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  1. Great job! You're pushing through your obstacles and any slip-ups without letting them bog you down, that's awesome! Even more awesome that you've quit smoking!! It's a rough road but totally worth it...it's been a couple years for me now, and wow, can I ever taste and smell so much better now! I love my crockpot too!! It's great to make breakfast and put stuff in the crockpot for dinner at the same time...mess up the kitchen once, eat twice and have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Super win!! Check out some yummies here: http://yourlighterside.com/low-carb-crock-pot-recipes I love this gir
  2. Hi!! Welcome back!! Your diet and exercise ideas sound like a great start! I have read all over the place that you should not take weight training advice from a novice, so I'm not even going to attempt to give you any..LOL! I know what works for ME, but that may be the ass-opposite of what will work for you! I will tell you this, though, I also lift 3 days a week, and it really is only about 20 minutes of lifting, followed by 10-15 minutes of stretching, and it is definitely making a difference!! I have lost weight, lost inches around my waist, and gained muscle and strength. It really doesn
  3. Holy cow, have I really not been here in 11 days?? Guess I'm technically out of the challenge then...oops...that's OK, I'm not here for prizes anyway, the prize is a healthier me, and I already decided I will treat myself to an NF shirt once I decide that I will look good in it! Burpees before yoga...I like that idea! I might just steal that, thank you very much! Here are the yummy cookies... http://yourlighterside.com/low-carb-iced-pumpkin-cookies Only I used xylitol, as it's the only sweetener that doesn't taste like chemical crap to me...I HATE artificial sweeteners, but xylitol I coul
  4. Quick update: Very busy weekend, not much time to post and such, but have kept making time to workout, actually fit in more sprints than I thought I would, and then almost forgot to log them! I had them jotted down on paper, woke up at 4 this morning & remembered, and got them all logged in under the wire! LOL...then I went back to bed... This week is going to be busy and hectic, lots of things going on, so I will do tomorrow's workout tonight, and today's workout tomorrow morning, as I prefer to do my lifting in the morning and we've been meeting with people all morning. We have stuff goi
  5. Definitely try them, so crunchy and tasty! (We put snow peas in our turkey sandwiches the other day...surprisingly good!!) I think we both did pretty darn good with the burpees, considering! Are you still doing them? I'm actually enjoying them, especially now that they're not killing me! LOL
  6. Update time! Well, the burpee challenge was definitely interesting, I would have NEVER thought I would do 71 of those things in a couple of days! My shoulder is still a bit tender from whatever crunched at the end there, but by today it wasn't really affecting anything, so that's good. I am adding burpees to my monday workout, and may just do them randomly throughout the week too. The latest challenge is great for me, I JUST added intervals to my schedule last week, so I'm ready for it! At the moment, I just ate, so I'll do some sprints a little later in the evening. I'm really pleased with ho
  7. Thank you and yeah, if they ran a shelter or something that would be another story! But nope...12 ct x one dog = uh...12 ct. LOL! So...you have time...you're gonna rock that bikini! Do some of these darn burpees...holy crap, I did 71 in the last 2 days and I can feel it from my shoulders to my knees!! I'm definitely going to add them into my workouts, they'll scare the fat off ya!! I've been pretty steadily losing a half pound to a pound a week, and I know I could lose more if I could stay away from the carbs, but I LOVE them! I made a menu plan where I only eat carbs on my workout days, and
  8. Haha, I know how you feel! I did not expect to be able to do more than one or two at a time, but I was doing 5 pretty good yesterday! So today I upped it to 7 at a time, did that twice, then when I went to do it thrice, I got a few in & my shoulder made a lovely crunching noise and decided it wants no more of this! So yeah...I'm done...for this challenge anyway. I WILL burpee again though!! Yeah! It's only 2! I didn't do it intentionally, but I finished with 71...which is the year I was born! A good number.
  9. It IS great! I love a place where nobody's whining!! Well now you've put it in my head, I HAVE to do it tomorrow! I'll give you 5 before i go to bed though, for good measure! Sweet!! Well done!!
  10. Yuck no! Don't do them there!! blech...I'll be out & about for a good part of the day, but I'll try & match you!
  11. Metal Tes

    Make It So!

    We have had one or two chilly evenings, but it hasn't really set in yet...doesn't matter, I will drink hot coffee or tea in the middle of summer, 110 degrees, sitting in the sun...but then I'm a little weird like that. Your wild sweet orange does sound pretty darn tasty though!
  12. Me too, I've learned a ton from just reading around here! I never thought anyone would learn something about lifting from me though, cool! Even a newbie has good ideas I guess, yay me! LOL! Seriously, I don't have a barbell either but I wanted to do deadlifts, so I just DID...then when you go to log it in Fitocracy you find out there's a bunch of different variations of them with dumbbells too! Who knew?! Lifting went well today, and I tacked on 25 more burpees too! I see you're right behind me...we've been pretty even, maybe we should both try to hit 100 before this thing is over!
  13. Metal Tes

    Make It So!

    Well that sounds a little more do-able! Still kind of intriguing to me though. It was my inner Picard that inclined me to come & read your thread in the first place, by the way...and with that I shall bid you goodnight, with a cup of tea...earl grey...hot.
  14. So...I kicked my ass pretty good today...first day of intervals, I think I need something like that once a week, so saturday is the day! Then I followed it up with my sets of rows, bench presses & pushups...only there seems to be a challenge going on, do I did as many burpees as I could instead of the pushups! Then when I was done I knocked out as many more pushups as I could manage...I think I did a whole 3, then did the rest inverted Tomorrow is fun day...then monday I lift the heavy stuff! RAWR...it's funny cuz right now for me, 30 pounds is the heaviest of the heavy stuff..LOL! One d
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