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  1. mom2sjm. been a member of NF for 7 years (wow!) but it's been awhile since I've been active. I'm back though for the next challenge because I need some accountability something nerdy about me. hmmm. I collect coins and stamps. I feel that pressed pennies are the best souvenir. I love to make lists, on paper with a pencil (Palomino Blackwing).
  2. week 2 recap 6 points I pretty much stopped exercising. my arm is not happy. I am still walking but I dropped my strength training. back at work about half time last week and there was pain with just the minimal work i was doing. this week I'm back full time (no students yet) but lots of prep. I have a modification plan in place but I can't delegate all the things so we'll see. ate pretty good but I went out twice and there were beers. sleep - meh. hard to wind down, lots on my mind. plan for this week: 1. be strong in the staff room!! do not eat the donuts!! 2. use those 8th grade helpers looking for community service hours as much as I can to avoid pain. 3. don't have a plan about the sleep. how can I turn my mind off??? maybe try headspace...
  3. Two things: I bought a compression sleeve for my exercise AND for the back to school prep I'll be doing. And I think this week will be good for eating. No social plans so mostly I'll eat at home. I went grocery shopping and have good stuff here.
  4. Week 1 Recap 10 points ate crappy, drank beer, didn't exercise consistently... we'll see what the scale says tomorrow.
  5. 3rd grade. Catholic school. I do have a "world's best teacher" mug so I'm just saying, I'm pretty good
  6. Official Week 1 Check In 134lbs 28% body fat
  7. Yep! Last year I began the long journey of treating the weirdly named "tennis elbow" although I haven't played tennis since junior high PE class. Same spot!! So frustrated.
  8. Week 1 Recap 24 points Did pretty good this week although last night I did have a beer and pizza (and that was after I had a coke that afternoon) - ooph! We'll see how that plays out on the scale later... G1: My eating times are all over the place, yikes! G2: completed 3x park routine and walked on most of my "off" days G3: I was in bed on time 3 nights this week. I have to modify my park routine going forward. I'm feeling the slightest "twinge" in my elbow that is persisting beyond the workout. I'm going to drop down to 2x weekly (T/TH) and drop moves that involve hanging I think. So that means just push ups and inverted body weight rows. the other moves don't put any stress on the arm so I still should get 10 exercises out of the rotation. I'm also going to ice more regularly. And I'm NOT going to bind anything at school (that machine just kills my arm).
  9. i want to be able to perform body weight exercises w/o pain and regain my strength training confidence so possibly I can rejoin a gym.
  10. I'm back to school on August 19th (teacher in-service week) and back to work on the 27th (first day of school). So this challenge is about getting back into school shape. Goal 1: Get back on my sleep schedule. I need to leave the house at 7:30am during the school year so I should probably work my way back towards a bedtime routine that helps me get there. bedtime routine/in bed 10pm (1pt) Goal 2: Maintain exercise routine. I've added 3x weekly park strength training to my routine. My arm feels okay so I want to keep it going. daily exercise (1pt) 3x weekly park routine completed (1pt) Goal 3: I need to get back to the eating times that fit with my work schedule once I'm back at school. keep food journal and notes times I ate to see where I need to make adjustments (1pt) I'm starting today which gives me six weeks to get more organized and ready to go back to school.
  11. End of Challenge Report Just kidding! I actually lost three pounds... Final Stats: 134.5 lbs 27% body fat So over the course of this challenge I lost 3 pounds and 2% body fat and I survived my trip to Atlanta. I've increased my exercise without the return of the arm pain. I think I'll start the next challenge early to keep the momentum going.
  12. Week 5 27 points I'm stepping on a scale tomorrow but just wanted to report on the final day of the challenge how my points ended up. Best week out of the five. I made an effort with the exercise in addition to keeping up with my journaling. Still room for improvement though with the sleeping (argh! all those new episodes of OITNB...).
  13. Finally, I am able to binge Veronica Mars season 4! 8 hours later... me:
  14. Week 4 Recap 20 points 136.5lbs 27.5% bf I survived my trip to Atlanta, shapewear and all! The wedding was really beautiful and we had great week. Got in some exercise hiking to Amicalola Falls State Park which I needed after our visit to the World of Coca-Cola! As you can see by my numbers my weight/body fat went up. Not unexpected. Not unsurmountable I hope! We'll see what the final week of the challenge can do.
