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  1. Welcome to Part II. This will be a shorter post than the last one I promise, and all subsequent log posts should be shorter as well. Why am I here? - What NF can do for me I have some experience with NF, so I am aware of just how much is available for me here. The Six-Weel Challenges are not an option for me at this point for several reasons: -I am a student, so my priority is school, and I may not be able to achieve my goals as the semester progresses and my workload increases. -I am at a point where I have to build good habits and a good foundation from the ground up. Adding a Challenge would be too much for me. -They haven't worked for me in the past. Emphasis on the For Me... -I don't want to have too many goals at once, espeically now that my focusing and organizational skills are even worse than they were. So I will be using NF for two major reasons: Information/Resources and Accountability. I need to be held accountable, and I need to keep track of my progress. I will be keeping track of some things via my Board, which will be brought out of retirement and updated. But I think if I do it in more than one place, it'll reinforce these behaviours until they become habit. And it'll force me to stop procrastinating; heck I said I would post this about a week ago... I'll be looking for feedback and advice as well, and will be posting in other parts of the forum in order to determine what my goals will be and how to achieve them realistically. So you'll hear from me in a few places. Anyways, I guess that's it for now. In the near-future expect a post on my goals, and how I plan on achieving them. Thanks for putting up with the wall of text, DylanAilDon
  2. Hi there, So I'll use my first post as an introduction and background: who I am, what's been going on during my hiatus from NF, why I'm back, etc. Who Am I? - A Brief Introduction I'm DylanAilDon, a Canadian university student and sort-of-nerd who dabbles in quite a few interests and hobbies. A jack of all trades, master of none sort of deal. I'm a bit of a film geek, and my collection ranges from film classics to the creme-de-la-crap of movies, from cult classics to movies most people haven't heard of. Some favorites include the works of Tim Burton, Mel Brooks, Quentin Tarantino, Studio Ghibli, Disney/Pixar, and Cirque du Soleil. TV on the other hand, I don't watch as often. Although I have DVDs for some series, such as Firefly and The Addams Family. I also really enjoy retro animation, and have just recently discovered Doctor Who. I am an avid reader, and I prefer classic (in both classic=older and classic=must-read senses) literature and fantasy fiction. Some of my favorites include the works of Terry Pratchett, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare, as well as classics such as Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dracula, 1984, and 1001 Nights. As for comics, I mostly dabble only in graphic novels, with the works of Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Ralph Miller being the ones I've read most. I also read a few webcomics, pretty much just Order of the Stick, Questionable Content and Girl Genius. I'm a casual gamer, and I only own Nintendo Consoles, however that being said a goal of mine is to own most, if not all, games in the Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Super Smash Bros and Banjo Kazooie series from SNES till the Wii. I'm well on my way, as I have all the Zelda, Kirby and Donkey Kong games I'm looking for. I also listen to quite a bit of music, from almost every genre available except for gangster rap and some of the heavier metals. As for fitness, this is my fifth year playing Water Polo, and I'm thinking of adding Rugby to my repertoire. Otherwise I've been known to go for runs, swim or do strength training. None at the moment, however... What happened? So, I took a hiatus from NF in order to focus on school. This was due to the fact that I'm in my fifth year of a four-year degree due to having failed a course in the summer ofmy third year that was a major prerequisite for half of my fourth-year courses. Anyways, this was a major specialty practice course, and I wanted to make sure I didn't have too much on my plate. Well it was around Thanksgiving apparently that a noticeable change occurred. I knew there was always an adjustment period for me between departments, having to learn new equipment and procedures, as well as adjusting to the flow in a new area. But apparently things got worse. Soon I found myself struggling, although some of these struggles, such as with confidence, initiative and a poor self-attitude, had been present from the beginning. Then the focus and prioritizing/organizational issues started, and it became difficult for me to function well in that setting. The pressure of assessments/evaluations on procedures made it even more difficult, as I needed a certain number of them to be completed in order to pass, and I had to catch up. That and homework on top of that. Essentially by the end of the semester, I was burnt-out and exhausted. I didn't make meals, usually relying on Subway or pre-cooked meals for lunch, and often ate junk or simple meals for dinner. I had no social life, didn't exercise, didn't clean the apartment, didn't eat well and was in a very poor emotional state. It got to the point where I was told to seek professional help... In the end, I failed the course. So now I literally have to rebuild all of these good habits from the ground up. I'm seeing a psychologist, as well as a counsellor I've been working with for the past few years. I'll also be working with my teachers, a career counsellor and some other professionals in order to sort things out and deal with my issues: some of which The good thing is that I now have a lot more time on my hands; in order to make up for that course, I've had to register for four different courses, two of which are online. I now have two days a week of classes, the other days will mostly be dedicated to getting my act together, doing homework and hopefully getting a job. Wow I lost track of how much I was typing, I'm gonna split this post in half... See you in Part II !
