is torn, a very common injury amongst soccer players. This kinda limits my activites until I get an operation to fix it. (I tried soccer, like a stupidly stubborn rebel.. and yea, not a good idea). Been doing Steve's basic body weight workout thing however, it's working very fine. Think I will progress to adding some weights soon.. my cat objects to being picked up like a common dumbbell..
  4. Ok, here's the skinny on my knee. I fell awkwardly and twisted it. Iced the thing for the 1st day and the following week, I went to a Chinese physician to set the knee right. He told me to go easy on the physical activities for a while.. which leads me to now. I'm itching to go really. All these stepping around gingerly doesn't mesh well with me, but I do recognise that I'm not experienced enough to know when exactly I am ready for normal load of strain, this being my 1st (un-minor) injury.
  5. Ahh ok.. that makes sense. Will keep that in mind, thanks..
  6. Ok, I may be slightly exaggerating on only being able to lift a cat there. I can do normal pull-ups and push-ups, but the suggestions are sound and I thank you for it. @jacoblee: I didn't know about that.. the whole working to heal thing. Always was under the impression that I should relax that part of the body as much as possible. Of course, this being the knee, it is practically impossible to allow it to be fully rested.
  7. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the forums (and site in general) but I figured you guys should be able to help a brother out. I injured my knee recently playing soccer (despite being the ONLY one who actually warmed up) and I can't bend it properly.. something to do with the joint muscles there, nothing torn though. I still want to train up my upper body. I was fit once, like 4 years ago, and now, I can barely lift a cat. Question is, what kind of specific exercises should I do without aggravating the injury?
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