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  1. a bit late. but Friday i was 235 lbs and hit a 7:35 mile. mile went down.. weight went up. dam.
  2. yep thats what I'm hoping. I post what I did, success or failure. I feel like im somwhere in the middle. and it wasnt so much soda but just poor dieting and some overboard drinking the last few days =/ Question for anyone who might have the answer: Is Arizona RxEnergy bad for me? its my favorite drink and just curious if its any better really than sodas and other carbonated drinks
  3. well.. not doin so hot so far. My workouts have been good, but my diet has been under par (read:terrible). Too much partying and socializing this week and taking my focus off eating (and drinking) healthier. Kinda mad at mysef :/
  4. ...always a pretty solid reason i spose to not drink em =P
  5. \interesting. I'll try it. Are juices bad as a replacement? I mean, i feel like anything is better than soda at first.. but i've been tryin to drink juice and other healthier (i think) things instead and its working pretty well.. atleast at home. and hah.. i like green tea.. but i guess the bottled kind doesnt count then? =P
  6. How did you do it? any advice? I've tried again and again but somhow I keep creeping back to drinking them every so often. I KNOW they are just terrible. but its addicting and somtimes 'feels' like the only optionposted some starting information and my mile time today.. man im soo much slower than i used to be apparently =/ What other things could i set as my goals that are more measurable and achieveable? also my idea was to measure anything on mondays and fridays each week.. so its not so close I get mad nothing changed possibly but then I can maybe see a change over a week, and then see h
  7. thanks That post from 2009 on body weight circuits is probably what I'm going to follow for now, thanks for sharing it. And I want to get the RSG.. but I cant really afford to spend money on it yet unfortunately. I guess I should be more specific on how to lose the weight.. My diet I think is the real killer
  8. So, saw the post today about there being a new challenge.. its roughly a month until my 3rd year of college begins again. I was planning on "starting" to get in better shape and eat healthier today anyways.. so this challenge timing was perfect. I'm on board. ---Goals--- Fitness//Diet Lose 15 lbs Cut Soda out of my diet/lifestyle completelyImprove my mile run time by atleast a minute. Start mile time is 7:45.Lifestyle Beach atleast 3 times a week. I used to go and skimboard and stay fit this way nearly 5 times a week back in highschool, and I want it back. It help me stay fit, stay tan, and
  9. Bryan436


    welll today was a bad day for this challenge. drank some energy drinks.. had fraternal meetings ALLLLL day today.. and now im goin to quite a large party tonight where I will lost likely drink more than a college student should. =/ todays grade is a huge F.
  10. Bryan436


    Another successful day.. minus a mikes hard lemonade I'm enjoying right now. Redid my entire room and needed one... also took my new bike on a longer ride today, felt great. so sore right now, and I'm loving it
  11. Bryan436


    another mostly successful day.. only had 1 bit of soda at work because thats all we had available to drink tonight.. better news.. MY BIKE GOT HERE put it together, and its dead sexy. and rides niceee. I feel like i got a GREAT deal on it at only like $350. stoked to use it to get back into shape.
  12. Bryan436


    nice man! I wish i went to UF.. i applied.. didnt get accepted unfortunately.. maybe grad school or transfer... but Chi Phi is pretty cool, I've done some "bored at home" research on ya'll before. and Nice, I've heard good things about the ΣX Chapter there. I'm attending FGCU in Fort Myers.
  13. Noticed this wasnt on the forum yet.. I just bought my first road bike. Excited to try this new sport out. Used to race BMX bikes since I was 5 and competed nationally for about ten years, placing at my best 15th in the country. I want a new sport, and I feel road bikes is a great more mature upgrade from that. so, anyone here a rider? have any tips for a newcomer? any topics?
  14. Bryan436


    how IMPORTANT is that right off the bat? I was going to after a while probably.. i did ride bikes but not this kind for 10 years racing when i was younger.. is this important? anyone know wat "trueing" means for this bike type?
  15. Bryan436


    ..just edited my OP and goals.. this is gunna be an awesome month i hope in terms of getting things accomplished for myself! Another note.. just bought a rode bike online! ( http://www.roadbikeoutlet.com/road-bikes/vilano-tuono-21sp-shimano-road-bike.html ) hopefully that will help me keep active with my goals..
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