  3. I most likely won't be taking part in the challenges, but that's because they haven't worked for me personally in the past: Maybe it's that it's hard to balance several goals at once, maybe I set myself up for failure with difficult goals, or maybe I just fell off the wagon too many times. But either way, I don't think it would be in my best interest to start a challenge without building a new foundation first. Also, this is oddly appropriate for my situation: http://xkcd.com/1154/ It's from the same webcomic I picked up that quote in my last post from.
  4. Well, Hi... I've previously been known for storytelling in posts, but I'm getting right to the heart of it. I'll just include a not particularly brief, slightly out of context quote to explain exactly why I'm here... "You look like you're going to spend your life having one epiphany after another, always thinking you've finally figured out what's holding you back and how you can finally be productive and creative and turn your life around. But nothing will ever change. That cycle of mediocrity isn't due to some obstacle. It's who you are. The thing standing in the way of your dreams is that the person having them is you." (XKCD 1027) I've been on NF for a while, but have been on hiatus for some time now. Previously I never really achieved anything long-lasting, fell off the wagon a few too many times, and generally felt like a failure. Combine that with major personal issues leading to me losing even basic good habits and routines. The result is me being in at the lowest I've been in quite some time. I know I need to start over, and it won't be easy; I need to start over and build new foundations. I'm going to use these forums as a resource and to keep me accountable via the Daily Battle Logs; you'll see me there shortly. I'm tired of being stuck in this rut, and the last thing I want is to be stuck in a vicious cycle of ups and downs for the rest of my life. So I need to build a foundation, re-evaluate my situation and find out what isn't working, finding out what does and doing it.
  5. So... We meet again... Consistency is an excellent goal. And from what I've read, you've been keeping great logs. As long as you can keep consistent and focus on being better than who you were before the challenge started, you'll do great! Keep it up!
  6. Nice goals lightseeker! Good on you for getting yourself involved with so many fitness classes. The variety should keep things interesting, and in the end it'll make you all the more versatile. The clean eating goal is nice, and I'm working on my own transition towards cleaner eating. As for the Paleo, well let's say I'm curious and want to hear how it turns out. Keep up the updates! Sleep... It's not an official goal, but I want to improve my sleep habits. However having a social life that is mostly centered around evening/night activities and being a part of a sports team that practice 4 nights a week doesn't help. I'm a little jealous of this goal, especially as I tend to only be in bed by 11:45-ish and never sleep the full night. But I won't complain. I don't have a family or a side-business to work with. Best of luck!
