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  1. I'm in again (gonna be more active). I will have my thread up today. Work was crazy yesterday with lots to do and I forgot the new challenge started.
  2. Update on the date. It went well. She went out with me again. Had our second date today at lunch. Also went well. I'll keep you guys posted as things develop further. As for other stuff, 100 Pushups and C25K are going great.
  3. So, big news. I've never made this a life goal, because honestly, I knew I would just chicken out. But, I am going on a date with a real girl tonight. Wish me luck!
  4. Wow. Just how I am feeling right now. Moving into something different that keeps my interest. Nail on the head, Swampling.
  5. Hey Brigadeers, I am not a lost child, just not getting on here a whole lot. After realizing that my lifting motivation has evaporated after a year and a half, I decided to pick up running again, as a buddy wants to do some adventure races this summer. I realized I am not trying to be a strength athlete, just a guy who is in shape, both strength and endurance wise. So, I cut my lifting back to one day in the gym heavy with bodyweight stuff around C25K. I decided to go C25K again because I need to rebuild endurance and because I am going barefoot. Toe running has come surprisingly naturally for me, but I do have to build up foot and calf endurance as it is pretty brutal on those areas. So, just know I am still being awesome, just in different ways than originally planned.
  6. Wow!!! I missed a bit. Still hit the gym and slept well, but missed a week or so on good eating last week. Work has been crazy, and I pretty much crash when I get home. Back to normal schedule now, so hopefully I can keep updated and on track.
  7. It isn't the groin, but I chose to be discreet in what the pain actually is. It's in the area, but different all together.
  8. Slept through my alarm this morning, so I missed the gym. I think it is a good thing, as I have a bit of an injury in my groin. Give it an extra day and back in the game Friday, hopefully. Food and sleep are still good.
  9. Week 1 was pretty good. Made good progress with my LP, food was really good (1 cookie was my treat), and I slept really well, in bed within 10 minutes of prescribed time each night. New battlelog will be going up soon. And I am back down to 227. 215 is in sight.
  10. Week 1 Recap MWF: Squat, Bench, and Press: LP progression each day. Food: All good. Exceptions: 1 homemade chocolate chip cookie Sleep: Within 10 minutes of goal time every night.
  11. This is truly epic. Sambie and wesb coming back at the same challenge. Beast mode, my friend.
  12. Holy balls...Sambie is back! Man, stars aligning, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together. Perfect time for both of us to get our asses in back in gear.
  13. Good start so far. Been eating like a boss (green chili mustard cheese burgers anyone) and two gym sessions this week have been awesome.
  14. Good day in the gym. Now about to chow down on some sausage and eggs.
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