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  1. Week 5 149.5lbs 36% body fat 23 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Five Food - Must try harder to resist coke machine in the staff room... Fight - Feel like I'm getting the hang of my new routine. Made a big effort this week to honor screen curfew. Flight - Stopped at park after work to get my walk in before going home. Think that'll be my new routine. Well. I do feel like I got back up. I steadily added back in routines that help me focus on being healthy and positive. I added more movement into my day. I didn't lose my health insurance. And while it wasn't a specific goal, I did lose a pound of water weight during the challenge and with my food log I have set myself up for the next challenge where I am going to focus on shifting my body fat % in terms of knowing what I've been eating/movement/water/sleep. One cool thing that happened during this challenge is that my third son is FINALLY a licensed driver. Now all three drive. Yay! I thought it would NEVER happen. He wasn't interested in driving as a teenager and now that he works remotely for FB I thought that was that. But nope! He surprised me.
  2. Week 4 150.5lbs 36% body fat Week four down, one week to go. Haven't really moved the dial on my weight loss journey but I'm feeling pretty good about my plan going forward. Getting that job is going to help me get back into a routine which is always helpful for my mood and other things going on in life. 18 points for the week. Notable Things from Week four Food - Fresh and Lean dinners are not disappointing me! Fight - completed all my new hire paperwork and fingerprints for my new job. started my job on Friday! Flight - 45 minutes of recess duty has been added to my movement routine Not great news for the week: Appeal process has concluded. They upheld the principal's decision to fire me. I'm not totally surprised. I live in an at-will state and I worked for a private corporation. but still I'm very disappointed. they did agree to remove the termination letter and replace it with a furlough letter and they will continue my insurance through the end of my original contract so it is a win but it feels like a loss. Goals for next week: avoid the coke machine in my new staff room!!!!!
  3. This is how I felt yesterday during my first day of work on a new job. I rolled out of bed and headed to the district office to drop off my fingerprints. afterwards I decided to take a walk at a park near my new school just to get a lay of the land. during the walk the principal calls and asks if I could come in that day instead of on monday because the person I'm subbing for was available for me to shadow. I explained that I was unshowered and may be wearing a pajama top under my sweatshirt, my hair was tied up under a ball cap... but I that'd come in if they were fine with my very casual appearance. They were! Everyone was so nice and welcoming and very happy I was willing to "come as you are" and I was thrilled to discover that I'll be working with "the best kind of people." But yeah, on Monday I'm going to be clean and professional...
  4. Week 3 updated stats: 152.5lbs 38% body fat Week Three: 21 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Three Food - lots of stress snacking. and sodas. boo!! but my fresh and lean meals arrived yesterday and I had one last night. It was yummy! Fight - had two more interviews and invited to a third! did some knitting, worked on a new puzzle, and took my son shopping for something non-sweats to wear for his senior pic photo session. Flight - put some hills into my walks to gently test out my lungs, seeing if there is any post-covid challenges. so far, okay but I am really taking things easy. And now, the best part of the week... . I had a second interview yesterday and they offered me the job last night. I start next friday!! It's a temporary learning support position for reading which is perfect for me since I'm still working through my appeal process. It's full time so that might include benefits and I think it goes through April so that's pretty good. Hopefully by then my appeal will be over and I can think about what I want to do next year. Goals for next week: learn how to use Zoom and See Saw :)
  5. I wouldn't go back. prinicipal/vice-principal have lost my trust and respect. I do miss all my teacher friends though. If P/VP were fired... I'd go back :) That's highly unlikely. Appealing termination to clear my name and get that horrid letter out of my file. would love a big cash payout for my pain and sufferings but again, highly unlikely.
