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  1. And the newb that i still am i seem to have posted this in the wrong place sorry. If someone can delete it I would be great full. Okay first challenge was a total failure on my part. I technically claimed 1 wis for a mini challenge about research but I am even revoking that point since I did not apply it. So new challenges all around Aboot me height 6'3 Weight 346 (I failed the challenge but still lost 4 pounds over all ) Age 31 Str building exorcise 2 to 3 times a week + 2 str + 2 con + 1 cha I don't have a lot of upper strength, and I know I need to work on it. If anyone could point
  2. Week 1 Day 5 About blew the pop one before I even got started as I thought the sixth was on Wednesday... Thankfully I only has two drinks that day so no more the week. Hurray rational rationing . I have thus far eaten 4 servings of veggies... At the point of no more carrots though! I must find something else. Stayed under the soda radar. I had no idea that most places would sell you a large drink for 25 to 50 cents if you just get water. WOOT! I have walked 5.8 miles. Looking good so far. I can see a couple road blocks up ahead. 1. With full time school starting on the 20th, and part
  3. For book ideas I would point you toward any non fiction book by Carl Sagan. Dragons of Eden is a good start.
  4. @ Kimblitz Great advice on writing it down somewhere. I use to say I had the memory of a goldfish, but it has been proven theirs is better then mine . It will also stop me from... fudging. @allirep I will definitely be fishing around for way to make veggies taste better. So far I can stomach raw carrots and enjoy raw potatoes, however I don't like them cooked... @ AngelBlaidd I am not a cook by any right. 90% of my food comes either from places that claim to be fast, or boxes shoved into my oven. This is something I need to fix though, and I know its mostly why I am in the situation I
  5. I wish you the best of luck. Getting over a plateau is, what I think, one the hardest things to do in a weight loss journey.
  6. I would also like to recommend myfitnesspal. I use there smartphone app and its great for typing in what you just ate, and giving you the stats on it. 90% of what I eat (be it store home cooked, or eat out) has been found in there data base. While it is a calorie counting app you can use it just to keep track of what you ate. They even have a tab to track your exercises. That all being said I have never actually looked at there website, and it may be different...
  7. Looks like I was pointed to this website at just the right time. A bit of back history time... Last year at this time I was at a very unhealthy 450 pounds. After cutting out all candy, 90% of soda intake, and doing some hard core portion control I hit 350 two months ago. That's the good news... In the last two months I have bounced between 350, and 360. I seem to have hit my plateau, and worse I am slipping. I have noticed my soda intake has increased, my portions are slightly enlarging, and I have had the occasional sweet treat. I asked for help on another message board because I know
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