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  1. I just sat quietly friday, which was good enough. i didnt try to do anything spectacular, i just sat and it was nice. Thank you for your help over the last week, it was nice for me to have some help. I look forward to hearing from you again. If you need any help, encouragement or ideas, please let me know....I would love to help. Gonna go put the 8 hours of rain on so I can sleep (I am staying at a friends and its difficult for me to sleep somewhere foreign), the sound is very comforting..... (its called "rain" 8 hours of "rain sounds" sleep sounds
  2. Good luck, you sure have a lot going on!
  3. This is a good one for relaxing... it is just the sound of rain (which i love) i don't know if that would be interesting for you, there is no voice guidance, its just rain. Added: i did this for the 10 minute http://www.youtube.com/user/okanokumo?v=M3f0awuFYdk
  4. I did the mindfulness 1 and 2, I will look for some more tomorrow while I am doing nothing
  5. One pattern I have noticed as far as weightloss is concerned is when it starts to show and people notice I freak out and I usually gain back all of it plus more. I'm not sure why exactly, I have my theories (weight is a physical buffer between men and me, I don't like when people stare at me and I do not like being the center of attention).
  6. Wow, this is gonna be very hard! I love it, I look forward to what I discover. I'm assuming there will be a lot of crying on my part, I tend to ignore whatever is bothering me or put off what I should be doing. Focusing on it will make for an interesting several weeks to come!
  7. Mindfulness Meditation (Part 2 of 2) Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings - I did this one today, I wish there was a way to 'hook' them together, the whole thing would be great. I hope you found time for yourself today.
  8. I hope you are enjoying this, it is energizing when it works! Ok, I did two tonite .... this one was my favorite called "mindfulness meditation (Part 1 of 2) Acceptance of Thoughts and Feelings. The video is great, the voice is not distracting. Its a keeper for me, let me know if you try this one.I also did this one "10 minute guided body scan meditation from the meditation coach" This was ok, also about mindfulness, but I enjoyed the one above more because the voice reminds you that you are not to fix anything right now, just be (its hard for me to just be, i feel i have to do something all the time)Enjoy!
  9. I did ok on this, some days were easier than others. Today was tough, I had alot of work to do that I did not want to to, I'm home now and achy from the day. I will just sit and be thankful certain tasks are finished.
  10. Good morning, well Sunday was impossible i kinda just came home and collapsed. I did get some meditation in this morning...easier for me in the morning because I have nothing on my mind yet. I will get back with you this evening with another meditation checkin!
  11. Yes this is helping, I have a tendency to do for others and not for me, so if I have someone to answer to every day (even if it is just a week) I will be more likely to actually do my meditation and find new ones , I hope it helps you a bit too.
  12. I did the ten minute link today, plus I did silent meditation on how everyone wants and deserves to be happy. I will try to find another link to share tomorrow that is worth sharing.
  13. I have made my gratitude list, I put it on my computer so I can add to it or reflect on it as needed. Today I will turn the negative thoughts around, all day. I have a very long day ahead, but am excited to spend it with my daughter.
  14. Ooooh I love the Warrior Dash! A friend of mine and I did it twice last year - alot of it was mental for me. I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to see pictures!
  15. Excellent! I have done my meditation today, but I did split it up. I tried 10 minutes on my own and I was very distracted. The second 10 minutes was during the following youtube link and I did much better. (if that does not work it is called "10 minute deep relaxation and escaped and unwind - PsimatiX Alpha / Theta Brainwave" I was able to keep away the chatter during this one. I have never used the PsimatiX videos before, I can sometimes find some but then forget to save them. I will be away next thursday and friday, but i will do my best to check in on those two days, I can always borrow a computer (i don't have a smartphone yet - i will be one of the last holdouts!) Thursday and friday I will be in florida and plan to meditate by the ocean and have real wave sounds instead of fake ones. Also, I plan to throw all my hurt and guilt into the ocean. Not sure where I got this idea at, but you are supposed to use rocks and mentally assign a hurt you feel or caused and toss them into a body of water and leave them there. I hope to come back much clearer! I can't thank you enough for the offer of accountability, otherwise I would keep putting it off until I fall asleep.
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