  6. Week 2 updated stats: 152.5lbs 36% body fat Week Two: 25 points for the week. Notable Things from Week Two Food - ordered dinners from Fresh-n-Lean. They are scheduled to arrive next saturday but that was a good plan I started this week for healthier eating. I tried a Primal Kitchen frozen meal this week, it was good. Fight - got a haircut and got an interview for an aide position at an elementary school!! Finished a lego set and a puzzle. Played a new card game with my son (Durian). Flight - went to four different parks this week for my walks. Started the 30 day challenge (Darebee Easy Core). The best thing happened this week... I was invited to an interview for a elementary aide position!! I think it went well. Randomly I had a haircut scheduled on the day before and my husband put a better camera on my computer so I felt relaxed during the interview because I wasn't distracted by that stuff. It lasted a little over the scheduled time and that's usually a good sign. I will know this week how it went. No matter how it goes, I really needed that boost. I put in my cover letter that I was fired after my positive covid test and I was appealing the decision. They called me anyway so the fear that I had about being too honest for my own good has subsided. Goals for next week: add some spinach or kale to my protein drink. my appetite hasn't totally come back after the corona virus but I'm trying to get in some more food.
  7. I have an interview!! Tomorrow at 11am. I'm nervous and excited and very glad that I got a hair cut today
  8. I have an audio book that I'm listening to, each disc is about an hour so if I start it just after 9pm it takes me right up to a good bed time. I've been knitting while listening too.
  9. I like the one goal to start and then adding in more if you feel like it. Nice! That'll keep you in the game How's it going so far? Adding in any new goals or still sticking with the one?
  10. Week 1 starting stats: 153lbs 37.5% body fat Week one went okay, I moved around alot and I kept myself distracted. Decided to add a food log to my journal (keeping track of Food/Fight/Flight). 14 points for the week. The goal is 21. Gotta step it up Notable Things from Week One Food - turkey chili from Panera (my favorite!!) Fight - had a mammogram, scheduled a haircut, caught up with a friend from work at the park Flight - revisited Darebee for some extra exercises at home Appeal process continues. It's an uphill battle. I feel pretty small in it. But my husband is a lawyer and he is very smart. Luckily we are in a place financially that we're not going to starve or become homeless without my paycheck which also means we can be patient and see this through. Goals for next week: screen curfew!! 9pm. nightly. maybe try some headspace (my sleep still sucks). doing a dry january but should probably drop the cokes too (although sometimes having a coke at bedtime does help me sleep, I know - I'm weird. It's an ADHD thing.).
  11. Love your title, love your goals. I feel like I'm kinda doing the same thing - just living life, staying in the present moment and trying not to get ahead of myself. Thanks for always checking out my thread and sending support! Here to cheer you on
  12. I recently got knocked down. Tested positive for COVID, gave it to my husband and my son, and was wrongfully terminated from my job after the diagnosis. I'm exhausted from the stress and anxiety of this experience. I'm in the midst of an appeal of my termination and I'm looking for a new job. Plus, I'm still physically/mentally recovering from COVID, and taking care of my son and husband as they recover. So I got knocked down. And I've spent the last month being super stressed, and depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. Time to get back up. Fight or Flight time. Time to prime myself for action. In a good way. Because life is moving on and I need to jump back into it. Fight Do something that moves me forward every day. Work on my job hunt, Stay positive about my appeal process. Distract myself with one of my favorite things. Maybe try something new. Reach out to friends from school/life, reach out to family. Just one thing, everyday. Keep a journal record of activity. 1pt daily for follow thru Bonus: Screen curfew 9pm/1pt Way too much screen time. It's messing with my sleep. Flight Exercise! Walk daily. No excuses. I live by so many cool parks and since I lost my job... I have so much more time on my hands. Keep a journal record of activity. 1pt daily for follow thru Bonus: Stairs or park exercises or darebee/1pt Climb some stairs or do a couple exercises at an outdoor fitness equipment station or do a darebee dare.
  13. Yeah, so that challenge didn't happen. I never emerged from my isolation. I did rally and put together something for the husband unit's birthday and for our anniversary. i finally got around to decorating the house (on the 23rd!!) for Christmas. My cough is gone. Dan is back home and his energy is up and he's taking his blood thinners. I'm still pretty tired alot of the time. just need to get back into a routine I think. For the rest of the break though I do have some new puzzles and legos to play with, and I got some new copic marker which I love for journaling. Good mental things. There isn't an excuse for not walking though. Just need to do it. It'll be better once break is over and I'm back into a routine. I will try again!!
