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  1. jstanlick

    jstanlick Takes on the Dawn Phenomenon

    Wow, three days into week 1 and I have 3 updates? Nearly unheard of. I'm quite certain the streak will end sometime, but might as well keep things going. I did manage to get up at 2:45 and check my blood sugar which was higher than when I went to bed. Checked it when I got up at 6:30 and it was higher still. My liver is trying to kill me I think. Its busy throwing sugar into my bloodstream and likely a bunch of stress hormones as well. But, some more hip mobility exercises and some running this morning and the blood sugar came back down. While that's just one night and I really need to do a couple more to be certain, this does lend itself to the Dawn Phenomenon as opposed to the Somogyi Effect. On the plus side, the runs are getting slightly longer with no side effects on the left calf. It seems to enjoy being outside more than the treadmill. Can't say as the rest of me disagrees. Soooo much better than the treadmill. And it brought the blood sugar back quickly. I need so more testing to see if it's better to just exercise in the morning and get it back to normal quickly or exercise at night, sleep low and see if it stays lower over night. Spent the day working from home because my wife's car needed a new water pump and radiator. Ugh. Not a cheap fix since its a lot of labor. Plus, the radiator the mechanic ordered showed up cracked. He's hoping another shows up in time for him to finish it today. Otherwise, I'll be working from home again so she can use my car for things. While I'm happy to have a job that is super flexible on where I get my work done and when, I seem to work better in the office. I guess I'm just old school...or old. Take your pick
  2. jstanlick

    jstanlick Takes on the Dawn Phenomenon

    Step 1 seems to be elusive as my body really likes sleeping. Especially after attempting CF 19.1 yesterday. I know, that was from 4 weeks ago. But, I figured it would be fun to try and it would count as my HIIT workout. My quads and glutes were toast after that. Walking was wobbly. But, I was slept like a baby at night. So, I failed on getting up between 2 and 3 to get a blood sugar reading last night. Sadly, yesterday the morning glucose number was 121. Today was 135. Boo! However, #3 was a success this morning. I did a bunch of hip mobility exercises when I got up. I am so not limber or flexible. But, that's why one does the exercises, right? #4 was kind of a success. Well, if you can count a protein bar breakfast
  3. jstanlick

    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    I have this problem with ever race I run. I takes a great deal of mental effort to pull back and not burn out early. Great job hitting your goal time!!
  4. jstanlick

    Salinger's twentieth challenge!

    I know its a bit disappointing that its not going to work out, but its a blessing to know before you bought it. You expected money to be there that isn't yet. That has led to other issues, like no money for rent. Seems to me like a situation that would make other people in your shoes anxious as well. Maslow would agree with me on this, I think. Food, clothing, shelter and the access to them are about as primal a need as a human has. The threat of not having them is bound to stir up some feelings. Try not to beat yourself up for being human.
  5. jstanlick

    DJTrippyT: You Wanna Take This Outside?

    I can't wait for this to be a thing in CF world...WOD's at the box might look something like this. Also,
  6. jstanlick

    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    Here’s to a good night’s rest!
  7. jstanlick

    DJTrippyT: You Wanna Take This Outside?

    I think you've been kicking some serious ass with this CF Open. Now you can go for broke with 19.5...whatever it turns out to be.
  8. Look at all you people with your challenge threads up the first day of zero week. Good on ya! Mine is going up the first day of the challenge. Any-who, for any of you that followed me last year, you know my challenges have revolved around blood sugar and reversing diabetes. Thank you all for supporting me through that! There is one thing out there though that still plagues me to this day...the Dawn Phenomenon. It's not the end of the world and I might be making too big of a deal out of it, but it still bugs me that it's there. Basically, my morning blood sugars are high and continue going up until I eat something (makes IF difficult) or exercise or both. That handy link there from the Mayo Clinic offers some suggestions. You may notice that of the 5 suggestions, only one of them does not involve medication and most you know by now that I try to find other ways of solving problems before trotting off to the pharmacy. I'm fairly certain I'm a victim of the dawn phenomenon and not the Symogi Effect (see here) but I need to wake up in the middle of the night and check my blood sugar to make sure. So, there's your step 1. Step 1 is super important because if you check that link, the first suggested things to try are exact opposites of each other. Yep. 2 causes of high blood sugar with not only different suggested solutions, rather polar opposite solutions of each other. To be fair, its the same symptom with 2 different causes, so it makes sense the solutions would be different. But, they couldn't be more different. Now, eliminating the effect is not the goal as I'm not sure that's realistic. The goal is to get everything back in the normal range as quickly as possible to keep the overall numbers lower. This challenge is going to be a month long experiment to see what works best from a blood sugar standpoint. Name it - So, I'm fairly certain I know what it is, but given the opposite directions of potential solutions, fairly certain isn't good enough. This one is going to suck for 3-4 nights I need to get up between 2 & 3 AM to test my blood sugars. That's the hard part. Testing it every morning when I get up is easy. Once I have a the right diagnosis, it's on to step 2. To carb or not to carb - The non-pharmaceutical suggestions that are first given out for these 2 issues is related to not consuming carbs before bed, or consuming carbs before bed. So, I'll go down the path indicated by Step 1. And we will take morning blood sugar readings to see what the outcome is and how its changing that starting point. Get up and move - This will be a change. After getting said number, I will do something. It's not easy for me to do something strenuous first thing in the morning. So, for this challenge I will either be doing some stretching exercises or take the dog for a walk depending on the weather. The idea is that some mild exercise should also bring those numbers back to a normal range sooner. Most important meal of the day - I suck at breakfast. I prefer not to eat it to be honest. But, the fact of the matter is that I do without realizing it. Coffee + almond milk or coffee + heavy cream is enough to break any fast and not enough to bring my numbers back down. So, I don't get the autophagy effects of extended fasting, nor do I get the bonus of bringing down the glucose numbers. I'm playing the hunch here that it is the Dawn Phenomenon and I shouldn't be eating stuff before bed, and eating in the morning. My hope is that I can go for 12 hours or so without eating from dinner time to breakfast time and work on keeping that time without food to as long as possible. This way I hope to at least get my blood sugar numbers lower faster. But, still a breakfast must be made. And that's it for challenge goals. I'm still planning on HIIT, increasing my weekly running miles, lifting 2-3x/week and writing some more blog posts. But, I've spent a lot of time on exercise lately. Time to get back to some nutrition type goals.