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  1. Thursday: Another impromptu arms/back day. FedEx dropped off another 50 boxes of envelopes (48 @ ~11#) while I was out for lunch, and was kind enough to place them in just the right place so we had no access to: 1.) the phone system breakout and terminal 2.) the external network links 3.) the fire alarm terminal 4.) 80% of the room they were in I got to relocate quite a few of the boxes I had arranged Tuesday to fit all the new boxes into roughly the same space. All those years playing Tetris have payed off! Plus, I got to work out some of my anger issues (something to do with FedEx I'm sure) by throwing boxes around... again!
  2. Lifting updates: Monday lifts: Barbell Squat: 45 lb x 10 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 160 lb x 5 reps +5 160 lb x 4 reps 160 lb x 3 reps 160 lb x 3 reps 160 lb x 2 reps Ran out of steam, but not before raising the bar a bit. Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP): 45 lb x 10 reps 75 lb x 5 reps 75 lb x 5 reps 75 lb x 3 reps Shoulder tightened up starting 4th 75 set Barbell Deadlift: 135 lb x 8 reps 185 lb x 5 reps 195 lb x 3 reps I might be overdoing the warmup sets... Tuesday: Impromptu arms/back session, read: reorganize the boxes of statement paper in the back room. Between a logo change (move all the old boxes from the back to the front to be used first) and the FedEx guy tossing boxes wherever in no particular order while I was gone (at least he got them in the room this time...), I got to LIFT ALL THE THINGS! ~75 boxes @ ~33lbs each (many moved multiple times, but I don't want to try adding all that up) = 2475 lbs, or a bit over a ton of paper moved in about an hour. I think that's worthy of +1 to workouts for the week. Wed lifts: Barbell Bench Press: 45 lb x 15 reps 75 lb x 10 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 3 reps 130 lb x 3 reps Barbell Squat: 45 lb x 12 reps 95 lb x 10 reps 135 lb x 5 reps 160 lb x 4 reps 160 lb x 2 reps Bent Over Barbell Row: 45 lb x 10 reps 95 lb x 5 reps 100 lb x 5 reps 105 lb x 5 reps 110 lb x 5 reps 110 lb x 5 reps Started at the bench because the power rack and half rack were in use. (Somebody was doing box squats by straddling a high bench /wtf, I won't hate on the half rack being used for straight leg DLs) I need to stop starting with the bar as a warmup, it feels like I'm lifting air anymore (except for OHP =x). Squats I think was just overdoing the warmups a bit, less easing required next time, but I think it helped a bit with form. Rows, I'm still trying to get form down, and I'm reasonably happy with the results today. I used a wider stance and slightly wider grip, but I almost feel like I was cheating, bracing my torso against my upper quads. (Possible bad form? I'll look at SS when I get home) The 110s were doing horribly (cleared the knees, but didn't touch the chest, but more importantly my back stayed straight-ish) so I get to start 5x5ing at 105 next time.
  3. If you can find time for it, moving the workout to Friday shouldn't throw off your schedule. Unless your weekend trip is starting Friday, in which case have a good time!
  4. I have, and I linked to the squat series on the same site earlier in this thread. The bench series helped my form a bit, and explained a few things fairly well. My only problem with it was that Dave seemed to be pushing very hard for bridging (full arch from legs to shoulders suspended) while everywhere else I turn (Starting Strength, StrongLifts) only emphasize arching the back and planting the feet firmly, but keeping the butt/hips on the bench.
  5. Week 3 review: Bats: Body weight has been hovering around 176 all week, so for squats I'm at 155/176 or 88%. Total gains are currently +60/100 or +75/125. I think I'll add in the rows and officially make the goal 125 (25 per exercise, distributed). With the slow gains over the last couple of weeks and current plans to deload at least 2 exercises, this will really be a challenge to get the last 50 pounds, but I'll give it my best shot. 155/176 75/125 Bugs: Mon lifting. Wed lifting. Sat lifting. Fall Frenzy challenge. 4/4 Rats: Wed pork chops. Sat amazing soup. 2/2 Gold: Finally finished the first 2 chapters! Still nowhere near complete! 14/181 Chapter essences: 1. Divide labor into smaller/simpler tasks to increase productivity. You get gains from specialization (repetitive task gets better/faster), less time lost to changing tasks (setting up equipment, or just getting in the right mindset), and technology (machines help us get better/faster, or outright do the same job, but we have to discover the procedures first). 2. Chapter 1 is all about making things more efficiently, but ignores the fact that you can't eat nails or pins no matter how many you can make in a day. The hope is that someone else is making more food (farming or cooking) than they could eat in a day, and is willing to trade their food for your goods (nails, pins) or services (cleaning stuff, making them laugh). (Money comes into play in chapter 4.)
