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  1. Day 12/35 body better attitude after going whole30 adjacent. no coke in 7 days, no alcohol in 11 (and counting!). don't miss the alcohol. can't tell if I'm still craving coke. I'm putting in caffeinated crystal light mix into my water so maybe that is helping. mind been doing the headspaces sessions on stress management. joined inktober so I can do some drawings in my journal that I wouldn't normally do. maybe the prompts for the drawings will get me thinking about things in life and I can do some journaling. spirit back on track with the daily walking. I decided that I need to pick up a found object on my walk and then once my collection gets interesting, see if I can assemble something out of the lot. keeping on the lookout for found objects is helping me to stay present in the moment. other notes: picked up a NF accountability buddy for my MEd program - the plan is to check in with each other on how things are going with our programs as well as share something we did to "de-stress" that week. been working in an hour or so of organizing into my day. I need to be sure to have finished my day's class work though because I actually LOVE to organize and can go down the rabbit hole for sure if I'm not careful!
  2. yeah. gonna change my "whole 30" plan to "quit eating shitty food" plan. it's not that I can't do it, I have done it before. three times actually, so I know I CAN do it. it turns out, I just don't want to. how come? I'm tired of feeling crummy when I eat something non-compliant. for example, last night my husband made his super yummy turkey chili. I had a bowl but didn't enjoy the experience as much as I should have because I was mad at myself for having a bowl in the first place (because of the beans, and probably now that I think about it, the tomato sauce). It's not like I've been doing terrible. Had one coke and then restarted. Had sauce poured all over my salmon fillet that I wasn't expecting because that's not the way I remember it being served (this was yesterday at IKEA) and then the chili last night. I could restart today and that was my intention and then I just felt really tired about it and I didn't want that to lead me down the path of all or nothing. So I'm stepping away from my judge-y whole30 brain and towards a kinder, gentler "eat less shitty food" brain. Things I'll keep from whole30 prep - do not step on the scale, go with whole30 approved products I've already purchased to avoid sneaky sugars, no alcohol, and no soda. Once upon a time I did the whole30 to figure out if I have any intolerance to foods. I don't. So I don't have anything to gain from doing a whole30, in terms of learning about foods I may have an intolerance for. There is ALOT to gain though - better sleep, less anxiety, less bloating, feeling better about food, etc. Can I accomplish this being whole30 adjacent? I guess we'll find out.
  3. Day 5/35 Ugh. Already had to restart my whole30 goals. I made it two days before having a coke! It's my go-to drink when I'm stressed and yesterday, I was stressed out after a doctor's appointment. First time ever in my life where I was told that I needed to lose weight. A doctor's order!! I mean I KNOW I'm overweight but to be told a health issue I'm experiencing is weight related was a new experience for me. Not fun. But okay. It's an ORDER not just a wish on my part. So I gotta be serious now. body: no coke, no alcohol. ate all the whole foods today. wrote everything down in my journal. mind: today's anti-challenge talk was great, the focus was on our "inner critic" which I spent some quality time reflecting on in my journal. spirit: because of the doctor's order I'm aiming for a daily walk of 15 minutes followed immediately by 10 minutes walking while playing pokemon go. That way I'll walk at a minimum for 25 minutes. these are the goals for the rest of this week and then I'll reassess if I need to.
  4. Have you seen this Ted Talk? I am fascinated by people that can speak more than one language.
  5. Day 2/35 body: started whole30 today. not supposed to step on a scale for 30 days but I did step on one yesterday. 160lbs is my starting weight. ideally, before the start of the next school year I'd like to be back down to 130lbs. but for this challenge, it'd be nice to go down 5 pounds? we'll see... mind: breathing breaks with yoda (headspace) as well as reflecting on day two journal prompt for NFAntiChallenge. spirit: drove my youngest back to school today (WWU in Bellingham WA) so while not a dedicated walk there was much walking around downtown as we ran errands and then the walking back and forth to my car/to the dorm to get him settled back in after the winter break at home.
