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  1. I mean, the place was really clean, the pool was nice, the free weight area was two rooms and there was 1 person in each room. Some of the squat racks looked brand new. And there were some nice studios they were doing group classes in. So, they’ve taken care of the space really well. Just a lot of yellow, brown and orange color palette and patterns that looked like last century. The nice thing is a membership there is valid at all 7 Y’s in the county. Some are too far away for our us, but there is another one just a little farther away that was built about 5 years ago. This one was initially built about 50 years ago.
  2. There are lots of old names in those threads. Some very cool nerds. Made me go back to find my first challenge. (#22) Names I haven't seen around the forums in a long time.
  3. I think that is Einstein's less quoted but even more true, 2nd theory of relativity. I toured the Y yesterday. Other than decor that would've fit nicely in the late 1970's, it was a nice place. So, I think I'm going to give it a try. No commitments, so if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But, for $40/month less than I'm currently paying, my whole family could go and my daughter was asking what memberships to my gym cost because she feels she got a little out of shape since last summer and she doesn't want to start lifeguarding this summer feeling weak and playing catch up. On top of that, with her driving now my car insurance has shot up. The $40/month wouldn't cover the whole increase, but it would put a dent in it. I would miss the instructors at my gym, but there are group classes at the Y and I just found out today that my favorite instructor is moving to Hawaii. So, maybe its just meant to be this way. I get it from a marketing and predictable cash flow perspective. It looks like you're spending less money when it's only x dollars per month. But, when you do the math it really is a far bigger chunk of money than you would be willing to pay for the product/service you're getting. Very nice of you to say. He turned 13 and up to this point we have resisted buying any kind of gaming console as he already spends enough time in front of screen. I think he had given up hope that he would ever get one until he grew up and moved out. But, when he opened the Insta-Pot box (yeah, I wrapped in a different box which might have been a bit cruel since he couldn't understand why we would get him an Insta-Pot) and realized there was an Xbox in there his face just changed. I wish I was recording it on video. I'd love to relive that look on his face forever. So far though, he's only been playing LEGO Batman on it. Which I'm okay with. He's having fun and we don't have to argue over the M-rated games...for now. Plus, it seems easier to get him to turn it off than it was to get him to put down a tablet. Something addictive about the tablet, or its just a honeymoon phase where he does what we ask because he's afraid we'll take it away or something if he doesn't.
  4. Wow! Long time no update. Not even visits to the site and other people's threads. My bad. Let's see, how does one condense nearly two weeks into a single update? First, the car is a white 2011 Ford Expedition. A bit of a gas guzzler, but given the number of people it needs to carry and the amount of gear with those people, there aren't many vehicles that size that aren't gas guzzlers without a ton of money for a hybrid truck. Other than that, the car is an awesome fit. Next I've slowly come to grips with the fact that I'm not 20 years old anymore. I had upped my HIIT workouts to 2 per week. They do such a great job of bringing my blood sugar down short term. While my VO2 max says I have fitness age of 20 putting me in the top 25% of my age group, I am still almost 48 years old. Recovery is a thing. As much as I like the gym I go to and the instructors there, its expensive for workouts that take me more than a day to completely recover from. My joints just can't take it that much. As such, I'm looking for a different gym, preferably one with a pool, a squat rack and a track...and doesn't cost a fortune. Wish me luck. Right now the closest Y seems to fit that bill. I could actually get a family membership for less than I'm currently paying. Need to go tour it though. I have actually made progress with the Gratitude Journal. I found a simple, easy app that makes the habit quick and simple to stick to. Plus, its free. I'd pay actual money for it to support the developer -- not a subscription -- but I'd purchase a license for it. Also, still meditating. I gotta tell ya, I also feel less negative these days despite being stressed out by work and my family life. I'm fairly certain that's a good thing. Not sure if its correlation or causation, but in either case I'll take it. I have been doing more data science research as well and my usual nutrition research. I haven't done much on careers in nutrition and training, other than realize those people don't get paid very much. Which brings me back to gym costs. If it costs so much, why do the coaches make so little? Anyway, I've been having a lot of fun on both these goal fronts. I have not done a great job of turning off devices lately though. Now that the impeachment trial of our Liar-in-Chief is over, perhaps I will be less tempted to see what is going on. I doubt it. I mean, the democrats in Iowa had to go and fix a problem that didn't exist and have kicked off the election cycle with a higher than normal clown score. So, I'm sure they'll be a better option than the current regime 🙄 But, I digress. Like I said, still in a good mood despite everything in that previous paragraph. Maybe its the exercise combined with the mental exercises that are staving off the work/life stress and frustration with my political leadership. Plus, it didn't hurt that Child #2 had his 13th birthday yesterday and was very happy and excited. Always makes a parent feel better when their kids are happy. Sadly, that means I have two teenagers living under my roof. I guess I am getting old. Where did the last decade go? Doesn't sound more positive than negative does it? Well, I do feel better despite what my writing sounds like.