  7. It had not been the best week... One could tell by the fact that for a particular grey-clad adventurer the highlight was compiling notes. It appears that scholarly pursuits, both academic and arcane, were his niche. His notes were neatly organized into two piles, which would make the two opposing halves of his grimoire: the Light Arts of Enhancing, Enfeebling and Healing Magicks, and the Dark Arts of Dark, Elemental and Enfeebling Magicks. There were further things that would be added within the grimoire, such as stratagems that would allow him to cast his spells more efficiently, addendums that would at a later point allow him to cast even more spells, and some very special enchantments. These enchantments were held within the book and would be able to apply themselves onto him, enhancing his abilities in one of the two schools. He could even switch back and forth depending on what the situation would for. His meeting with the Mage's Association to arrange for the grimoire's construction took place earlier that day, and he would begin its construction the next day, when the proper materials were collected. It would take some time, but a day's wait was nothing compared to all the effort he had put into his research... Mini-Challenge #2: Compiling a Grimoire - Progress Report The goal of this mini-challenge is to organize and compile notes on each of the dual schools of magic (Light Arts and Dark Arts) to prepare them for transcription into a grimoire. IRL Goals: -Re-do my diet log so that it looks neat Done. I've also created a new format for recording what I eat for Challenge #2 -Re-do the list of recipes I've been using Done. Will continue to edit as I discover more recipes and as convenience and my tastes dictate. -Fix up my new schedule for the semester Completed as much as possible. Further details need to be cemented, but they will be added at that time. -Get my school stuff set up: Pay tuition and set up my student ID Done -Create new goals for the next six week challenge Done. Not formally recorded. Not revealing them just yet hehe... -Fix up my board for the new challenge. Board 2.0 is going well, there are still some things to edit and add. It's full of schedules and star charts. -Clean my apartment Done up to a point. Cleaning up my apartment may not have been the best goal while I chaotically organize everything else. -Compile and complete my notes on the interpretations of Tarot cards I need to do the Knight of Wands and the court cards for Pentacles. 73/78 ain't too bad right? Apparently my more arcane and academic pursuits are my most successful. I had a meeting for convention volunteers, which went well. I'll be attending as both a volunteer and as a patron for most of the weekend (all for free!) Then I proceeded to go to a Board Game Day that was associated with said con, and played board games with a few familiar faces. Even won a comic store gift certificate... Tomorrow I attend one of the Geek/Nerd group's meetings for planning out the show. Should be fun, but I likely won't be able to attend many more due to schedule constraints. Also I've been asked to write up a few more scripts... More Arcane Research!
  8. Yes you're right. I've done more in this month and a half with Nerd Fitness than I have the entire summer, and with NF on my side I'm sure I'll do much better during the WP season than I have the past few years. I'll just have to work on the being hard on myself, it is a bad habit of mine... Thanks for the support.
  9. Week 5 Summary Day 29: 3k run -> 15 minutes 1x2min stop, Downhill route Day 30: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to one exercise Day 31: Rest Day Day 32: Swim -> Sprint Set, Total- 1400m *INCOMPLETE*, 25m Sprint Time: approx 16s, Fins Day 33: 3k Run -> 16 minutes 1x3min stop 1x2min stop, Downhill route Day 34: FAIL! Day 35: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to one exercise, Accidentally forgot I had added weight to another on Monday, so -5lbs to one exercise... Goal Progress Weights Goal: Added 5lbs to two exercises -> Progress: 6/8 at goal, 2/8 halfway to goal Locked In Run Mini-Goal: Sadly I had to stop in this week's runs, but my goal was already achieved Mini-Goal Achieved Swim Mini-Goal: Consistent at 16s, This likely won't change Locked In Schedule Goal: Diet -> Approximately 6 scoops of ice cream, 6 slices of pizza, several small snack bars, Three small rolls, somewhat more choc. milk than I usually drink and a Coffin Crisp. Gonna reset tomorrow... Teeth Chart/ Chores Schedule-> Didn't brush my teeth one day, didn't bring mouthwash on my trip so it wouldn't leak. Slack on chores.... Social Life Goal: Dead in the Water, C at best due to my progress with the Geek Group Locked In Adventurer's Guild Mini-Challenges #1: Completed (+1 WIS) #2: Week 1 Completed (+1 WIS), Week 2 "Completed" (+.5 CON) #3: Dropped out (NO POINTS) Self-Imposed Mini-Challenges Mini-Challenge #1: Arcane Research - COMPLETE (32/32) Mini-Challenge #2: Compiling a Grimoire - Not Finished Yet Weight *I'll weigh myself at work tomorrow* Not my proudest week... I'm gonna try to at least finish it on a high note! Let's get Mini-Challenge #2 Finished!
