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  1. mom2sjm

    no theme for mom2sjm just accountability

    It's the night time. Cheese, nuts, beer. Popping in a Frontera bowl in the microwave for dinner instead of cooking chicken and making my own salad. Or going out to eat. Just tired and lazy and I guess sometimes feeling a little defeated "how much difference does it make?" mode once I get home from school but still have so much school work to do because it's the end of the year. so that's been the eating/lack of exercise trend these past two weeks. What can I focus on??? Well. School is out for now so I think getting up in the morning and exercising is the first best thing I can do for my attitude. Journaling is really helping me see what I'm doing to myself food wise. 'mI a little frustrated with my weight loss (one pound) gone but I went grocery shopping today and I've got good stuff at home now. Still lots of cheese and nuts and beer around but I'm hoping with less stress now that school is out I won't be so tempted.
  2. mom2sjm

    no theme for mom2sjm just accountability

    nope. last week of school was like...
  3. mom2sjm

    no theme for mom2sjm just accountability

    My point total for the week: 24 Well. I guess it is better than last week by one. saved by the bonus points. so it's worse because I was really inconsistent with everything this week. Final week - will I pull it altogether? I have been the most consistent about journaling my food. nowhere near my goal of 1200 calories per day. it's very clear why after three weeks I've only lost one pound... ARGH! late night snacking - my nemesis. and beer.
  4. mom2sjm

    no theme for mom2sjm just accountability

    Week 2 Recap Started the challenge late but I did ok. Really made an effort not to skip lunch and avoided snacks at staff meetings and parties this week. Didn't exercise though. That's the goal for next week. The max with all the bonus is 70 points a week. I ended up with 23.
  5. I'm already late to the challenge so there is no time to stress about creating a theme for the challenge. Goal: Heading to a wedding in Georgia in July. It's going to be HOT. I want to lose some weight so I don't need all the spanx things underneath my dress. Don't get me wrong - I love my shape wear, I just really don't want all the layers for this occasion. Plan (I'm aiming for 2lbs a week): keep a food log to be sure I'm eating around 1200 calories a day exercise 30 minutes get to bed before 10pm Starting Weight (5-30-19): 140lbs