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  1. Week One Check In After a weekend furlough at our house, Tobi the foster dog was adopted yesterday!! I've completed 30 clock hours! 120 to go. Who knows, I may be able to put that creative goal back into play before the challenge is over if I keep moving at this pace!
  2. Week One Bonus: Resisting Happiness Action Task Chpt. 13: Offer each hour or activity of your day to God as a prayer for a specific intention. The plan is to pick one day this week and throughout that day make a prayer of intention, something like: "Lord, I really don't feel like washing these dishes right now, but I will do it and do it well. And I offer this task to you as a prayer for my friend Teesha, who is recovering from a stroke. Please help her heal a little more today. Amen."
  3. Week Zero Recap It was a messy week! 1. OMG the foster dog! So much crazy. Lots of walking and he is cool with my ring work in the backyard and my kitchen gym workouts (well, he stays out of my way!). From the data I collected I can see that I'm able to fit in 3-4 proper kitchen workouts during my day and that I am moving quite a bit during the day outside of the kitchen which is good. I'm going to keep my MEHOTH (move every hour on the hour) goal and continue to exercise in my kitchen gym when I'm at home. Might need to set a timer though because... 2. On Tuesday I discovered that my teaching certificate had NOT expired like i thought it had. It is still valid. Until June 30th! Hadn't thought or worried about it about it in the past 5 years because I've had lots going on with my boys and my parents. Now I find myself standing in the kitchen shredding old documents (I really do do everything in there don't I?) holding this still valid teaching credential. Suddenly its very important to me that I not lose it. 150 clock hours, that's what I need to get done in about 5 weeks to have enough time for the state to process my renewal. So what does that mean for this challenge? Creative goal - gone. Now it's the Credential goal. Top priority. Lots of reading. Lots of writing. So much quizzing. And yes, I'll be working on all the things in my kitchen, at my kitchen table (that's why I need to set the timer so I don't space on my MEHOTH goal) because all these classes will be online. 3. Eating and drinking. Pretty good until the weekend. I had a couple beers at home while I worked on tedious aspects of my online class (STEM Lesson Essentials/30 Clock Hours). Logged almost all my meals and water on MFP. Did go out on Friday night with the husband unit and those meals are trickier to track but I'm not too worried about it. I eat most of the time at the house and all that stuff is super easy to track because it's super boring To recap. Life got messy. Changed one of my goals. Planning to set a timer to keep up with MEHOTH. That's it. I'm ready for the challenge to officially begin! Bring on week one!!
  4. I'm still climbing on counters to reach things! Which is annoying because I have three boys and a husband that are all over 6ft tall so what's up with that? They think it's hilarious and at the last second when I'm just about to get what I climbed for, they'll grab it for me...
  5. the first seven days of whole30 are hard. I always feel like crap during them no matter how clean I had been eating before doing the whole30. but it gets better, I promise. hang in there!
  6. Chapter 24: The Kitchen is my Gym I spend alot of time in my kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, eating, doing laundry, supervising homework, working from home, being creative... I'm in there so much anyway, I might as well exercise in there too. Time for a kitchen makeover!! The Long Term Goal: Lose 3-5 pounds Challenge Goal: Turn my kitchen into a gym Quest 1 Every hour (I'm at home) during the hour go to my kitchen gym and exercise. +1xp daily for recording movement. There are a ton of resources out there to help me. Like this 5 minute kitchen workout or 7 kitchen exercises and, of course, you tube... What I do exercise wise (and for how long) will change each day as my schedule dictates but the goal is to do something physical during the hours I'm home (in my kitchen gym) for a minimum of 5 minutes. Having equipment in the kitchen (yoga mat, jump rope, kettle bell, etc.) will help me be creative, plus it leads to the backyard where I have my rings set up. I plan to record what I do "ehoth" in my journal no matter where i'm at. Quest 2 Exercise restraint and workout a healthy eating routine. +1xp for completed mfp log. No beers at home. No cokes at work. Make most of my meals at home (in my kitchen gym!). Log my meals on MFP. Drink 64-80oz of water daily. Quest 3 Exercise creative muscles to distract from snacking. +1xp for "training" session Bonus: I don't have to worry about cleaning up because I have a dedicated art workout space in the kitchen now so i can let the creative juices flow! When you need extra support at the gym sometimes you work with a trainer. Well i just completed a creative muscle training session with Jesse Reno (Freedom to Create class) and now that I've got a dedicated creative space in my kitchen I am set to go. The plan initially is to paint using the techniques I learned with Jesse but I can work on other projects too. The important part is that I spend 10-15 minutes daily being creative! Quest 4 Be like Martha, and Snoop Dogg. +1xp daily for Habits check-in We all know Martha loves her to-do lists. I also love a good to-do list. So like Martha I've created the mother of all check lists - a Habits check list. I've got daily and weekly to-do items on this list. But unlike Martha I'm not going to be stressing myself out to get all the things done. Here is where I'm going to channel my inner Snoop Dogg and be chill about it. If I miss something, it's cool. It's all about checking in with myself. See what I prioritize when life gets busy. Weekly Bonus: Pick one "action step" from Resisting Happiness Book, announce it here and then do it. +5xp