  10. Hey all, So one of my upcoming goals for a future six week challenge is to start looking into different diets or diet-related topics. Examples would include Paleo, IF, Macros, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Organic, etc. I'm not ready to transition into one or the other just yet, but I'm curious to hear about how other people have done so. I think the hard part would be dealing with the times where you eat with other people, especially family and friends that likely don't share the same diet or dietary restrictions. And then there's social conventions and the typical things that may not be possibel for certain people: beer, pub/restaurant food/etc. So my questions are: -How did you deal with the transition? -How did it affect your social life or how you do things in social situations? -What about dealing with Family/Friends/Significant Others? Offer any other opinions that you feel would be useful, I'd love to hear from plenty of different people so that I can see what kinds of experiences I could be dealing with in the future. Thanks DylanAilDon
  11. Fail! Again! Tried to go to the gym this afternoon. It's packed... It's the first week of the new school year, so campus is now packed with students new and old. I conveniently lived here all summer, so I had access to an emptier gym, but now not so much. *Crotchety Old Man Mode* *Starts Waving Cane* All these new students! Young Whippersnappers! YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN! *Is a fifth year student, to me all these new kids are young* Let's put that rant aside. So I had a few options: -Go back again later and hope it would be quieter -Switch my Saturday Swim with Friday's Strength Training -Just give up, cut my losses and end the gym part of the challenge early. -Go the next morning, when most students would still be in bed/hung over. With the Water Polo season and full-time clinical starting next week, I'm already cutting out swimming. I've already achieved my running goal during week 4 by running 3k without stopping both run days *Not so lucky this week*. So the only goals that would remain are: Diet/Health and Social Life (Dead in the Water)... *EDIT* The Results Last night was no go, I had no energy or motivation to do anything. A wasted night full of Super Mario Sunshine and little else. This morning I owned up and went to the gym. It wasn't as packed, which I had anticipated. Today I need to get my act together and finish up my Mini-Challenge #2!
  12. *Mini-Update: Post-Trip FAIL! I fell off the wagon so hard in terms of healthy eating and self-control that it hurts... I snacked more than I have in the past month, and cheated pretty badly *Ice Cream thou art my nemesis!*. And I learned that eating like crap once you've in the habit of eating healthy makes you feel like crap. I went for a swim as usual last night, but I ended up cutting the cool-down out. Now that I've fallen I'll just have to get back up, brush myself off and get back on the right track. Wish me luck!
  13. A small leather-bound tome sat next to a bedroll inside of one of the tents that made up the Rebel Base Camp at the foot of the castle. It showed signs of wear, and its pages were full of notes from weeks of arcane research. There were even loose pages sandwiched inside, mostly extras, errata and addendums. This book looked like it did not have much time left... It's writer sat on the shore, looking away from the water. He could see the castle in the morning light some distance away; it would likely be for the last time. He would return to the city in the evening, in order to settle down and prepare for the upcoming medic training and evening sea patrols. The week would be filled with planning and organizing, even the time he had set aside to travel to a town outside of the city for a brief visit would contain some work. He thought of his little leather book, and sighed... He would need to repair it, or at least transcribe his notes into a bigger book. He had completed research on most forms of arcane magic, and had begun to gain some minor proficiency in most of them. He had even learned some weak dark magicks, but divine magic eluded him; this was of little concern. His magical power had not grown, but his skill and efficiency had: he could now cast spells faster by speaking incantations in a much shorter timeframe, and cast the next one after a shorter recovery period. But his little book of notes was simply that, a little book of notes. He needed a spellbook... He knew he would need some help building one, as constructing a grimoire would be no easy task. He would need the assistance of the Mage's Association, both in training as a Scholar and the necessary materials and enchantments. Scholars were well-versed in the arts of magic; efficient magic-users who alternated between schools of magic based on the situation and amplified their capabilities in these schools using arts and enchantments contained within their grimoires. This would help compensate for his lack of potential and power, and allow him to become even more versatile at the cost of not being able to use more powerful magicks. It was ideal for him; his knowledge would become his power... He returned his gaze to the water and the swimmers in or near it. His time as a Watcher was coming to a close as well, but he was far from worried: other Watchers would keep their eyes on the shore, and he would continue to see them during his sea patrols. He continued to watch the water as he planned ahead... *RPG Level-Up Interface Appears* Mini-Challenge #1: Arcane Research - Completed! DylanAilDon gained the skillsets Dark Magic, Elemental Magic, Enfeebling Magic, Enhancing Magic and Healing Magic DylanAilDon gained the passive ability Fast Cast Mini-Challenge #2: Compiling a Grimoire - Started! The goal of this mini-challenge is to organize and compile notes on each of the dual schools of magic (Light Arts and Dark Arts) to prepare them for transcription into a grimoire. Ok so IRL, the goal of this challenge is to get my act together and get organized. I have a week without any school and only two evening shifts, so now's the ideal time. This will entail re-organizing things based on my new schedule, creating and organizing goals for the next challenge, getting set up for school and general cleaning/organizing. The things to do are: -Re-do my diet log so that it looks neat -Re-do the list of recipes I've been using -Fix up my new schedule for the semester -Get my school stuff set up: Pay tuition and set up my student ID -Create new goals for the next six week challenge -Fix up my board for the new challenge. -Clean my apartment And to add something to make this challenge more arcane: compile and complete my notes on the interpretations of Tarot cards. And I will even do some of this when I leave town IRL for a few days. Time to get to work! While I'm out of town, I won't be eating according to my plan, but I'll work on healthy eating. I may cheat, but in exchange I will not cheat during week #6.