  6. Saturday lifts: Barbell Squat: 115 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 4 reps 155 lb x 1 reps (FU 4!) Every set feels like it wipes me out now, and then I go back for more... Barbell Bench Press: 75 lb x 10 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 5 reps 130 lb x 3 reps 130 lb x 3 reps I should have pushed harder to get the 5 on the last 2 sets, but gravity was in the process of making me her bitch. My shoulder didn't feel as tight, but was still noticeable. I did some static hanging (think pull up without the "pull" or "up" part) and it felt a little better. Bent Over Barbell Row: 120 lb x 5 reps (+5 unofficial) 110 lb x 5 reps 110 lb x 5 reps 110 lb x 5 reps 110 lb x 5 reps 120 was way too heavy, so I dropped it down to 110. I might drop it down a bit (85-105) and try to do 4-5x10s to really lock in the form some more and then work my way up again. Right now I do these with the same grip width as my bench press. Should I be going for a wider grip? Saturday Jumps (@ level 1): 100 + 100 and logged. 500 total, met the goal so +1 workout! Saturday Meal: Made that coconut spinach curried shrimp soup, it was everything I dreamed and more. Now I have to find some red curry paste for the next time!
  7. YES, but most of the time I think they're just scared. Anymore I just give it a 5 count and go through if they still haven't moved. So many drivers act like they're afraid of parked cars, driving on the wrong side of the street if there's a car at the curb. Some streets you can blame on being way too narrow, but most of it is the driver. I keep my left tires on the yellow line as often as possible (if there is one) and laugh when the other driver comes to a full stop instead of trying to squeeze between me and a parked car when there is easily 15 feet to work with. There are times I think I preferred the I-5 parking lot rushes (Seattle area) but then I'm just glad it's not a 2h commute to work anymore.
  8. I can confirm this. Small town of ~10k, most drivers are: -afraid of speeding so they drive 10 below the limit at all times, and our highest limit in town is 25, even on the big highway cutting through town (US-2). -clueless when they come to an intersection. I've been stopped at a stop sign when somebody without one stops and tries to wave me through. -drunk. I lost count, but I'm fairly certain that bars and casinos (bar + video poker, they're like cockroaches) finally outnumber churches here, and are still neck and neck with auto parts stores and mechanics. -Canadian. I'm just south of one of the major AB/US crossings, and not much further from a SK/US crossing, so we have lots of them coming through for duty free stuff. The speed limits are in MILES not KILOMETERS here! /facepalm
  9. I just received my Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals yesterday, and there is no way I will NOT be eating the coconut spinach shrimp soup before the weekend is done. Now to pick a night for it... My shoulder is still feeling really tight this morning, I'll have to surf through the MWODs for a decent shoulder one and do that sometime before my lifting Saturday. Things are getting pretty frosty whenever the sun isn't out and taking longer to defrost during the day, so I'd better find some cold-weather gear if I want to do anything fitness related outside for the next few months. Mini-challenge: Thursday 100 @ level 1, 300 total
  10. For newer "scary" movies, the only one I can recommend is The Cabin in the Woods. You will not be disappointed.
  11. Realized I didn't post a summary of Week 2. Bats: No gains on lifts as it was a low energy week, and I was focusing on form a lot. If the current trend continues I should see some gains in my squats and possibly bench next week, but deloads on OHP and rows since they were getting sloppy. Bugs: Mon lifting, Wed lifting, Sat lifting, Sun yoga. Got my 4! Rats: Thurs stir fry, Sun salmon. Got my 2! Gold: I think I read a couple more pages. There's definitely an upper limit to the number of words it takes to describe labor dividing, and Smith goes way beyond that. He hits the big points of specialization, trade, and time lost from switching jobs in just a few paragraphs, the rest is a collection of 240 year old examples. It got me thinking about how most programming positions advertised are looking for people who can do virtually everything in multiple languages. I'm sure it's more of an ability point than a productivity point, but it's still interesting to think about.