  6. Day 1/35 Body: Dry January started today. Bought veggies for whole30 which starts tomorrow. Prepped journal to record challenge accountability and food log. Mind: Day 1 NF Anti-Challenge. I know, it's weird to start a 6-day "anti-challenge" and a 5-week challenge at the same time but after reading about the anti-challenge I thought it would line up with my mind(fulness) goal. Six days of learning about how to set yourself for success when creating goals and responding to the daily journal prompts is being mindful. in my mind Spirit: 10-min walk downtown this evening enjoying the trees wrapped in white lights. Additional 10 minutes walking back to my car (and playing Pokémon Go).
  7. I have two similar goals! Practicing mindfulness AND no alcohol (Dry January). Here to cheer you on!
  8. Love your boxes! So organized and colorful. Hang in there, don't get down on yourself. Here to cheer you on.
  9. I like your goals! I too plan to do some purging this year. My plan is to purge some pounds but back to you! How are you going to log your nutrition?
  10. Back to School Challenge PREP body: I have printed out all the whole 30 things I'll need to get started. I have a shopping list. I have a week one meal plan sketched out. mind: teachers get a free subscription to headspace and how psyched am I to discover that currently there is a set of "breath with headspace and star wars" meditations!?! Check this out, I will. spirit: it'll be a challenge to walk without playing Pokémon Go but my plan is practice "mindful walking" (as we say at school) for 10 minutes and then if I still have the interest, continue to walk and at this point I can play. That way a 10-minute walk might turn into a 20-minute walk and that's a good thing. thank you for checking in on me! T-minus two! Happy NewYear's Eve eve
  11. Back story: Former teacher turned SAHM. Then, husband got covid November 2020. Was hospitalized three times, almost died twice and now, two years later deals daily with covid-long haul. OG NF members may remember that my husband (was) an iron man triathlete. At the time covid tried to take him down he was on two competitive cycling teams as well as an active cyclocross enthusiast. Anyway, that's all changed. It looked like he was heading towards retirement which meant, I had to go back to work after 20 years as a SAHM. Luckily my teaching certificate was current, and I have been able to pick up back-to-back leave replacement teaching positions. But since I am having trouble getting hired for a full year contract in my home district (do not want to commute) I decided to go back to school to earn my MEd. I'm ALMOST done. So close. So, so close. But that's been the story of my life for the past couple of years: I'm back to school, again. Both as a teacher, and a student. It's stressful, being a student and, basically, a "first-year" teacher at 54. I'm exhausted. I've gained a ton of weight. My energy is super low. I'm in survival mode. I'm like a deer in the headlights. So why add a challenge into the mix? Accountability. I thought, why not make it a triple shot of school... Back to School NF Challenge Body: Joined the January Whole 30. Starts January 2nd. Will keep a food log of some sort. Mind: We do mindfulness in school, it's part of our curriculum. Bring those lessons home - do some headspace or something mindful. just breathe. at home. everyday. Spirit: Go outside. Take a walk, every day. Appreciate the world around me. Give myself grace to take a break. I'm talking just a walk here. No playing Pokémon Go, no hills/or power walking, just a "look around and appreciate" walk.
  12. Week 5 149.5lbs 36% body fat 23 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Five Food - Must try harder to resist coke machine in the staff room... Fight - Feel like I'm getting the hang of my new routine. Made a big effort this week to honor screen curfew. Flight - Stopped at park after work to get my walk in before going home. Think that'll be my new routine. Well. I do feel like I got back up. I steadily added back in routines that help me focus on being healthy and positive. I added more movement into my day. I didn't lose my health insurance. And while it wasn't a specific goal, I did lose a pound of water weight during the challenge and with my food log I have set myself up for the next challenge where I am going to focus on shifting my body fat % in terms of knowing what I've been eating/movement/water/sleep. One cool thing that happened during this challenge is that my third son is FINALLY a licensed driver. Now all three drive. Yay! I thought it would NEVER happen. He wasn't interested in driving as a teenager and now that he works remotely for FB I thought that was that. But nope! He surprised me.