  5. Such a week! I am tired and yet wide awake at 3 AM. Thank you on-call. Quick synopsis of the week so far before I attempt to go back to bed. Monday - Really good day with great HIIT session, blood donation and accomplished some things at work. Tuesday - Got slammed at work, did not workout and found a car my wife really liked. Wednesday - Busy with work and my son's basketball practice. Oh, yeah, picked up new car making my daughter's year so far because now she can drive the old car. Did not workout, but did take the dog for a long walk. Thursday - My stupid pager (well now an app on my phone rather than a real pager) keeps going off. I did manage to lift last night...tonight?...this morning?...whatever. I picked up some heavy things and put them down again. I have kept up the meditating each day. I'm very surprised by this and kinda proud. I've never been able to keep this going this long before. Other stuff hasn't happened as much this week, but that's still going, so YAY! Now I'm off to bed and hope I don't sit there wide awake after getting our UK environment back up and running. I don't know how you people function this early in the day
  6. I think in large part they are trending lower because there is less and less junk food in the house and at the office. Plus, I've just been eating less overall. Not sure why. Just not eating when I'm not hungry. Plus, that particular reading was a few hours after one hell of a workout. It's true. Most of this week and at the tail end of last week, I've just been not eating if I'm not hungry. The best part is that it hasn't been a conscious decision or a fight to not eat. It just happened. I wasn't hungry and I didn't just grab stuff because it was there or grab something to eat because I was bored. I just didn't. I find it interesting that many people I've talked to over the years found high school so difficult. Now that I have a high schooler, she and her friends have all remarked about how hard middle school is. I think, as a society in general, we are asking kids to grow up far too quickly these days.
  7. Okay, so I think I'm finally caught up on your thread. There's a lot to digest in just the first two pages. I don't pretend to know what you've been going through but I do know it is good to have you back on the forums. I really like this statement. Especially the section I've added emphasis to. Well, maybe not the statement itself, but the sense of freedom it seems to convey. Good Lord do you sound like my son. He can recall anything he's seen or heard...provided he can focus long enough. I have been enjoying seeing the updates on Strava and Instagram!
  8. LOL! English is my first language and many times I struggle with my wording as well
  9. It's gotten better. My oldest son was in quite a bad place that day and things are getting better with him but its not a one and done kinda thing. Anxiety at age 13 isn't good for anyone. Things are getting better, thanks for asking. In fact, yesterday was such a good day, that last Thursday feels like a bad dream. So, I'm just trying to enjoy what was yesterday and live in the moment. Speaking of yesterday, I had a kickass HIIT workout that almost didn't go to because I didn't sleep well the night before. I was tired all day. But, I got some quick wins at work and summoned up 20 seconds of courage to get in the car and start driving to the gym. I also may have tracked down another car yesterday. Oh, I guess I didn't share that with you guys since I suck at updating this thread. Someone else beat me to the car I was going to look at over the weekend. Apparently, I spent too much time shoveling and attending my youngest son's basketball game (I'm very proud of the way he played BTW, lots of hustle and a great attitude) in the morning and someone bought it right out from under my nose. But, I think it might have been for the best as I might have found a better deal and closer to home to boot. Hopefully I can get out of work on time and take a look at it later today. Sales guy sent me a video because they just finished detailing it. I hope its as good in person as it was in the video. Only downside is that since its an older vehicle, its not the greenest thing on the planet. I also donated blood yesterday which I always drag my foot to go do, but feel really good afterward. One of my youngest son's classmates and daughter of a good friend of ours has finished 7 rounds of chemo (7 more to go) and often needs blood transfusions in between rounds for the rare bone cancer she has. My mom used to get transfusions when she was fighting ovarian cancer. Since I couldn't help my mom and I can't help a 9 y/o that means much to our family, I figure every 8 weeks I can go sit with a needle in my arm for 15 minutes to help someone. So, that always makes me feel better about myself. Also, yesterday, prior to donating blood my blood sugar readings were the best they've been in months. They've been slowly getting better since the holidays, but I haven't seen a reading that low in a while. It's amazing a number on a little LCD screen has so much impact over my mood. So, yeah, yesterday was a good day and a needed one after a weekend of ups and downs.
