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  1. Progress thus far: Wednesday: Setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, 30min yoga, reading up about the rules for Ronin LIfe, making the Impossible Prodject legal, and did a lot of drawing. AND tracking my time-use using Toggl.Thursday: Setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, 40min TRE, did a lot of adult (boring) stuff (that will get me paid! :D ), and ran all over the place trying to pack all my stuff for Amterdam. I also tracked my time-use using Toggl.Friday-Sunday: AMSTERDAM, did a LOT of walking, some writing, a lot of thinking, and looking at art and the city. I want to move there <3. Most importantly, I managed not to get sick:)Monday: Setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, no exercise but some meditation, some boring abult stuff got done, ans some being social. So yays! I also tracked my time-use using TogglTuesday: etting intentions/thinking through/planning the day. Applied for more jobs, updated things on NF, drew a lot, did some body weight-stuffs. did a lot of photo-related things and re-watched the new Star Wars movie with some people who hadn't watched it before. I also tracked my time-use using TogglYesterday: setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, applied for more jobs, did some real studying, did TRE and Yoga, watched The Hateful Eight (the extended roadshow 70mm version) and tracked my time-use using Toggl. Will do the sparklepoint calculation later I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Had totally forgotten how much I love The Beatles' "Revolution 9".

  3. Working out to Spice Girls sounds surprisingly refreshing! Here's to an amazing first week:D
  4. Always happy to see a familiar face (name!), Whitewineandcathair! _____________________________________________________________ Things I am proud of thus far: (yes I do know I don't have my challenge written out in the open just yet) Monday: Setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, 40min bodyweight and yoga workout, applied for two jobs AND starte reading this terms curriculum, and tracking my time-use using Toggl.Yesterday: Setting intentions/thinking through/planning the day, 30min Feldenkrais/Awareness Through Movement, printing images, visiting my might-become-MIL, and running all over the Interwebs trying to find more suitable/doable jobs and tracking my time-use using Toggl.Not refreshing every five minutes (just...like....eh.... ten times aday) waiting for the character-creator-thingy.
  5. Hi everybody! Sorry for disappearing in October/September or something. Life just kinda happened and hit me in the face. But I am here, now, so yays for that:) The Path to Adventure Starts Here Do The Practice, every day if possible, or at least five days a week.The Practice includes five importaint aspects:Writing wishes, gwishes and intentions. Or even just journaling. Moving every day (like yoga 2-7 times a week, body weight strenght/HIIT session twice a week, learning awareness through movement – Feldenkrais method –, and doing TRE (Trauma release exercises). Walking is also an perfectly suitable activity. Doing something FUN! and preferably geeky and/or social every day Sitting down and shuting up (including both 10min of mediation and real pauses without any distractions besides the view outside my window and a cup of coffee) Thinking things through, even though this point is sort of implied by the others, I find it important to remind myself of this. Thinking ---> creating ---> being me.Apply for ALL THE JOBS, ALL THE GRANTS AND ALL THE FUN Start with babysteps doing the Ronin Life, aka The Impossible (my-not-so-secret-agent-code-for-current-life-quest).Figuring out how the game is rigged and how to apply all my fairy-dust-amazing-skills at this.Ronin Life is the Impossible, and the Impossible is where all the magic happens. Details might be revealed later, or not Three sparklepoints (***) for each thing done. The point is to collect as much sparkle as possible! - I don't do grades. Main Obstacles The game is rigged; computers die, printers die and you miss the plain. Stuff happens.The poisonous protein that everyone is eating and using all the time without giving it a second thought. At the start of the month I'll travel to Amsterdam for a couple of days (visiting the Van Gogh Museum and taking pictures! :D ) and are probably going to put my health and fate in the hands of strangers. It'll be interesting.Monster revolts, aka crippling self-doubt and major melt-downs of I can't do this. My own forgetfulness, or habit of down-prioritize self-care (aka The Practice) when I am stressed out/really busy. About me 25 years old. Currently doing a part-time MA in Political Science. Had a really bad case of untreated coeliac (celiac disease) that messed with my head, body and mind for possibly a decade. I am still in the progress of putting my life back together. Happy New Year and wishing you all the best with your challenges!
  6. Hi Guys! Sorry for disappearing; first I lost the Internet, then there were family gatherings everywhere (and therefore no free time), then I moved back home... But now I am here. Thanks for the review of NF Yoga Notsonerdynerd, looking forward to reading yours Lycansbane!
  7. I. Am . Still. So. Jealous. - of your trip, that is Hoping operation swimming is going well!
  8. Seriously, love reading about everything you've accomplished the last couple of weeks! *handing over a rather large bag of sparklepoints*
  9. Let us know how you like the Fitbit, I am actually quite curios how those things work (in real life, not what the adds say)
  10. Suddenly, my hair turned violet.