  14. Week 1 Recap Meh. it was a meh start to the challenge. I was in a funky mood this week. I meditated once. I did a couple of calming type things. I went on three walks. I started off initially journaling but then it fell off. Mostly I just watched a lot of tv. Dan ended up back in the hospital because they found two blood clots in his leg. and then I have this cough starting up, which I didn't have when my covid was active I guess so it's probably the after effect. but it messes with your mind you know, every little thing that happens, and then we kinda freeze and over analyze it. So anyway. meh. not a great week BUT almost all of my challenges start off with a crappy week one so I'm okay, I'm not discouraged because week one wasn't great but i know the other ones will get better.
  15. I had a very mild experience, about 24 hours of fatigue and then a couple of days with things that I'm still not convinced weren't my regular allergy things. One of our two boys still living at home also tested positive as did my husband. Max's experience was much like mine but Dan's veered off into some scary territory. He was hospitalized for 4 days after developing pneumonia.
  16. I'm out of isolation after testing positive for COVID 19 on November 21st and I am just exhausted. Mentally and physically. I'm in recovery mode for this challenge. Mental: This is hard. I can't turn off my brain. Stress and anxiety are at peak levels. Going for one calming activity daily. Physical: I'm so tense and just really exhausted. Goal is for a 30 minute walk daily. I need to move. I need to be outside. I'll probably do some kind of a journal or log to keep track. Still figuring out the plan but thought if I put it out into the nerdiverse, then I'd have some accountability. I'm really struggling to find a new normal and nerd fitness challenges have helped provide structure for me in the past so it's a so great that I found a challenge just starting up. Nice timing!.
  17. Week 5 Recap 14.5 points. Not great but it was the first week of school. Very, very busy. Working many hours so walking and eating wasn't really happening. I did do something daily for keeping grounded though and one day in class I did pull out some yoga moves Challenge Recap 107.5 points. Level up!! Yay!! Overall I'm most proud of staying grounded in the midst of a stressful time as I prepared to head back to in-person teaching. I've been back almost two weeks now and it's going okay. We are still in a "slow roll out" so just half days - next week we'll be full day in person (pre-kindergarten). Kids are pretty good about keeping the masks on. We'll see how that goes once we go over the three hour mark. distancing is not happening but we are trying. my senior is off to a rocky start with remote which is frustrating as I am not able to be at home with him. hopefully the husband unit will step up his game since he is now the stay at home parent... Thanks to those that offered support and encouragement!!
  18. Week 4 21 points for the week Ugh. No walking this week. Just working (but it did involve heavy lifting, ladders, going back and forth to staff room to do copies/laminating/prep - lots of exercise). Tomorrow is a meet and greet day, the first official day is Wednesday so its a short week which will be a good warm up to back school. My senior starts his year remotely on Thursday (now that's a short week!). Even though I was working many hours it wasn't a totally stressful week because it involved organization and that actually calms me down. For the rest of this week I'm going to focus on my eating (I drank too many sodas this week working and I need to not get back into that habit). I really want to try and get in that after school walk too, especially while the weather is good. Doing pretty good with the grounded and about 50-50 with the yoga. Yay! Final week of the challenge - lets do this!!
  19. Yes - next week is my inservice week where I will be learning all sorts of things and collaborating with my team on our plan for pre-k this fall. Excited and nervous. Looking forward to seeing my teacher friends... from a distance But! I must recap week three before I get to week four... Week Three Recap 22.5 points for the week A little better but not the greatest. Still not walking or eating as well as I should be. But I did pre-order my lunches for september and went with salads so I am preparing to be better... Ummm. Focused on our schedule and came up with a plan for the full time remote kids - we are putting them altogether and in the other classroom where we have a more tech savvy team and their aide is super excited about it. whew!! dodged a bullet. well. until one/more of my students has to go remote for whatever reason, then I'll be playing catch up. I'll get my first look at the finished classroom tomorrow since construction is finally done. setting up a brand new classroom on top of everything else, it's going to be a busy week. but I plan to get up a little early and crank out a neighborhood walk. then on the way home stop at the park and do one more to clear my head. I'm still trying to set up my son's home "classroom" area and we made some progress. Put his schedule on my husband's calendar so he'll get notifications and hopefully will go and check on him often throughout the morning to see that he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. It's his senior year of HS so it's important and I really wish I was teaching remote so I could be the one checking on him but, it is not to be. I can still text Ok people, we are in the home stretch! 2 weeks is plenty of time to make improvements!!
