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  1. I'm almost 50 but would like to try Parkour.  Can anyone recommend a gym in the seattle/bellevue area that has a 40+ crowd?


  2. trapped under the weight of napping puppies...  wish I had a protein bar.  how is my growling stomach not waking them?



  3. Doing hot yoga when you have a runny nose is not something I recommend...

  4. Happy Back to the Future Day!

  5. It's my birthday! My gift at the 6am xfit class? "Drop and give us 47 burpees!" I tried to convince them that 31 burpees was also alot (31 for the day I was born) but they insisted it had to be the number of years... Fun times!

    1. sassyfrassy
    2. Silverwitch


      Happy birthday to you! I hope those burpees weren't the only way to celebrate...

    3. Lightning


      Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. It's my 3rd nerdversary today!

  7. winter is coming... watch out Ravenclaw :)

  8. finished season 1 of sense8 on netflix. loved Sun - so tough!

  9. OINTB - oi vay!

    1. Brawlrus


      YAY! I'm only on episode 9. I have to wait for my gf to finish homework. Also, kinda wanting to change my name to Admiral Rodcocker.

  10. Finally saw the Avengers (and the new Star Wars Trailer!!)!

  11. I've killed 1 bear, 3 bunnies, and 5 boars for House Stark!

  12. I just noticed my member title changed from rookie to House Stark! Yeah!! Assassins mini challenge gives me new title! But seriously, how did that happen?

    1. Br0din


      Hazard did it yesterday

    2. mom2sjm


      so administrators assign the member titles? I thought it was computer generated based on number of comments or whatever. I'd been wondering what would come after "rookie" and when I'd get a new title.

    3. Lightning


      Glad you asked this! I'm waiting to get my House Lannister title and thought it was something I was supposed to do :)

  13. 100 day streak on myfitnesspal (logging food and exercise)!

    1. Tixnleeches


      Congrats!! That's quite the achievement!

    2. DrFeelgood


      Way to go! I missed my "anniversary" and now I'm on Day 103! :)

  14. Heading out in about 15 minutes to meet my fellow nerds at the NF Meetup at Cafe Mox in Seattle!!

  15. a slice of cheesecake before yoga. not my best decision today but, oh man, so yummy.

  16. I did 21 DUs today!!! Not in a row, but still - 21 real DUs mixed in with single jumps.

  17. Went to the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit yesterday at the EMP. So cool!!

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    2. Raincloak


      Been thinking about going, but I'll hit it on a weekday with less crowd. Anything to watch for?

    3. ---


      So jealous. That said, the Indianapolis Children's Museum had an exhibit with props and costumes from Episodes 1-3 some years ago when those movies were big, and I got to visit that! I particularly noted how tiny Natalie Portman's costume was.

    4. Elastigirl


      So fun. Hoping to go soon.

  18. Happy Mother's Day! My boys are cooking for me right now. I smell sausage, bacon, eggs...

  19. What is happening?? My teenage son is SHOWERING! Before school, on his own, without my pleading. And - he's using soap, not just standing under the water. I have tears.

    1. Ceasefire


      Little guy is growing up! XD

    2. Basement Cat

      Basement Cat

      Someone's got a girlfriend... or boyfriend...

  20. Any Seahawk fans on here? Gonna do 12 sits/push/squats during the commerical breaks during Saturday's playoff game!!

    1. Jonesy


      12th man workout, Awesome!

  21. protein snacks that are shakes or resemble a meal... ideas??

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    2. Acryllica


      and ofourse, a handful of nuts.

    3. littlewings


      jerky and of course, bacon.

    4. Carabas


      I like to put some lowfat quark ( not really sure if thats what they call it in the states) and 1-2 bananas in a mixer with some milk. the quark has a lot of protein and the bananas make the whole thing tasty and give you the elektrolytes you need after a workout

  22. Ran 800m without stopping during xfit!

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