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  1. I'm just picturing you yelling at Skyrim. LOL *highfives* for 3/3 swimming! As for the weekend; get your walk in first thing in the morning. Then nothing can take it away from you and you can just strut your bad kitty self around town like the badass Khajiit you are!
  2. Hello Guest Alejandra! You and I have one goal in common; limiting eating out is definitely something I'm struggling with but I know it will have the biggest effect on reaching my "Level 50" self! We can do it! W00t!
  3. Point the first: Your challenge is AWESOME. Point the second: You are kicking some major butt! Keep it up! I've subscribed to your thread.
  4. Wow, Jaimee! What a STORY! Steering that TARDIS is going to be a heckuva job, but you can do it! I'll be keeping watch for you!
  5. Skyrim "binge" is the best way to put it. Cause once you start, whoo boy...
  6. James, you will keep me honest. Thank you. No, I hadn't taken measurements yet and while I don't believe numbers mean anything in terms of my health, ability or effort, I know that the degree to which those numbers change is proof positive that I'm moving toward my goals - like landmarks along the Oregon Trail. And if I don't take a bearing before starting out, how will I know how far I've come? Will-do tonight. Thanks very much! Yeah, my vitamins are sitting in the middle of my bathroom counter (which is unclutered, so they really stand out) and I see them the second I walk into the wash
  7. Welcome! Those goals sound great and I especially like Goal #3. Care to fill us in a bit more? Where are you coming from? i.e., Your goal is to work out 5 X 40 mins per week. Where are you at now? How often do you work out and what does your workout consist of? Where do you hope to be after six weeks of 5 x 40 mins per week? Stronger? Faster? More Flexible? Also, whether you post them or not, be sure you're taking measurements & photos (I'm already delinquent in this and someone has reminded me to get on it!) Good luck and I'll keep watching!
  8. The gruel was tasty. Hot, salty and filling. Veritate was eating at a local inn, where she had often eaten before. She hadn't much time before having to return to the day's work, so she ordered one of her favorites. As she ate, she realized for the first time what had happened and what had happened all her life; this was Orc fare. What her forefathers had eaten in the homeland to become big and strong and, well... Orcish. This is what she had been raised to believe was "proper" in terms of what lunch should be. This magic that was going to make her successful as an Enchantress - it could
  9. DO IT! Write it on a post-it and put it on your scale.
  10. WELL DONE on your workout! And yes, good call on being kind to your aching thighs. Remember that the only good workout is one that lets you live your life happily afterward! Injuries will only set you back. Leading to more shame and frustration. Ice is your friend in the meantime! Here's the thing about shame: unless you make a decision to no longer tolerate it, it will find a way to remain. It is illogical, and therefore there is no direct "reason" why you are feeling it. So please don't wait for the weight to come off. It will cripple you time and again, sabotaging your progress. But
  11. YES! This is awesome. I love the C25K challenge! What I love most about it is that any effort - ANY EFFORT will be rewarded with more stamina, calories burned and endorphins galore. It's not like math where you either get it or you don't. So 15 minutes is spot on, especially if you found you were a bit sore by the end of it. And your meal sounds fantastic. *drool*
  12. HOORAY for RPG narratives on NF. Welcome! I've subscribed and I'll be cheering you on!
  13. Oooh! This Orc definitely approves of sparkly gems!! Starting small and building a base for your walking lifestyle is a good idea. Pushing yourself too far too fast is a recipe for destruction. One step at a time. Just like Optimus Prime! (Hey, that rhymes... and so does that!) A mile in a day seems like a definite accomplishment. My aim is to actually buy some real food for my pantry and fridge, since I haven't really gone grocery shopping since the whole CHRISTMAS TIME BUY ALL THE CANDY trip I made a couple weeks ago. Well done on the cauliflower and cabbage and such! I've often thoug
  14. Welcome back Urbano! Just out of curiosity, have you given any thoughts on how you'll grade yourself? Good luck in exam prep!
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