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  1. In a previous challenge one of my goals was to move every hour on the hour (MEHOTH) and it was very simple movements. Taking a break to walk was the goal but sometimes I just went in the backyard and did some squats. It was more for mental health than exercise which I really needed at the time. Probably need it now too, it's been a stressful 3 months of remote teaching I like your stripped back goals and I'll be checking in to see how you do!
  2. A super complicated one. My first time as well. I'm sure my husband and our boys will have a go at me once I get started. But I think it will look cool in our rec room and I bet one of the boys will eventually steal it, as they do with most of the things I create...
  3. I have a paint by number arriving this week from Amazon. I'm very excited! How is yours going?
  4. They don't sound lame to me! How is it going so far?
  5. Looks like a good plan! What is the 7-minute workout? I'm currently doing darebee "plan b" workout 3x weekly and daily walking.
  6. Just finished the school year remote teaching and am so SICK of screens, and yet... here I am, the first week of "summer break" and I am still glued to the loathed screen. *sighs* will check in tomorrow for your plan. see if I can apply anything
  7. starting weight: 145lbs points: June 21-July 7th daily walks = 1x daily 3x weekly "darebee plan b" workout = 2x per workout more eating of the superfoods and less eating of the junk foods: .5 per meal/snack that includes a superfood as the main ingredient I am going to create a spreadsheet to keep track of the data for this time chunk. still thinking about how to manage points during recovery but will cross that bridge when I come to it.
  8. I like a good checklist to help me reach my goals... https://darebee.com/challenges/get-to-bed-on-time-challenge.html
  9. Dang! So close!! I was so close to getting out of this house... Now I need to face reality that I will continue to be stuck at home until August as I have a surgery scheduled for july 9th with a 4-6 week recovery. Bummer. Sad face. But, I have a plan! June 21-July 7th: Focus on boosting my immune system so I am healthy going into surgery. daily walks 3x weekly "darebee plan b" workout more eating of the superfoods and less eating of the junk foods July 8th: Get ready for surgery finally, a haircut! already had that scheduled before this surgery came up so that worked out. give myself a manicure (no polish - but the nice buff out so things are shiny). get guest room all ready for myself since that's where I'll recover initially once home. July 9-10th: Hospital July 11-25th: Recovery follow doctor's orders for exercise get back on the superfoods start work on clock hours needed for grade change this fall (30 hours/online)
  10. Blame it on the Boogie - End of Challenge Recap I didn't end up wearing my DVF wrap dress but you see I followed through on the shoes. They weren't too terrible but I was super happy to take them off at the end of the evening. I sat at a great table with people I liked so that really helped relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling. I did leave before the end but I stayed longer than I normally do. The food was yummy and I really enjoyed my beer after my extended dry January Points: 105 over 100, so YAY! plus I reached my weight loss goal (see below) so I get to level up!! Pounds lost: 8 think some of that was water weight from dry jan because overall I only lost 1% body fat so probably more like right at 5 pounds lost?
  11. Today is the day... Week Five Recap 140.5lbs 34.5% body fat calves - 4/6 happy - 6/6 salad - 6/6 dry feb - 4/6
  12. Week Four 141.5lbs 33.5% body fat calves of steel: 3/7 salad: 6/7 dry jan: 7/7 happy: 3/7 This is it. The final stretch. Blame it on the Boogie is this coming Saturday. Since most of my challenge were 30 day challenges my plan going forward is to fill in the blanks as there were lots of days I didn't meet my goals. except for the dry january which I did 100%. going to keep it dry until saturday though. want to eliminate as much bloat as possible.
  13. Week 3 calves of steel - 1pt (I did practice walk in the shoes) salad a day - 5pts dry january - 7 pts happy - 5pts 145.5lbs 36% body fat I was ill all week (still went to work - couldn't afford to take a sick day after all the snow days) so it was just pure survival mode. feeling better today so hope to get back to it this week.
  14. I survived week 2!! calves of steel: 5/7pts salad a day: 5/7pts dry january: 7/7pts happy you: 6/7pts 144lbs 34% body fat
  15. Ummmm. It was okayish. The chunky heel helps with the balance and general feeling of security, but yeah, they are high. My calves and feet were so happy to get out of them.
  16. They just released a bunch of new ones last week. This guy is my favorite of the new ones so far.
  17. I, too, have a themed event in my future. studio 54 school auction. I do have a dress and I am prepared to have loads of fun watching all these parents who weren't even alive in the 70s do the seventies... Good luck with your sweet sixteen year old I've survived two of them and am just about finished with my third (4 more months...).
  18. I, too, am a mother that plays Pokemon Go!!! I have two adult children and one still in high school. My high schooler will occasionally play but mostly it's us adults out there
  19. I need to hear more about this...
  20. I'm right there with you!! looking forward to reading more about what you discover this challenge.
  21. Okay. Here are the shoes (and part of the dress). I did some practice walking this weekend. As for the rest of the week here are the results: calves of steel challenge - 6/7 days, 6 pts a salad a day challenge - 5/7 days, 5 pts dry january - 7/7 days, 7 pts happy you challenge - 7/7 days, 7 pts weigh in - lost some water weight I think due to the dry january. 146.5 lbs 36% body fat
  22. I should probably work in some heel walking practice time during this challenge... maybe on the weekends. 30 minutes? see if all those calf stretches are helping me out!
  23. I'm ready to go! Starting Stats: 148.5lbs 35.5% body fat
  24. Blame It On The Boogie (Feb. 8th) I have 5 weeks to prepare myself for the dreaded school auction. Not super excited, but my attendance is required at this 70s themed work event. I might as well be as comfortable as I can be... Fitness Goal: Get Ready For The Heels (gold platforms) I work with third graders so I am on the go all day. I also have four recess duties as well as one lunch room duty. My shoe of choice? Flats. For the next 5 weeks I need to get ready for an evening in heels (I almost typed hell. see where my head is at here?). Task (daily/1x pt) darebee calves of steel challenge Diet Goal: Get Ready For The Dress (DVF wrap, obviously) I'm like 25 pounds away from my ideal weight. Not a goal for this challenge, but if I could lose 5 pounds I bet I'd feel more comfortable in that wrap dress... Tasks (daily/1x pt each) darebee salad a day challenge dry January (husband unit is doing this too!) Level Up My Life Goal: Attitude Adjustment For The Event I really hate this kind of thing. It takes a lot of energy for me to socialize and I usually reserve it for friends and family, but this work event is happening and I have to go. I think it would help if I pushed myself out of my comfort zone more regularly so that I'm not overwhelmed by it on the night of the event. Task (daily/1x pt) "become a happier & healthier you in 30 days" challenge
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