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  1. I went back later on the 27th and finished -- over 50k with an 8,992-word day. But that's... and it's so... Oh, fine -- wrote more words and ended at 9,005 for the day.
  2. 7188 words today, yowza. 1620 words left in all. So close! But now my brain might explode...
  3. Halfway there! I squeaked in over 25k today with two big days (>2k each) and a short bonus writing sprint this morning. That puts me 2k ahead of my amended schedule, and right on track with the official timeline. I also ran across this blog post through the NaNo forums from a fantasy writer (she's doing a Q&A in the fantasy section, which also has a lot of interesting stuff in it) on how to go from 2k to 10k words/day. I read it yesterday and used Knowledge + Enthusiasm to crank out extra words almost immediately after. (The third element is Time, which I do not have big chunks of as
  4. 20k was this morning for me. My characters were supposed to get on the space ship and go straight to the new planet, where there would be mayhem and mutations. There were supposed to be two crew (captain and pilot) and random passengers in cryostasis. So far we're still bebopping around the known galaxy, and we have a full crew, fully awake passengers, and a former love interest on board, and now a vengeful captain on another ship who's chasing them. In addition to shoehorning enough writing time into my schedule, now I've also got Dragon's Dogma trying to take up my time. My brother int
  5. This is totally a thing. I used to think I was insane because there were a few days when I was the biggest klutz in the world. Now I know it's just the hormones. So when I start walking in to walls and banging my arm on the doorknob (every. freaking. time.) and dropping everything at least twice, I know my period is about to start. I also start loading up on sweet potatoes at every meal around that time, too, because I know my body will want more carbs.
  6. Exactly -- NaNo is not about creating a publishing-ready novel of 50,000 words at the end of a single month. NaNo gives you a deadline and a goal, and then says, "Go!" It is about getting the story down on paper finally, even if it's not quite the story you originally imagined. I consider it a first draft, and even that is using a very loose interpretation of the word "draft." I have not ever, nor will ever, show any parts of my NaNo'd stories to anyone. They are terrible. Lots of dead ends in the plot, lots of holes, lots of rabbit trails. But I learn a whole lot about the characters and th
  7. Karate hands and "hiyaaah!" Yeah, so, there's no punching or kicking in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and, so, yeah, no... Also, "Haha, I bet you could beat me up," said in a tone that is convinced that I could not, in fact, beat him up... except that, yes, I totally could. Just smile and walk away...
  8. I am finally caught up and on track. My schedule this month means I absolutely cannot write on Fridays (except Black Friday), so when NaNo started I was already a day behind. Realized today that I should just readjust the daily targets to include "0" on Fridays, and then managed to hit today's target between my morning writing hour and a few minutes borrowed from lunch. About 300 words/day more than a daily NaNo, but so far seems do-able. My story: Amelia Earhart... in Space!
  9. I was addressing conventional meat. Fat in grass-fed beef is fine.
  10. Potatoes are not grains. They are tubers of the nightshade family. They are a whole, real food. So, yes, they are Paleo. Are there better nutritional choices? Yes. But potatoes are not the devil. Even Mark's post does not say "No"; it says, "Deciding whether potatoes fit into your diet is ultimately a personal decision, but exactly how your body reacts to starch – in its current metabolic state, which, remember, is not set in stone – should be the major determinant." And in his follow-up article to the one posted above, he summarizes the first article as: "Last week, I made the case th
  11. Conventional meat is fine. Lean is best, else trim the fat. You can look at the Whole9 shopping list for vegan/vegetarian: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Vegetarian-Shopping-List.pdf . They do allow tofu. Yes, you can drink kombucha. But kombucha needs to be brewed with regular sugar. The sugar is not for you, it's for the bacteria & yeast.
  12. Kale. Fish with bones (canned salmon, sardines). Bone broths. Liver. Also, calcium isn't all you need; you also need to be eating other vitamins with it (C, D3, K) so the calcium can be absorbed properly. And lifting heavy things will encourage your body to use the calcium to strengthen your bones. Links: http://whole9life.co...-about-calcium/ http://robbwolf.com/...s-osteoporosis/
  13. !!!!!!!!! It's out?!?! Finally! Must get. Eventually. Soon. I was the same -- finished the second trilogy and thought it was all wrapped up, and then one day randomly found the first two books in the third. Although the writing in the third, and especially the third book, didn't seem quite as good. (I can't remember the sixty-four-dollar word he kept throwing around, but he seemed to use it every few pages or so.) Lol, when I was reading the third book, I didn't know there'd be a fourth. I was starting to run out of pages and nothing was even close to being resolved and was getting nervous
  14. I plan to. I've finished twice, not finished twice more, and skipped a year. My profile is here.
  15. All anyone can be is as strong as they can be. Just because someone else is naturally better at something doesn't mean that what you can do is worthless or not equivalent or not impressive. Don't compare yourself to them; compare yourself only to you. I train in a martial art called Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It's ground-based, more like wrestling than karate; winning is by submissions, either chokes or joint locks. A lot of the big guys in my academy play a heavy, smashy, grinding, straight-ahead, pick-you-up-and-throw-you-over, arm-wrestle-and-rip-your-arm-off kind of game. I can't play that g
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