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  1. Life is okay, it turns out another coworker is in a similar situation as me and has also been granted temporary remote status, so (correlation but causation not substantiated) any bad feels from friend coworker have dissipated. Had better conversations with the husband and he's being less like Hamlet and more like Prince Hal so bad feels from me have also dissipated. Activity has been decent due to social stuff and the unending drive to catch them all (and the fact that there's a Pokestop in my office building helps, especially as it requires me walking to the other side of the building
  2. Old drama settled, I got special permission from my director to pick an end date far in advance and will be able to work remotely from CO until then. So my end date will be January 2017 and I'll move up probably by the end of August. My laptop is ordered so I'm waiting for that to get here, and my direct boss is out of the country for another week so I'd wait to talk to her and hash out some details, and then I want to time the move up there so I'm not up against a project deadline trying to set up my space and dealing with any IT issues. Besides that, my manager asked me how much time I'd
  3. Work has been stressful and I feel like sleep is even more out of whack than normally, but perhaps I'm just now being mindful of how poorly I sleep. Not enough sleep Monday night, exhausted, stressed out, and way to busy at work yesterday, which lead to me going home and not doing anything but going to bed, but then I couldn't sleep so I got up at 3am and decided to just go to work and knock stuff out, came home this afternoon and immediately went to sleep, then work up at 8pm feeling like I could roll over and sleep until 2am and really ruin my schedule or get up now for a couple hours and g
  4. Weekend was really great. I knew it was going to be a social weekend and I was afraid it was going to burn me out and I'd feel like I didn't have any downtime and I'd come crashing into Monday without laundry/groceries done, but I actually managed to be incredibly balanced somehow. Friday I didn't really plan food at work very well so I ended up going to a grocery store and got a tray of prosciutto and cheese, then some random snacks to keep in the office for the future. I met a friend for dinner and she chose a southern restaurant known for fried chicken so I wasn't sure what I was get
  5. You missed an opportunity to put Doritos on your salad and I'm disappointed in you. Get it!
  6. Bullet Points: -I am officially 30 (and a couple days) but someone said something about a "bone doctor" today and I snickered, so I fully admit age can be a very relative construct in some cases. -I officially told my job about moving to Colorado. They were surprisingly supportive and happy for me and appreciative of my work here. No timeline is set, I told them that I'm flexible and willing to extend my notice quite a bit and that I don't have anything lined up yet in CO, that I still intend on leaving the position in good shape despite being horrendously in the weeds on a lot of
  7. That's amazing, I love this. That's what my mom says, and she can be a little blunt and over objective when it comes to her kids sometimes, so I try to believe her and take the compliment. Also because she's still in my hometown and probably knows more about the goings on of my former classmates than I do, so if she says I'm doing okay, I guess that's good.
  8. Thanks, good advice. I do think I'm feeling bad about 30 because I'm not necessarily where I want to be in life (though obviously in transition, quite literally, and getting closer) and where I should be at 30, but I sort of get the impression that that's just part of turning 30 also.
  9. Is your local team Hamburg? Or a smaller team? Americans are the same with baseball. I don't know anyone that enjoys it, but tickets are cheap and it's fun to go and hang out with people. Football, however, I like. Go Sankt Pauli! No respect needed, you're fun to read.
  10. Long weekend, and thank our founding fathers for that. I don't plan on do much except sleep and try to prepare myself for another overwhelmingly busy week. I feel very stuck in that everything is incredibly stressful at work right now, which makes me all the more ready to just give notice and head to Colorado, which reminds me at how much extra stuff I want to do to at least really leave the role in great shape for my predecessor, which stresses me out. I'm also intent on doing some job searching this weekend, no excuses. I can't find anything that really seems like a good fit. My resume i
  11. Thanks, man. I think I realized today that I just always am going to have a lot on my plate and can't really continue to use it as an excuse. And if I don't want to change my goals or how I go about them, I don't really have an excuse anyway. But that's a whole other story, I'm sure. :-)
  12. Thanks! I will dearly miss this book club. I've joined a new book club in FoCo but I'm wondering if I'll like it because it has a very different vibe. I see they have really specific agendas scheduled for their meetings with lists of topics to discuss and the books are much more of an intellectual variety. My Phoenix book club just voted every month on something that looked interesting, usually a book being made into a movie or scifi/fantasy, and sometimes we talked about the books during the meetings, sometimes we didn't. One lady never managed to read a single book we chose. But yeah, i
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