  12. Monday lifts: Barbell Squat: 95 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 5 reps Barbell Bench Press: 125 lb x 5 reps 125 lb x 5 reps 125 lb x 5 reps 125 lb x 5 reps 125 lb x 5 reps Bent Over Barbell Row: 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps Tues: 100 level 1 jumps Wed: 50 + 50 level 1 jumps Wed lifts: Barbell Squat: 115 lb x 5 reps 150 lb x 5 reps 150 lb x 5 reps 150 lb x 5 reps 150 lb x 5 reps 150 lb x 5 reps Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP): 85 lb x 5 reps 65 lb x 5 reps 75 lb x 5 reps When I started my 2nd set at 85, my left shoulder tightened up and couldn't get the bar past my chin. I deloaded and worked up some, but still couldn't get the 85 back. I'll start again back at 75 or 80 on Monday. Barbell Deadlift: 135 lb x 5 reps 185 lb x 5 reps 195 lb x 6 reps The last few times I did 205 it felt a bit too heavy to keep my form, so I'm slowly working up to it again with a focus on form. Wed dinner: Threw together some pork chops (dry rub of chili powder + cinnamon + cumin) and, since I was feeling particularly lazy, sugar snap peas and celery sticks for veggies. Meal #1 complete! If I can get up to 500 jumps for the mini challenge I'll count it as an extra workout this week.
  13. Sunday: Did 25m of Yoga for my 4th workout of the week. (DVD program my girlfriend had lying around. Had some good stretching, but it's hard to call that a workout.) Also, I pan seared some salmon (Old Bay rub on it and seared in coconut oil) and had it with a steamer bag of broccoli + cheese for healthy cooking #2. My sister didn't end up coming up for the weekend, but we had my brother's birthday. I knew the meal Saturday would be heavily pasta-based either way (sister was going to demand some of my dad's hand made ravioli, brother wanted stuffed manicotti) so I tried to load up with protein before the meal, and hit the gym a few hours after eating to burn off some of that.
  14. Saturday PM lifts: Squat: 95 x 5 135 x 5 x 5 OHP: 85 x 5 x 4 + 3 (so close to the 25, and way better than Monday) Deadlift: 135 x 5 205 x 5 (form was getting bad, guess that's too much) 185 x 3 (much better form, I'll start my 5x5 progression from there) No increases to lifts. Total lifted for the challenge: 8060
  15. Monday I felt like I had no energy in the gym. Squats stayed low from the weekend knee worry (and my PFS was acting up a bit through the week) but I was able to match my previous deadlift pr. The only real gains were from OHP +5 to 85 lbs, but I was only able to do 5, 3, 3 with a total fail on the 4th set (got the bar to eye level but no further) so I'll be stuck at that weight for a bit. Tuesday I cooked a sorta stir fry using chicken with Asian seasoning, onion, celery, broccoli, pineapple, mandarins, and almonds. No pictures since we ate it too fast. Wed I still felt like I was lacking energy, but not as bad as Monday. My knees were bothering me the night before and a bit in the morning (hearing the cartilage in my knees crackling when I do a bodyweight squat = no bueno), but everything was fine in the gym. No gains on the lifts, and I'm feeling like it's the end of my newbie boost. Time to deload ~10-20% and start really doing the 5x5. Total lifted for the challenge (probably shorting myself some): 7280
  16. Week 1 summary: Bats +60 (+70) / 100 (150) pounds added to lifts. Over halfway in the first week? We'll see how week 2 goes before upping the goal. I had a bit of a setback, and don't want it to turn into a full injury, so I shouldn't push it quite as much next week. Bugs 4/4 3 lifting sessions, and then I hit my burpee goal for the weekend (50, I feel so inadequate next to the 2k's) so I'll count it as 4. I'll come up with something this week if the mini-challenge doesn't take me to task. Rats 2.5/2 They were scrunched together (wed/thurs) but they got done. Next week I'll aim for at least 1 night of the weekend, which might be hard since my sister is visiting and already has the menu planned. Gold 7/181 pages read I'm way behind on this one. I need to get to page 60 by the end of next week if I want to keep on a 6 week pace.
  17. 9/29 lifts Barbell Squat: 45 lb x 5 reps 95 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 6 reps 135 lb x 4 reps 135 lb x 5 reps 145 lb x 3 reps Barbell Bench Press: 115 lb x 10 reps 125 lb x 4 reps 125 lb x 2 reps 130 lb x 2 reps +5 Bent Over Barbell Row: 105 lb x 5 reps 105 lb x 5 reps 105 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps +10 115 lb x 5 reps Burpees for the weekend so far: 30 sloppy slow burpees (probably doesn't help that the ceilings in my apartment are <8' high, under 7 in some places. Total gain: +5 = +60/100 (+70 unofficially) My squats are low because as I was in the first set of 135 my right knee started acting funny. I shook it out and tried again but had to bail at the bottom of the 2nd rep. So I went on to bench and row, before coming back to test squats again and doing fine, if a bit worn out. I did get some video of the 115 and the last 135 set, those should go up in the form check this week. Friday dinner: Tried the new burger place (small town, any new restaurant is a big deal) with the family. I inadvertently ordered the healthiest sandwich on the menu. (The menu said teriyaki, bacon, pepper jack. How was I supposed to know it was grilled chicken instead of a burger?) Still, bun plus fries (that I didn't even order, they just put them in by habit) means lots of carbs. Saturday dinner: Pizza. I made sure it had plenty of protein and (some) veggies, but still, pizza. It had been a few weeks since we had it, and I had the cravings bad. The aforementioned guilt is currently kicking in, and the WTF-ified tummy should be in full swing before the night is through. On the bright side, if I get sick on pizza the cravings won't come back as hard! Plus, it will encourage me to plan meals on the weekends.
