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  1. 10.10.15 Not super psyched with the past couple of days! No gym Thursday - but I DID have a job interview which I feel was promising! so that stressed me out a bit and I had a couple of drinks Thursday night. I should have gone to the gym, but I made excuses and now regret it. No more excuses if I want this badly enough. Yesterday I also didn't go to the gym, and once again I think I made a poor excuse. I donate plasma every two weeks on a Friday afternoon. They say to not lift heavy objects or go to hard after a donation but I have before without fainting or anything, so maybe I would have been fine... Came home and had a nap instead I'm not super proud to say- but I have been sleeping really badly lately. Still, no excuses. Didn't even hit my 10k steps, which just isn't good enough! Have to go to work today boo. I'm really not looking forward to it >.> knowing I'll have to work with that girl with the bad attitude and have good food habits is hard! But I'm hopefully working elsewhere soon! One day at a time! Also very bummed I'm not at the Spartan Super in Sydney today 😭 Sooooo sad.
  2. Hell no to the blizzard! Especially at a beast!! Haha I live in Australia (Queensland in fact) for very good reason I have run on some pretty warm days, but that suits me just fine. Ran in a brooding thunderstorm in Sydney start of the year, but snow = nope! Just no way haha I have always wanted to join the army here in Aus. I'm a cook by trade and thought I'd get my ticket through the services I know navy and airforce have less entry requirements, but it doesn't inspire me as much - so I'm just going to keep working and perhaps join the reserves as soon as I can.
  3. I would highly recommend you rectify this problem asap, it's weird as hell mind you 😅
  4. Haha yeah, I found NF a couple years ago and the community was just so awesome wish there were more rebels in Australia! Nothing better than friends who are both into kicking arse in the gym and at final fantasy
  5. Hey! We have a really similar story it seems, although I've always wanted to join the forces and have yet to reach those fitness goals for entry just yet... Anyways, how good are Spartan races?! I've done something like 14 OCRs so far this year, but as you would know, they are just as much about heart as they are about fitness, and its one thing to finish (which is awesome in itself) but another to look back on those photos and think "feck yeah I was a beast and smashed it!" I want that second feeling in the future I god damn love beer too btw Haha so feel free to throw me a pm if you ever want to chat or just need someone to *tell* about your 'said no to a beer' successes I've always got high fives to spare. Welcome to the rebellion mate!
  6. Welcome! I love supermarkets and if I wasn't over the pond would totally offer to come help you out haha the best advice anyone ever gave me about supermarkets and shopping to eat healthy: only buy stuff which is on the parimiters of the shop- in other words, don't go down the isles! Seriously, assuming your supermarket is similar to mine (and they are all scarily designed the same for marketing reasons) if you just stick to the outsides, you're only going to buy fresh produce, meat, some dairy etc the second I step down an isle (unless I know exactly what I need) I ALWAYS find something else I "need" which is usually not good for me haha Anyways! Haha you have come to the right place to help reach your goals, welcome again and don't hesitate to throw me a line if you want to ask any questions
  7. Haha thanks! I think so much of my journey is going to be about being honest with myself, honest when I look in the mirror, with how I still feel about the past and what I want for my future. This thread is just as much about reminding myself how far I've come mentally as it is about physical improvements 7/10/2015 Today I woke up dreaming of running the Spartan race this weekend in Sydney. MAN I wish I could go! But alas, I haven't had a chance to recover my savings and have tuition to pay in the coming months My head for some reason is having one of those "think of all the embarrassing shit you've done and feel crappy about it" mornings -.- just little things like speaking too loudly in a public place and my friends reprimanding me, but you know how you can replay that kinda thing til it seems so much worse! So was a little lax in breakfast: two eggs and 2 serves of chia pudding instead of my usual 1. Wish the dog wouldn't wake me up at 7am on my days off too- would love me some extra sleep right now... But never fear- almost time to go run errands, some new gym clothes perhaps and a good shoulders session in the gym! It's not too late to restart this day right! AROO!
  8. Almond milk perhaps? Unsweetened (or maybe a sweetened one to help you wean off C&S?) I love that shit. There are so many options out there now too, mixes with coconut milk or cashew milk. Not sure where you're posting from, but the options for pretty clean nut milk are good just from the super market here in Australia- although I did have to try a couple brands before I found one which doesn't "split". Otherwise I drink my coffee black and cold (just like my heart haha). Seriously, I find if you drink it black over ice, the cold takes away some of the bitterness and it's bloody good if it's good coffee
  9. Good stuff Chris! Keep working at it and take those damn gyms for all they're worth! Haha
  10. Tuesday 6/10/2015 Good day was good! Diet on target, minor 3pm binge on protein bar and blueberries. Didn't get to the gym, but did make sure I hit my 10k steps. Class was good, when isn't it when you get to play with puppies all day and I think I'm feeling less anxious. All part of the healing. Also got a possible interview for a new job! Whoop! Getting out of the kitchen will hopefully help with my stress and food intake
  11. Urg, that fun "my jeans don't fit after leg day" thing actually has a purpose? I honestly was starting to think it was just me haha
  12. Paleo is awesome for not counting calories... Assuming you have an already good relationship with food. I had awesome success (and still stand by the lifestyle as it makes sense to me) when I was coping with life and in a good place, but I also have seriously disordered eating when I'm stressed out. End of the day if you're paleo but eating cans of coconut cream or a lot of nuts, paleo cookies etc, you're not going to lose weight haha It's not a silver bullet is my point id absolutely say give it a go tho, the benefits when done right are just awesome. And don't stress about organic etc I'm a student and just do the best I can with what I've got access to. Some weeks I get grass fed, some I don't. Don't let the small stones trip you up on a big journey hope this helped a little.
  13. Earthdate: 5/10/2015 - public holiday Tl;dr Ate well all day, didn't count calories but kept it paleo and only ate for the right reasons. Walked in the morning, big deadlift session at the gym, then walked again this evening (cooler for the doggles). Busted out an over due assignment, and in bed at reasonable time for class tomorrow. High five me! Long boring shit: First new day off the ranks has been a good one. Took a walk in the morning and used the time to think. I got out of a shit relationship a year ago and it's been eating me up. But recently some of that weight has been lifting, as I start to "forgive myself" for being such a dick and staying for so long. I still feel like there is a stupid thin thread connecting me to that shit, and I am making myself think about my goals, and learning to love me a bit more instead of trying to banish the hurt by hating him. It's obviously more complicated, but the important thing is I felt a little freer of that today. And that was nice. I need to believe I am worth more. My mistakes don't define me, and being kinder to myself is going to work better as a motivator than hating on myself.
  14. Welcome to the rebellion! We are your people and it sounds like you will fit right in Everyone starts somewhere, and taking the first step is sometimes the hardest, so congrats! Here's 2gil and 5exp for completing your first intro quest hehe Best of luck mate, will hopefully see your posts around the forums AROO!
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