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  1. Thanks! blk, it is! I love that it is not your run of the mill 5k, which is what I do around 30 mins, and that it fits more with my mentality (smaller, more intensive workouts) Hammlin, I actually never got to that - both times the hypothermia kicked in when I was halfway through. Maybe next year i'll buy a wetsuit. And I have no idea what that is, sorry :S
  2. Erm, hi! I feel like I need to reintroduce myself, since I joined like two years ago and then did nothing. I'm Alan, I'm in Boulder, trying to get my PhD in Chemical Engineering at CU-Boulder, and I've been on and off exercise my whole life, but definitely improving since I moved to Boulder. I've done the Colorado Military Sprint Spartan Race twice, and both times I've not finished due to hypothermia. Fun times! I'm currently following reddit's beginner bodyweight routine: pushups (ring pushups), rows (wide on rings), pullups (archer started this week), dips (rings), and instead of leg
  3. Hi! My name is Alan, and I'm currently looking for someone to train with me to get a handstand done for more than one second! I was wondering if there's anyone nearby that would like to train with me/coach me if they already dominate the handstand? I spend most of my time near Scott Carpenter Park (I work at CU Boulder) so we could meet there? I can always sneak out of work for good thirty minutes if needed be. Thanks!
  4. I have the Cuisinart, seven cups, classic model. I snagged it on sale at Macy's, and since I joined their credit card that same day I ended up paying around sixty five bucks. Pretty good, has done everything I asked him to, even almond butter! So it's an option. But then again, it's just me, myself and I with my cooking.
  5. I'm about to begin a Bachelor in Mathematics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  6. Morning workout: Ten minutes of active flexibility, including shoulder rotations, ankle rotations, twists, etc. I felt so stiff I wanted to cry after ten minutes when usually I'm the most flexible guy around. 2x10 pull ups. Again, stiff. 2x30 sec planche 2x15 sec hollow 2x15 sec arch 1x5 pistol (each leg) 1x15 sec full body stretch (convict conditioning full stretch, the one with al kavadlo pictures) So, I finally go back to working out, aftewr a hectic week of moving. I definitely feel super stiff, and relatively tired. I definitely need topick up some slack after a month of not doing anyth
  7. Also sunny side ups will be firmer, since the white won't spread all over the place
  8. alan713ch


    The best thing to do would be to cut it out for a month, and then reintroduce it, to see if you are intolerant or something. I did and realized that while not intolerant, I'm definitely sensitive so I reduced my consumption. Also, try to make sure it is either raw or vat-pasteurized and non-homogenized (that is, the less treatments it has, the better). For cheese, again it depends on your tolerance and the source. Most commercial cheeses have cornstarch added to prevent clumping if shredded, so those are a no. Farm cheeses are usually ok. =D
  9. Wow, and I thought I was scrawny at 140 lbs. Milk is your friend, in TOP of everything else. Your meat, your veggies. Try to eat coconut oil by the spoonful, one or two a day. And keep exercising. =D
  10. I workout while in a fast, but after that I either have breakfast or I begin my eating period. I am thinking of getting Mark Sisson's Primal Formula
  11. Enjoy this once, and move on. It's a lifestyle, not a fad diet.
  12. Frittatta. Just chop veggies, fry them in a cast iron pan, add beaten eggs and broil. AWESOME.
  13. Since the moving procedure is still going on I haven't had time to do anything, not even japanese (I do want to keep my job). Hopefully today or tomorrow I can catch up!
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