  18. Quick update: No new workouts, but if I can get in at least 50 burpees (similar to 8 count bodybuilders, right?) by Sunday night I'll count that as my 4th, or possibly 5th depending on what I end up doing this weekend. No progress on the book I keep getting too distracted by pandas and stuff. Food is a completely different story. Wed I made fajitas, if you can call them that. It was onion, frozen pepper strips, celery, lime juice, seasoning (Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime is amazing!), and some smoked sausage (it needed to be used, don't hate) cooked together than plopped into a tortilla. It might have looked weird, but it tasted great. Thurs I cooked rosemary pork chops (rosemary olive oil marinade for 30m, broiled 5m/side) and some broccoli with rosemary, thyme, and Worcestershire (aka wersh-tih-sher?). Next time I'll definitely add some W sauce to the marinade. That takes me up to 2.5 meals for the week! And I still have a weekend to go! I'd go easymode and order pizza if it wouldn't make me feel like crap afterwards (more guilt than stomach going WTF, but plenty of both), so I'll have to keep going. Coming soon: Sat AM workout info.
  19. Thanks for all the support! I kind of figured as much, especially when the Bench press series focused so much on bridging. The SS and SL descriptions have been helpful and greatly improved my form. I powered through it today and probably gave myself some blisters. We'll see how they hold up Monday when I DL again. I'll definitely try the alternate grip then. I tried it before, but it felt like the underhand arm pushed the bar out in front so I was lifting at an angle in relation to my knees. With more weight that might not be as much of a problem. Thanks! I really liked Econ when I took it in college, initially just because I needed a gened in that category and then because I liked it. I wish I had discovered it earlier and squeezed in a couple more classes than just basic Micro and Macro. If my girlfriend comes to the gym with me Saturday morning (read: if she gets up that early) I'll have her ask her politely to video me lifting.
  20. Day 3 and I'm feeling drained, not sure if it's sub-par sleep or work stress, but I felt sapped after my first round of squats. I'm glad I stuck with them, even if it's less reps than I'd like, it's at least something. Now to stay awake until work ends. At least I get to look forward to subjecting my co-workers to my terribly pieced together video this afternoon. (Surveillance footage of our fire drill last week. Soundtrack is Disco Inferno. Yay for MS Movie Maker.) Bats: Barbell Squat: 135 lb x 7 reps 145 lb x 5 reps 155 lb x 5 reps +10 155 lb x 4 reps Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP): 80 lb x 5 reps +5 80 lb x 5 reps 80 lb x 5 reps 80 lb x 5 reps 80 lb x 3 reps 80 lb x 2 reps Barbell Deadlift: 135 lb x 5 reps 185 lb x 5 reps 205 lb x 3 reps +20 Goal Totals: 20+35 so 55/100 for total lifts 10+10 so 20/50 for body weight squat Bugs: Lifting puts me at 2/4 for the week. 2 left! Rats: Monday Night: I ended up cooking that chicken. It was a modified wings recipe, but since I use boneless-skinless chicken boobs I refer to them as ____ T*ts. (Fill in the blank with whatever type of seasoning/sauce you use. Ex: Hot T*ts, Sweet BBQ T*ts, etc.) I used some Asian seasoning mixes (I'm loving these things - ginger garlic and szechuan 5 spice (can't find a link for it ><)) heavily on the chicken chunks before baking (toss it all in a ziploc and squish it until it looks even), tossed it in the oven at 450 for 15m, prepped the sauce by heating 2Tbs butter (might try coconut oil next time), some lemon juice, and some teriyaki glaze I had lying around (more sugar than some marinades, but half the sodium) and mixed the chicken in with the sauce until everything was pretty well glazed over. (pics on request) Finished off the veggie chili to cover the plant part of the meal. Tuesday Night: Grandma took us out for Mexican. I tried to keep things simple with Fajitas (meat, peppers, onions, easy) but they must have used some crazy oil in it since I've been feeling kinda bleh all day today. Wednesday Night: TBD. I'll probably leave some boneless pork chops thawing overnight for Thursday. Might be able to toss together some better fajitas tonight if I'm feeling like it. Progress: 0.5/2 Not sure I can count the chicken as a full meal, but it's a start. Gold: Made it to page 6 Monday night. Made it all the way to page 7 Tuesday night. Definitely need to dedicate more time for this. Chapter summaries inc! Progress: 7/181 Overall: Bats and Bugs are coming along nicely. Rats and Gold have room to improve.