  10. Not only that, we are under the assumption that we are so precise in our measurements that our calorie counting is an exact science...which it most certainly is not. Slight variation up or down is most certainly happening. The biggest point I think you're making is that too low of calorie consumption is leading to exhaustion and having the opposite of the desired effect in terms of fat loss. Exhaustion and disappointment combined can so easily lead to a negative health spiral that takes days and weeks (or longer if its been going on for a long time) to pull yourself out of.
  11. Yesterday was pretty craptastic with family drama and I will just leave it at that. So, there was not much of anything on the goal list accomplished other than a lot of praying. So, at least that goal's streak is still in tact. Today has been slightly better, but uber stressful. Another hour of HIIT is in the books and I no longer feel stressed and agitated. However, I feel like all I want to do now is go home, crack open a beer and sit on the couch for the next week. The only downside is that I'll have to get up to get another beer. I have gotten some career things done though. Any fellow programmers out there that have experimented with AirTable? I've been playing around with it today and it seems pretty cool. I can create tables and it automatically adds the fields to a Rest API and I don't have to do anything to build it out. I can relate tables together and it has charting stuff that I can actually drag together. Super easy and simple. Granted, to do some of the other cool stuff they have, you're back to those annoying subscription things, but I could see a lot of uses for it in a small business scenario. Anywho, I found it interesting and a super great diversion from everything else.
  12. Diet? That's not a goal this month In truth, it hasn't been great up to this point of the month. Still too much crap (ie. chocolates and whatnot) in the house and people keep bringing them into work, which has been a stressful place lately. Too often, I find myself reaching for something I shouldn't because its there and easy. So, next challenge there will be something diet related. But, for now, I'm just going to try to enjoy this little thing called denial. Wednesday was different. The instructor had 15-15-10-10-5-5 minute sections. Overall same amount of time on the treadmill and on the floor, but it seemed easier to get after it in the second two sessions knowing it was a shorter time I had to do it before getting a break. But, then she threw in 8% inclines. Brutal. He is very excited about his car. We'll see how long the excitement lasts when it comes time to do the tedious sanding, painting, repeat...decals and clear coat finish. It seemed like a good idea. I think I need to do a better job of marketing, but as a hobby, I don't have that kind of time. All of the subscriptions are super annoying. What happened to the subscriptions like the ol' BMG music club? Yep, I'm that old. Where I could get 13 CD's for the price of one and then cancel it. Or sign your best friend up for the magazine subscription without spending a penny of your own money? Why can't I get an app that let's me sign up, use it for 6 months and then delete it? I know, I know, then the developers don't get paid. As a developer, I like getting paid. But, there has to be a better model.
  13. How did it get to be Thursday? Geesh! So far this week I’ve got 1 walk, 1 HIIT session and 1 strength training session. So that’s going okay. Since I do all things digital, I looked for and downloaded a gratitude journal app on my phone. Super easy to use and I thought this would be a great way to do this. Then, after 4 entries, not days, entries it wanted me to sign up for subscription at $10/month. Seemed a bit pricey for what it does. So I’m back to square one with that goal. But, still hitting meditation every day. Which is weird. This may be the longest I have gone without missing a day. I haven’t done much career wise. I’ve spent most of my extra time online looking for cars. I decided I’m tired of driving my daughter around while my wife drives my sons around. I can’t keep leaving work when someone’s carpool falls through. So, I think I have found something newer for my wife to drive and my daughter can drive the 15 year old car. I’ll keep the 13 year old car. Hopefully we can carve out time on Saturday to look at it and buy it. We’ll see.
  14. The blog didn’t go so well. I’m actually letting the domain expire. I never thought it was the best domain name, but I wrote 7 articles the first 6 months and got zero hits. That got me discouraged and I didn’t spend any more time on it. So, I decided not to spend anymore money on it.
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