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  1. Week 5 149.5lbs 36% body fat 23 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Five Food - Must try harder to resist coke machine in the staff room... Fight - Feel like I'm getting the hang of my new routine. Made a big effort this week to honor screen curfew. Flight - Stopped at park after work to get my walk in before going home. Think that'll be my new routine. Well. I do feel like I got back up. I steadily added back in routines that help me focus on being healthy and positive. I added more movement into my day. I didn't lose my heal
  2. Week 4 150.5lbs 36% body fat Week four down, one week to go. Haven't really moved the dial on my weight loss journey but I'm feeling pretty good about my plan going forward. Getting that job is going to help me get back into a routine which is always helpful for my mood and other things going on in life. 18 points for the week. Notable Things from Week four Food - Fresh and Lean dinners are not disappointing me! Fight - completed all my new hire paperwork and fingerprints for my new job. started my job on Friday! Flight - 45 minutes of recess duty has
  3. This is how I felt yesterday during my first day of work on a new job. I rolled out of bed and headed to the district office to drop off my fingerprints. afterwards I decided to take a walk at a park near my new school just to get a lay of the land. during the walk the principal calls and asks if I could come in that day instead of on monday because the person I'm subbing for was available for me to shadow. I explained that I was unshowered and may be wearing a pajama top under my sweatshirt, my hair was tied up under a ball cap... but I that'd come in if they were fine with my very casua
  4. Week 3 updated stats: 152.5lbs 38% body fat Week Three: 21 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Three Food - lots of stress snacking. and sodas. boo!! but my fresh and lean meals arrived yesterday and I had one last night. It was yummy! Fight - had two more interviews and invited to a third! did some knitting, worked on a new puzzle, and took my son shopping for something non-sweats to wear for his senior pic photo session. Flight - put some hills into my walks to gently test out my lungs, seeing if there is any
  5. I wouldn't go back. prinicipal/vice-principal have lost my trust and respect. I do miss all my teacher friends though. If P/VP were fired... I'd go back :) That's highly unlikely. Appealing termination to clear my name and get that horrid letter out of my file. would love a big cash payout for my pain and sufferings but again, highly unlikely.
  6. Week 2 updated stats: 152.5lbs 36% body fat Week Two: 25 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Two Food - ordered dinners from Fresh-n-Lean. They are scheduled to arrive next saturday but that was a good plan I started this week for healthier eating. I tried a Primal Kitchen frozen meal this week, it was good. Fight - got a haircut and got an interview for an aide position at an elementary school!! Finished a lego set and a puzzle. Played a new card game with my son (Durian). Flight - went to four different parks this week for my wal
  7. I have an interview!! Tomorrow at 11am. I'm nervous and excited and very glad that I got a hair cut today
  8. I have an audio book that I'm listening to, each disc is about an hour so if I start it just after 9pm it takes me right up to a good bed time. I've been knitting while listening too.
  9. I like the one goal to start and then adding in more if you feel like it. Nice! That'll keep you in the game How's it going so far? Adding in any new goals or still sticking with the one?
  10. Week 1 starting stats: 153lbs 37.5% body fat Week one went okay, I moved around alot and I kept myself distracted. Decided to add a food log to my journal (keeping track of Food/Fight/Flight). 14 points for the week. The goal is 21. Gotta step it up Notable Things from Week One Food - turkey chili from Panera (my favorite!!) Fight - had a mammogram, scheduled a haircut, caught up with a friend from work at the park Flight - revisited Darebee for some extra exercises at home Appeal process continues. It's an uphill battle. I feel pret
  11. Love your title, love your goals. I feel like I'm kinda doing the same thing - just living life, staying in the present moment and trying not to get ahead of myself. Thanks for always checking out my thread and sending support! Here to cheer you on
  12. I recently got knocked down. Tested positive for COVID, gave it to my husband and my son, and was wrongfully terminated from my job after the diagnosis. I'm exhausted from the stress and anxiety of this experience. I'm in the midst of an appeal of my termination and I'm looking for a new job. Plus, I'm still physically/mentally recovering from COVID, and taking care of my son and husband as they recover. So I got knocked down. And I've spent the last month being super stressed, and depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. Time to get back up. Fight or Flight time. Time
  13. Yeah, so that challenge didn't happen. I never emerged from my isolation. I did rally and put together something for the husband unit's birthday and for our anniversary. i finally got around to decorating the house (on the 23rd!!) for Christmas. My cough is gone. Dan is back home and his energy is up and he's taking his blood thinners. I'm still pretty tired alot of the time. just need to get back into a routine I think. For the rest of the break though I do have some new puzzles and legos to play with, and I got some new copic marker which I love for journaling. Good me
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