  21. Day 1 started terribly at work, was focused on that for most of the day, but it got me nice and mad for my lunch session of lifting. Bats: Barbell Squat: 125 lb x 12 reps 135 lb x 10 reps 145 lb x 5 reps +10 Bent Over Barbell Row: 45 lb x 5 reps 55 lb x 5 reps 65 lb x 5 reps 75 lb x 5 reps 85 lb x 5 reps 95 lb x 5 reps 105 lb x 5 reps - Working Weight, nice challenge. Will confirm when I do them again Saturday. Barbell Bench Press: 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 115 lb x 5 reps 125 lb x 4 reps +10 Goal Totals: 20/100 for total lifts 10/50 for body weight squat Now that I have a good idea of my working weight for Rows I might add them in and boost the total weight goal to 125-150, but I'll make that call after week 3. Bugs Lifting session puts me at 1/4 for the week. 3 to go! Rats I'll have to push my cooking to later in the week. There's still some chili in the slow cooker for tonight. It's 90% veggies so low protein and crazy low calorie, so I might supplement with an extra protein shake, or cooking some chicken. The chili doesn't count since I've been grazing on it since Saturday pre-challenge, but I might count chicken as cooking a meal (veggie chili = steamer veggie packs?). Then Grandma wants to take the family out tomorrow. I've already got an idea for the low(ish) carb options at the restaurant we're going to, so that shouldn't throw off healthy eating too much. I'll have to kick the cooking into gear Wednesday. Gold Will see how much I can read tonight in bed before I pass out, I can only divide so much labor before needing some sleep. If I can't get through the whole first chapter, I'll start outlining it all and posting it here. (Actually, I might do that anyways.) Not bad for the first day.
  22. Good luck with the challenge fellow newbie! Most core recommendations I've seen around here pushed squats and deadlifts. If you're wanting core only, planks and hanging knee tucks are pretty good. If you want crunch variations (not that great if they aren't outright detrimental) you can try holding your legs straight at a ~45 angle while you do them, that always kicked my ass. (somebody correct me if that will just destroy you somehow)
  23. Good luck with the challenge! Excel is awesome if you can really get into the right mindset for it. Serendipitously, in the "Intro to computers" class I teach, we're going over Excel for the next 3 weeks! We don't go very deep into the program (using VB to program your own functions, etc), but it's a decent overview. A few things that people get hung up on in my experience are: let the formulas do the work so you don't have to, understand absolute vs relative references, and change the name when you copy your friend's file. (Yay required GENEDs!) My favorite parts of Excel are: conditional formatting (lots of fun with color scales and other types of color coding), simple table formatting (aka really easy to do, not a boring layout), and extremely easy charts/graphs that update on the fly.
  24. Good luck on your adventure fellow newbie! Remember to do your own research into the lifts, too. I'm sure they will help as much as they can, but remember that not all instructors/trainers are omniscient in the ways of lifting, (You can see my experiences with this in my challenge) but there are lots of good resources around the interwebs to help should you need it. Some of the best are Starting Strength, StrongLifts, and here at NF, especially when you include the community! They don't quite compare to a real in-person coach, but they will surely supplement your knowledge and understanding of the exercises, and offer support at every turn. Again, good luck and keep fighting the good fight!
  25. I went a little crazy in the gym today, so I get to change the starting weights. 9/22 lifts: Squat - 115x12 - 125x10 - 135x8 OHP - stuck with 75 and finally hit 25 reps! (5-5-5-5-4-1(FU 4!)) Previous attempt got 23. (10-5-3-3-2) DL - 135x5 - 185x5 - 185x3 I should get a few OHP reps at 80 this week. Deadlifting a bit more than my own weight was exciting! I might need to get some gloves/chalk since I could really feel my grip trying to fail. I think there was a rule against chalk in my gym, but I don't see it posted anywhere anymore... As for Starting Strength, I received my copy a week ago and have thumbed through it, studying the pictures and descriptions of the lifts. I need to take an afternoon and go through all of his YouTube stuff still. Some of the stuff is a little contradictory in places to other things I've read/watched (this for example), but using all the inputs I've been able to synthesize a (mostly) working model. At this fragile level I need to avoid the goblins, but their blood will run as a river before I am through with them!
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