  15. 133.5lbs 28% body fat things continue to move in the right direction. I leave for Atlanta tonight with some new clothes and yes, I had to pack all my shapewear, but I'm feeling confident. As for my longer term weight loss goal, I have a plan for eating in ATL. Don't stress, little bites of things won't kill me, load the veggies whenever possible, and one and done for alcohol if I decide to indulge (I've got my water bottle!!). The goal for this trip is to maintain. And then I'll get back to it. Won't have my laptop with me so I'll see y'all when I get back!
  16. I did! I went up a pants size but there you go. I also bought a bunch of spanx It wasn't too painful. Plus I had a bunch of gift cards so I didn't put much on our credit cards which makes the husband unit happy! I found a dress to wear to the wedding and then I can wear it again for back to school night so that made me happy!
  17. Week 3 recap 22 points Did good on recording my food. Ate better this week but still waaaay too many nuts. Like 170-680 calories worth of nuts in a day, depending on the day. I'm really trying to kill this habit. On my to-do list when I get back from Atlanta: buy pickles!! might fill my salt craving which I was satisfying first with cheese and now with nuts. Exercise: not good. 4 walks total this week Sleep: not good. too much netflix. I'm watching too much netflix because I'm avoiding prepping for this trip to hotlanta. my closet is filled with clothes that don't fit me. I should buy some new things but I keep putting off shopping "until I lose the weight." And now I'm stressed out about how I'm going to look in Atlanta because I'm 15 pounds overweight and all my clothes are too tight. Argh!! Avoidance is stupid because my clothes are still too tight but i leave Tuesday. I need to feel comfy in Atlanta because it's going to be hot so my normal layering strategy to hide my fat isn't going to work. So. The plan. I'm going to be a big girl tomorrow (in more ways than one) and go to the mall and buy a couple things that fit me.
  18. I just started Jessica Jones!
  19. 136lbs 29% body fat the weight loss makes be happy but the non-shift in the body fat lets me know I'm not in fat burn. really need to tighten up my eating. the key here I think is more veggies!! specifically, whole veggies that I cut/prepare myself. I've been doing lots of the frozen prepared veggie side dishes, for example: This stuff may be fine for later but when I'm trying to lose weight, I think, stick with the spaghetti squash! so that's the goal for the rest of the week.
  20. Week 2 recap Finished my zoo class and earned 30 clock hours. Yay! (plus lots of walking so exercise - check!) Over ate on the 4th. Boo! (I did record it all though so points for accountability.) Binged Stranger Things season 3. And then re-binged 1 and 2 for reminder. And then season 3 AGAIN. so much strange... (not great for sleep but it was worth it - don't worry, no spoilers!) Results: 21 points
  21. 137.5lbs 29% body fat so no change in the weight but the body fat is moving in the right direction...
  22. I know. It is harsh. Since my challenge has a weight loss focus I'm trying to keep my meals super simple. meat/eggs, veggies, water. also trying to mostly eat at home instead of going out. I'm circling things in my journal as a bad choice if it's not meat/eggs & veggies at home or if my meal was eaten out. Loads of things I've circled are actually healthy - or neutral . Calling it bad is more for me to see if I'm being disciplined to keeping things simple than a judgement. so nine "bad choices" tells me I'm still eating out quite a bit more than I should be if I want to drop a couple of pounds this challenge.
  23. Week 1 26 points for the week I did really good with the journaling and my eating wasn't too terrible. I made 9 bad choices but even then there weren't so terrible like I identified my lunch on friday as a bad choice because it was summer squash soup and I have no idea what was in there since I bought it. I walked 6 out of the 7 days. No gym points though because I've lost my gym membership!! I would be sad but my son left the proclub because he got an IT job so that makes me happy. but no more gym so it's just walking going forward. sleep was not super great. I'm taking a class right now for my teaching certificate and it's been keeping me up, some tossing and turning as I'm thinking about my work load and ideas. I'll be done this week though so hopefully my brain will calm down and go on summer break mode.
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