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  1. I'm back and determined!!!

  2. Dierdre

    First Challenge

    Thanks everyone! Day 1 of the challenge went well. It was hard to do but with nerd fitness motivational e-mail I did it!! YAY! The dancing was a wonderful way to keep fit. I weight trained for years and never had the calf and buttock development that I had when I was doing highland. Good luck to you all with your goals!
  3. Dierdre

    First Challenge

    Hi everyone, I have always been very active, usually with yoga, dance (highland, tap, folk, etc) and I did spend a few years weight training. However, the last 2 years I haven't done much and need to get going again. I have lost a lot of muscle mass, have 5ish pounds to lose and need to be more aerobically fit. My 4 goals are: - complete the angry birds routine 3 times a week for the 6 week challenge - eat clean, adding fruit and vegetables to my diet everyday. - practice the highland fling once a week - stay out of my overdraft and don't carry a balance on my credit card My plan is to take one day at a time focusing on these goals.
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