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  1. Fresh back from CampNF, I realize how cool it is to get together with my fellow NF nerds. We need to have a real life Chattanooga Meetup!
  2. So, my wife and I have been working the same dietician and the same counselor. We've both made great progress. Her program has been greatly enhanced by a weekly support group. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for us to attend the same group, and most other groups are tied to a specific "diet plan". Would anyone on Nerd Fitness be interested in getting together via Skype for a weight loss support group?
  3. As of Today, I am 2 weeks away from completing the President's Challenge/PALA+. The weeks run (for me) Wed-Tue and so I expect to be finished on Sept. 9th 2012. Although, participants have 8 weeks to complete the award so I could take until Sept 25th. I do not plan to! I've had 3 diet sodas since the challenge began, all because unsweetened tea was not available and I did not realize it until aftwer I had paid for a beverage. I'm now doing 1.5 miles on the treadmill at a pretty steep incline dailly. I'll be ready to go to the track and try 5k soon!
  4. Sun 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 2.5 incline Mon 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline 30 Minutes of Circuit Training Tue 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline Wed 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline 30 Minutes of Circuit Training Thu 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline Fri 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline 30 Minutes of Circuit Training Sat 30 Minutes on the treadmill, 3mph 3.0 incline
  5. shadowmeldfs, I'm in Chattanooga, TN home of the 7 bridges marathon. How about you?
  6. Oh, and today I'll add weight training to my gym routine. I intend to do that 3 days a week.
  7. Week 1 is gone, and quite successfully so! I started working on the President's Challenge/PALA+ about a week before this challenge began. As of yesterday, I am on track not only to complete that, but to exceede the requirements! I've gone from couch potato to doing 1.5 miles on the treadmill a day! Rather than working to increase speed or time on the treadmill, I am steadily increading the incline for my 1.5 miles! I've had one soda in the past week, and I didn't even finish it! I can honestly say good riddance! Since I'm consistantly doing 1.5 miles a day right now, practically half of a 5K, I've no doubt that I'll meet my goal of run/walking a 5k by the end of this challenge. My fiance and I are doing our pre-marital counseling and enjoying the heck out of it!
  8. Well, day 1 of the challenge was a success. I surprised myself and did 1.5 miles on the treadmill during the cardio portion of my trip to the gym. That is already half of a 5k -more or less-! Not bad for a 300+ lb couch potato. I had actually started working on the President's Challenge last week -before I discovered nerdfitness.com. Yesterday I completed my first full week towards earning that award.
  9. Kevin: I've already cut way back on the amount of soda that I drink. The stuff is expensive and neither my fiance nor I keep it in the house regularly. so eliminating it all together will probably be an easy goal. Thanks for being interested in my challenge goals.
  10. Hey! I saw another Jeff entering his first challenge and thought I'd say hello! Welcome to the challenge! You and I even have the same goal of removing soda from our diets.
  11. Fitness/Diet goals 1: Eliminate soda from my diet. 2: Complete the President's Challenge/PALA+ 3: Run/Walk 5k (not necessarily an organized "official" event) Life Goal: Complete 5 weeks of pre-marital counseling with my fiance
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