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  1. I felt the need to put my thoughts into words, hopefully seeing the words might help me gain some perspective. I allowed myself to have a cheat meal and then the next day I felt guilty about it. As in the past, any negative feelings I would have always led me too comfort eating and this time was no different! It's now been four days of eating crap!! Constantly!! My stomach is bloated and my energy levels are low. I need a good kick up the arse to get me back on track!!
  2. I have mine on top of an omlette or with scrambled eggs. My daughter just loves them cut in half and with a spoon.
  3. From little things, big things grow!
  4. Thanks for the feed back guys. On my second day now and all going well. Not feeling hungry like I thought I would and feeling a lot more energetic and less lethargic.
  5. What's everyone's take on Intermittent fasting? I read up on it in Mark's daily apple and think it could work for me. Anyone had success with it??
  6. I don't think the weight was the issue here, it was approx 70% of my one rep max. It's not feeling to bad this morning after a good rest. Now I have an excuse to sit back and watch the Olympics!!!
  7. On my last rep of my third set of deadlifts I felt a sharp pain from just under my butt, right down to my ankle when I was at the top of my lift. Now it feels like ( 2 hours later) my ankle and knee are twisted and my hamstring is a bit tight. I'm not having trouble walking but it all feels a bit tender. I was halfway through my workout and I did 15 -20 mins of warm up and stretching, and I'm 95% sure my form was right , but obviously something went wrong.
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