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  1. Welcome to Part II. This will be a shorter post than the last one I promise, and all subsequent log posts should be shorter as well. Why am I here? - What NF can do for me I have some experience with NF, so I am aware of just how much is available for me here. The Six-Weel Challenges are not an option for me at this point for several reasons: -I am a student, so my priority is school, and I may not be able to achieve my goals as the semester progresses and my workload increases. -I am at a point where I have to build good habits and a good foundation from the ground up. Adding a Challe
  2. Hi there, So I'll use my first post as an introduction and background: who I am, what's been going on during my hiatus from NF, why I'm back, etc. Who Am I? - A Brief Introduction I'm DylanAilDon, a Canadian university student and sort-of-nerd who dabbles in quite a few interests and hobbies. A jack of all trades, master of none sort of deal. I'm a bit of a film geek, and my collection ranges from film classics to the creme-de-la-crap of movies, from cult classics to movies most people haven't heard of. Some favorites include the works of Tim Burton, Mel Brooks, Quentin Tarantino, Studi
  3. I most likely won't be taking part in the challenges, but that's because they haven't worked for me personally in the past: Maybe it's that it's hard to balance several goals at once, maybe I set myself up for failure with difficult goals, or maybe I just fell off the wagon too many times. But either way, I don't think it would be in my best interest to start a challenge without building a new foundation first. Also, this is oddly appropriate for my situation: http://xkcd.com/1154/ It's from the same webcomic I picked up that quote in my last post from.
  4. Well, Hi... I've previously been known for storytelling in posts, but I'm getting right to the heart of it. I'll just include a not particularly brief, slightly out of context quote to explain exactly why I'm here... "You look like you're going to spend your life having one epiphany after another, always thinking you've finally figured out what's holding you back and how you can finally be productive and creative and turn your life around. But nothing will ever change. That cycle of mediocrity isn't due to some obstacle. It's who you are. The thing standing in the way of your dreams is tha
  5. So... We meet again... Consistency is an excellent goal. And from what I've read, you've been keeping great logs. As long as you can keep consistent and focus on being better than who you were before the challenge started, you'll do great! Keep it up!
  6. Nice goals lightseeker! Good on you for getting yourself involved with so many fitness classes. The variety should keep things interesting, and in the end it'll make you all the more versatile. The clean eating goal is nice, and I'm working on my own transition towards cleaner eating. As for the Paleo, well let's say I'm curious and want to hear how it turns out. Keep up the updates! Sleep... It's not an official goal, but I want to improve my sleep habits. However having a social life that is mostly centered around evening/night activities and being a part of a sports team that practice 4 nig
  7. It had not been the best week... One could tell by the fact that for a particular grey-clad adventurer the highlight was compiling notes. It appears that scholarly pursuits, both academic and arcane, were his niche. His notes were neatly organized into two piles, which would make the two opposing halves of his grimoire: the Light Arts of Enhancing, Enfeebling and Healing Magicks, and the Dark Arts of Dark, Elemental and Enfeebling Magicks. There were further things that would be added within the grimoire, such as stratagems that would allow him to cast his spells more efficiently, addendums th
  8. Yes you're right. I've done more in this month and a half with Nerd Fitness than I have the entire summer, and with NF on my side I'm sure I'll do much better during the WP season than I have the past few years. I'll just have to work on the being hard on myself, it is a bad habit of mine... Thanks for the support.
  9. Week 5 Summary Day 29: 3k run -> 15 minutes 1x2min stop, Downhill route Day 30: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to one exercise Day 31: Rest Day Day 32: Swim -> Sprint Set, Total- 1400m *INCOMPLETE*, 25m Sprint Time: approx 16s, Fins Day 33: 3k Run -> 16 minutes 1x3min stop 1x2min stop, Downhill route Day 34: FAIL! Day 35: Strength Training -> Added 5lbs to one exercise, Accidentally forgot I had added weight to another on Monday, so -5lbs to one exercise... Goal Progress Weights Goal: Added 5lbs to two exercises -> Progress: 6/8 at goal, 2/8 halfway to goal Locked In
  10. Hey all, So one of my upcoming goals for a future six week challenge is to start looking into different diets or diet-related topics. Examples would include Paleo, IF, Macros, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Organic, etc. I'm not ready to transition into one or the other just yet, but I'm curious to hear about how other people have done so. I think the hard part would be dealing with the times where you eat with other people, especially family and friends that likely don't share the same diet or dietary restrictions. And then there's social conventions and the typical things that may not be pos
  11. Fail! Again! Tried to go to the gym this afternoon. It's packed... It's the first week of the new school year, so campus is now packed with students new and old. I conveniently lived here all summer, so I had access to an emptier gym, but now not so much. *Crotchety Old Man Mode* *Starts Waving Cane* All these new students! Young Whippersnappers! YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN! *Is a fifth year student, to me all these new kids are young* Let's put that rant aside. So I had a few options: -Go back again later and hope it would be quieter -Switch my Saturday Swim with Friday's Strength Training -Ju
  12. *Mini-Update: Post-Trip FAIL! I fell off the wagon so hard in terms of healthy eating and self-control that it hurts... I snacked more than I have in the past month, and cheated pretty badly *Ice Cream thou art my nemesis!*. And I learned that eating like crap once you've in the habit of eating healthy makes you feel like crap. I went for a swim as usual last night, but I ended up cutting the cool-down out. Now that I've fallen I'll just have to get back up, brush myself off and get back on the right track. Wish me luck!
  13. Awesome! If ever I get married, I really want to do it on Halloween. Anyways... I've finally figured out what I want to be, and I hope to pull it off rather nicely: A broken automata with a Steampunk influence. This one has taken inspiration from a few places, so I'll just post links that will show what I mean: Face Make-up: the Devil's Carnival character called the Painted Doll -> http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/the-painted-doll Body/Joints: The Van Rijn Muses (a set of humanoid "clanks") from the webcomic Girl Genius http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=200509
  14. A small leather-bound tome sat next to a bedroll inside of one of the tents that made up the Rebel Base Camp at the foot of the castle. It showed signs of wear, and its pages were full of notes from weeks of arcane research. There were even loose pages sandwiched inside, mostly extras, errata and addendums. This book looked like it did not have much time left... It's writer sat on the shore, looking away from the water. He could see the castle in the morning light some distance away; it would likely be for the last time. He would return to the city in the evening, in order to settle down and p
  15. I'm sorry to sound completely uneducated, but what are macro goals? I've heard mention of them in at least one challenge thread, but I don't know what they are. Even a handy link so that I can look it up would help immensely. Thanks for the input.
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