  14. Week 4 Update I'll keep it brief this time, but there will be more italics-based fiction soon. So I have made significant progress in my goals: I only need to add 5lbs to four exercises to achieve my Warrior goal, and I've begun to add weight to some of the ones that I've already reached my goal weight. For the Scout goal, I've successfully accomplished the forest mini-goal of running 3k without stopping. Twice. This Week. As for the sea mini-goal of sprinting 25m in 15s, well that may not happen. I'm still satisfied with my swimming progress though. For the diet goal, so far I've successfully followed a consistent regime other than certain exceptions: one planned cheat meal per week, four occasions* where I gave in and ate small snacks of bread !LE GASP!, and the occasionally once-a-day small glass of chocolate milk. Not bad based on what I used to do. *twice during week 4, once during week 3 and once during week 2* Let's not talk about the social life goal, ok? Week 4 Summary! Day 22: 3k run -> 14 minutes without stopping, Downhill route Day 23: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to four exercises Day 24: Rest Day Day 25: Swim -> Sprint Set, Total- 1975m, 25m Sprint Time: approx 16s, Fins, approx 1hour Day 26: 3k Run -> 14 minutes without stopping, Downhill route Day 27: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to one exercise Day 28: Swim -> Sprint Set, Total- Approx 1900m, 25m Sprint Time: Little over 16s, Fins, approx 1hour Goal Progress Weights Goal: Added 5lbs to four exercises -> Progress: 1/8 past goal, 3/8 at goal, 4/8 halfway to goal Run Mini-Goal: GOAL ACHIEVED Ran 3km without stopping in 14min both runs Swim Mini-Goal: Consistent at 16s, This likely won't change Schedule Goal: Diet -> Minor self-control slips, otherwise 100%. Planned Cheat. Teeth Chart/ Chores Schedule-> It's been 100% since Mini-Challenge #2 started Social Life Goal: No change. This one will definitely be a low grade... Adventurer's Guild Mini-Challenges #1: Completed (+1 WIS) #2: Week 1 Completed (+1 WIS), Week 2 "Completed" (+.5 CON) #3: Dropped out (NO POINTS) Self-Imposed Mini-Challenges Mini-Challenge #1: Arcane Research - COMPLETE (32/32) Mini-Challenge #2: Compiling a Grimoire - Not started yet *More details in the next post* Weight 156lbs (Down 3lbs from last week)
  15. Battle of Sinus Cavity... I love it! All is not lost, that's only the end of week 3 and we're only halfway through week 4. Everybody has their rough patches. Well for these goals, it's not pass/fail. You get to give yourself a letter grade based on how you did with your goals. I myself may not achieve the swimming portion of my stamina goal (reduce my time by 1sec), but the effort I'm putting into it means I'm going to grade myself fairly well, but not 100% perfect. The punishment option for your goal can be used as motivation as well. Keep it up! I know you can do it. I've been doing the same thing, mostly because when I saw you had that goal I decided to motivate myself to do so as well. And I'm jealous of your sleep schedule... ONWARD!
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