    1. Raincloak


      Cool, are you a metamorphmagus?

    2. Silverwitch


      Nice color!

      Trying to imagine a violet wolf right now...

  11. I am still really impressed how you manage measuring your yoga progress (note to self: will look into that sometime). Do you feel that the numbers helps motivation? Progress? Or both? - sorry if you've answered this elsewhere already.
  12. Just stopping by in order to say "woot"! If you feel up to it, please share something you've painted:)
  13. Keeping all my fingers crossed that you a) don't have it and b ) never will I actually did two whole challenges where something in the spirit of "having a daily yoga practice" was one of the goals until the habit stuck. So keep going! Thanks! Now, like a week later, I feel almost human again. Thanks! Both "sparklepoints" and "stuck" are terms I've shamelessly borrowed from Havi Brooks - because she makes the internet a better place. In many ways the question you just raised is a very personal one, somewhat private (as in "I tend to hide it even from myself") perhaps. So in the end, I am not even sure I'll answer it properly. But I'll give it a try: For me "stuck" is simply an umbrealla term for all kinds of not-very-nice-emotions and mental states where the bottom line is that I feel like I am going nowhere (and at the time I am often quite uncapable of going anywhere as well, both literally and figuratively speaking). So stuck is a good word for me, and my many ways of not-always-coping, coping with not-always-coping and not-always-coping with not-always-coping. Etc. I've had some interesting years. So "being habit of feeling stuck" is code for things [life] having already started spiralling downwards. Often without myself really noticing what is going on until I hit some temporary bottom. And then notice the pattern. Yes, I am still writing in metaphors. Anyways, the point of that very paragraph you were quoting is that through a lot of trial and error (yes, I will sound like a cliché sorry about that) I am slowly learning (and often forgetting) that showing kindess to myself and others instead of just "hitting the ignore button and keep going". - which did very much not work for me in the long run btw Yes, and yes and yes and yes
  14. Okays. Last week was super-duper busy, this week only a little bit so. I promise on my honor as a forest elf and a druid to catch up with everyone and everything eventually. Though, I unfortunatly do not know when eventually is. Sorry guys! *trying not to go on major guilt trip over this* Recap week two: 1. Keeping track of my goals almost every day, manually on paper, it still looks great! 15 sparklepoints. 2. Doing yoga every day. Except from two days I've managed to keep my morning + evening habit going. Hurrays! On average I've done about 30 min each day (down from week 1's 50 min - because of life and general meh of doom) 21 sparklepoints! 3.Week two all of a sudden became the week of zazen. Aka sitting stiill and starring into a wall every day. 21 sparkle points! - for my walking goals, see the bonus section. 4. Writing about [things] almost every day. 15 sparkle points! Bonuses (awarded 1 sparkle point for each day performed) Walking to/from work: 6 sparkle points Longer walks: 4 sparkle points Pictures taken: 7 sparkle points Real pauses (aka staring into the air, intentionally): 7 sparkle points Dress like it's opening night: 7 sparkle points Etc.... = 34 sparkle points. 103 sparkle points collected! Things I've (re)learned: Never underestimate the power of too little sleep; I can function, but not live that way. In the decade that sorta happened (no, not any idea how it happened) between me doing my first downwardfacing dog pose and now pretty much everything have changed. And WOW, for the better I'll keep reminding myself of this. "gauke" and "tøtte" (and of course blastikk and the likes) are kven words, I'm not even from this kven town I'm currently living in, and my daily language is full of Finnish/kven words (!). Not belonging (as in being from) anywhere is actually pretty great Other fun facts: I've become really aware of how my yoga practice (and lack of thereof) have changed over the years. How I am now all about exploring and discovering rather than just looking for a "gentle" way of getting or staying fit. I've got some pretty exciting intel about the [thing], yays! Seriosly, I can not haz alchohol. Need to learn how to say "no thanks :)", even when surrounded by friends. HAVING to do yoga, meditation and writing is what kept me from not falling apart completly last week. Hoping everyone is having a great week 3!
  15. Just got back from a three-hour hike in the rain. The funny thing is it was lovley

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