  20. Not only that, but the child care umbrella also opens up the building for K-8 "camps" plus child care for essential workers (the staff coming into the building to teach remotely - some will, some will stay home). So with the pre-k (that's 34 students/teachers), the specialists (5 teachers), plus the lunch crew, the janitors, the office manager, the nurse, the principal, vice principal, dean of students, admissions director, IT team, how ever many k-8 teachers decide to remotely teach from the classroom (20??), the child care providers for these k-8 camps AND the children of essential workers (plus all those kids in these camp/childcare "pods") that's ALOT of people in the building. 100 minimum I'd guess. YES!! So while we are teaching in person we also have to create a teams meeting so the 3 kids at home can see what's going on - because simultaneously while we teach we will be filming ourselves teaching in person (and interacting with the students at home AND the students in the classroom). We'll need to send home in advance materials that we will be using in our centers so the kids at home have the same stuff. and then there is some talk about pre-recording some videos for other stuff and/or having one of the teachers meet just with the remote kids while the other teacher is dealing with the in person kids. It's a hot mess for sure. I'm sure we'll figure something out next week during our in-service that will get us through the first two weeks of school (which are half-day for everyone to ease them into routine, thank GOD!! it's going to be so crazy). School starts the 31st (my birthday!!!!).
  21. Week 2 Recap Okay. Dip in the points - only 20 for the week. Did not walk as much. I did walk A TON but it was all Pokemon Go walking - it was a week where there were unowns in raid and it just became my obsession. I did get all the letters so it was worth it It was a stressful week because our principal finally announced that K-8 will start remote, but Pre-K (that's me) is full day in person. Pre-K falls under the childcare umbrella so it can (and is going to) happen... I'm very stressed. I mean, I've been out for sure but I've not been in one place other than my home for 7 hours in a row. not to mention I haven't needed to wear a mask for seven hours in a row NOR have I had 20 people in the room with me (for seven hours... you see the pattern here). So that kind of put me down the rabbit hole of stress and anxiety and despite the extra hours I put into being outside hunting for ULTRA unown, I also drank beer. Lots of it. And I ate grilled cheese almost daily (mmmmmm, so comforting). So that's how I ended up with 20 points instead of the 38 that are there for the taking. Not really sure my plan for this week. Back to walking sans phone for at least 30 minutes daily. No beers. Look into this seed to salad outdoor science lesson that we might be able to do to start the year (our school does have a garden which will be up for grabs I guess given that we'll be the only grade in the building...). I have a couple of outdoor scavenger hunts that combines numbers and colors that I could extend. Now that the decision has been made I need to get serious about planning. Plus now we have to figure out how to teach outside more but also like how to "go live" while out side (and inside for that matter) for the three parents that want full day remote preK. Lots to think about!!
  22. Week one went pretty good - I earned 29.5 point!! Did very well pairing protein with a veggie at every meal except for today. Took an all day Teaching Pre-K zoom conference that was very helpful, lots of good ideas. Every day I did something grounding and my seated yoga (except for today, no yoga). Walked sans pokemon go four out of the seven days, got in some nice hills and enjoyed the trails. My husband and our boys are camping Friday - Sunday so I am taking advantage of an empty house and doing a SUPER CLEAN which makes me really happy (although it did kinda mess up my flow - hyperfocus mode!!). Next week I'm going to track my meals, see where things are at - I would like to lose some of this quarantine weight I've put on before school starts so I'm able to keep up with the preschoolers. Our school did change to a remote start but there is a chance that pre-k will still be in person because it might fall under the childcare umbrella. principal will let us know hopefully soon. I'm like "just a make a decision already so i can start planning!!!!!" argh... while I'm waiting for the official word my plan for next week is that I'm going to look at our science lessons because I think even remote or in-person there is a way I can make my lessons get the kids outside. I have ideas!!
  23. Yay for hooping!! I should work on that skill, be the envy of the playground during recess duty
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