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  1. It sucks! While I was doing it it was totally fine - like... I really just did body weight stuff (lunges, air squats) so WHY DOES IT HURT DO BAD.
  2. So, that FitBod work out that I did on Thursday? Yeah - I need to cut my legs off now. Holy shit. Also, and this is probably more than anyone cares to know, but I did that spin class (which was the first in MONTHS after spinning nearly every day for years) and now my lady parts are also sore. Basically I need to saw the lower half of my body off. I’m not sure how today will pan out - we’re supposed to play tennis but if my oldest isn’t able to finish up her book report... well, we won’t be doing much of anything. And, for BigM, her book report is on The Hobbit & The LoTR so sh
  3. Why are you so mean to me.
  4. Yes please. Also can I post our spin bike picture? hahaha. <3
  5. I use this app called Sleep Cycle - basically what it does is it a) uses a gentle tone to wake you and b) you set your "alarm" as a 30 minutes window... so, if you need to be up at 7, you set the alarm for 7 but it will wake you up somewhere between 630 and 7 based on your sleep cycle so that you aren't being jolted out of a deep sleep. This has helped me tremendously with my energy and alertness! It doesn't help AS MUCH, but I have also started using the reminders on my iPhone to remind myself to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  6. So, I basically haven't kept up with my plan or really done much of anything. Since the last time I updated, which was several days ago, I have only worked out twice. I played tennis last night and this morning I went to the gym. The gym was tough. I started using FitBod again, which is an app I used back when I was fit AF, and it put me through a decent workout. My legs are already sore and it's only been like, 7 hours. I also hopped on a spin bike and did a 30 minute Peloton class. I haven't found a studio or an instructor that I really mesh with here, which is a re
  7. Yoga was realllllyyyy hard. I haven't been since July when my sister was in town. It was hard to keep up. I'm not as bendy as I used to be so that definitely effected my ability to move through the poses as efficiently as before. It was absolutely a workout! We moved hundreds of boxes of varying weight haha. It was also suuuuuper gross. Oh hi.
  8. Oh man, I’m beat. We played tennis for three hours today. Afterwards we went to Perkins to eat and I hadn’t eaten literally all day so I had carbs FOR SURE. Eggs benedict. I definitely didn’t follow my workout schedule as closely as I would have liked. I didn’t make it to spin at all - one day I ended up staying late at work and the other day there was craziness bc of a fire (not at my store) in the mall. One of my friends is the manager of a store that had damage bc of the fire and I ended up helping them slog through disgusting sprinkler water to clear their store of boxes and d
  9. Hi. Also here for zee progress.
  10. It is so difficult to train your body to wake up at a different time... this is something I am working towards also. For a year I woke up at 5/530 in order to run/walk/bike before work every day and after moving and changing jobs and falling out of that routine, I am struggling to make it happen! Let me know if I can be of any assistance on this!
  11. Okay, so. I have sucked at updating this so far haha. I guess it's not quite like riding a bike *shrugs* I will have a long-form update this evening but I just wanted to quickly check in - I'm probably at about a 50% success rate the first week. Shooting for closer to 75% this week! More later <3
  12. So - I was supposed to gym this morning but I woke up feeling really unhappy and my response to that is to clean. So I opened up all the windows, stripped the beds, reorganized my closet, did several loads of laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, swept up Christmas tree needles, etc. Not what I was supposed to do but definitely what I needed to do and I don’t feel bad about it! Still on track for the rest of the week - I’ll try to go to the gym Saturday morning to make up for it but that is usually impossible.
  13. Thank you! I’ll check this out when I’m on my laptop! <3 LOVE YOU!!! It’s so good to see you too!! I haven’t seen your challenge yet - is it up?!
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