  13. Week 4 150.5lbs 36% body fat Week four down, one week to go. Haven't really moved the dial on my weight loss journey but I'm feeling pretty good about my plan going forward. Getting that job is going to help me get back into a routine which is always helpful for my mood and other things going on in life. 18 points for the week. Notable Things from Week four Food - Fresh and Lean dinners are not disappointing me! Fight - completed all my new hire paperwork and fingerprints for my new job. started my job on Friday! Flight - 45 minutes of recess duty has been added to my movement routine Not great news for the week: Appeal process has concluded. They upheld the principal's decision to fire me. I'm not totally surprised. I live in an at-will state and I worked for a private corporation. but still I'm very disappointed. they did agree to remove the termination letter and replace it with a furlough letter and they will continue my insurance through the end of my original contract so it is a win but it feels like a loss. Goals for next week: avoid the coke machine in my new staff room!!!!!
  14. This is how I felt yesterday during my first day of work on a new job. I rolled out of bed and headed to the district office to drop off my fingerprints. afterwards I decided to take a walk at a park near my new school just to get a lay of the land. during the walk the principal calls and asks if I could come in that day instead of on monday because the person I'm subbing for was available for me to shadow. I explained that I was unshowered and may be wearing a pajama top under my sweatshirt, my hair was tied up under a ball cap... but I that'd come in if they were fine with my very casual appearance. They were! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and very happy I was willing to "come as you are" and I was thrilled to discover that I'll be working with "the best kind of people." But yeah, on Monday I'm going to be clean and professional...
  15. Week 3 updated stats: 152.5lbs 38% body fat Week Three: 21 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Three Food - lots of stress snacking. and sodas. boo!! but my fresh and lean meals arrived yesterday and I had one last night. It was yummy! Fight - had two more interviews and invited to a third! did some knitting, worked on a new puzzle, and took my son shopping for something non-sweats to wear for his senior pic photo session. Flight - put some hills into my walks to gently test out my lungs, seeing if there is any post-covid challenges. so far, okay but I am really taking things easy. And now, the best part of the week... . I had a second interview yesterday and they offered me the job last night. I start next friday!! It's a temporary learning support position for reading which is perfect for me since I'm still working through my appeal process. It's full time so that might include benefits and I think it goes through April so that's pretty good. Hopefully by then my appeal will be over and I can think about what I want to do next year. Goals for next week: learn how to use Zoom and See Saw :)
  16. I wouldn't go back. prinicipal/vice-principal have lost my trust and respect. I do miss all my teacher friends though. If P/VP were fired... I'd go back :) That's highly unlikely. Appealing termination to clear my name and get that horrid letter out of my file. would love a big cash payout for my pain and sufferings but again, highly unlikely.
  17. Week 2 updated stats: 152.5lbs 36% body fat Week Two: 25 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Two Food - ordered dinners from Fresh-n-Lean. They are scheduled to arrive next saturday but that was a good plan I started this week for healthier eating. I tried a Primal Kitchen frozen meal this week, it was good. Fight - got a haircut and got an interview for an aide position at an elementary school!! Finished a lego set and a puzzle. Played a new card game with my son (Durian). Flight - went to four different parks this week for my walks. Started the 30 day challenge (Darebee Easy Core). The best thing happened this week... I was invited to an interview for a elementary aide position!! I think it went well. Randomly I had a haircut scheduled on the day before and my husband put a better camera on my computer so I felt relaxed during the interview because I wasn't distracted by that stuff. It lasted a little over the scheduled time and that's usually a good sign. I will know this week how it went. No matter how it goes, I really needed that boost. I put in my cover letter that I was fired after my positive covid test and I was appealing the decision. They called me anyway so the fear that I had about being too honest for my own good has subsided. Goals for next week: add some spinach or kale to my protein drink. my appetite hasn't totally come back after the corona virus but I'm trying to get in some more food.
  18. I have an interview!! Tomorrow at 11am. I'm nervous and excited and very glad that I got a hair cut today
  19. I have an audio book that I'm listening to, each disc is about an hour so if I start it just after 9pm it takes me right up to a good bed time. I've been knitting while listening too.
  20. I like the one goal to start and then adding in more if you feel like it. Nice! That'll keep you in the game How's it going so far? Adding in any new goals or still sticking with the one?
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